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Transcript of Jorge deserts

  1. 1. DESERTS By Jorge Gonzlez 1E
  2. 2. Deserts
    • A desert is an ecosystem that receives little precipitation. They have a reputation of having little life, but that depends on the kind of desert, in many there is abundant life, the vegetation is adapted to low humidity and fauna usually hides during the day to preserve moisture.
  3. 3. Climates
    • Normal Desert Climate: This type of climate is distinguished from a very dry air, so the skies are extremely clean.
    • Costal Desert Climate: This climate is characterized by relatively low temperatures, and homogenous
    • Marginal Desert Climate: This climate is the third of a desert and less significant. Weather conditions are less stringent than the normal desert.
  4. 4. Vegetation
    • Surprisingly there are many species of plants surviving in the wilderness. Most of them are succulents, which means they can store water. Others have seeds which lie dormant until the wake rainwater
  5. 5. Animal Life
    • The fauna in the deserts are very low. In the desert survive only a few animals: lizards, snakes, spiders, scorpions, vultures, coyotes, etc..
  6. 6. People
    • Deserts are almost unnhabited. However, some nomads live in deserts,like the Tuaregs in the Sahara and the Mongols in the Gobi.Some towns have developed in deserts around the oil and natural gas industries.
  7. 7. Sahara Desert
    • It is the largest hot desert in the world, is located in northern Africa, separating it into two areas: the Mediterranean north Africa and sub Saharan Africa to the south.Are vast regions characterized by the arid soil, low rainfall ,high evaporationand a high average temperature. In the great desert, are the hottest places on earth, temperatures have been recorded up to 76 C and 58 C in the shade
  8. 8. Gobi Desert
    • The Gobi Desert is a large desert region located between northern China and southern Mongolia. Can be considered one of the desert, or desert areas largest and most important worldwide. The Gobi desert climate is extreme, combining rapid temperature changes
  9. 12. I Hope You Like It