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Maa-78.3360 Maankäytön suunnittelun erikoistyö (2014) - Aalto Course on Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. Jonna Kangasoja Aalto University 19.5.2014. Creating a public – not just staging an argument. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Jonna Kangasoja Aalto University 19.5.2014

Maa-78.3360 Maankytn suunnittelun erikoisty (2014) - Aalto Course on Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Maa-78.3360 Maankytn suunnittelun erikoisty (2014) - Aalto Course on Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Jonna KangasojaAalto University19.5.2014Creating a public not just staging an argumentPublic participation is not merely a matter of allowing the public to have its say. Deliberation is not merely about persuasion of the better argument. In fact, successful deliberation also is a performative act creating a public of its own. Groupings and communities are best seen as fluid so as to be able to see how they too can change over time in the policy process.

Hajer, M. (2002). "Setting the Stage: A Dramaturgy of Policy Deliberation." Administration and Society 36 (6): 624-6473A Spectrum of InteractionPublic hearingPublic meetingWorkshop,forumPolicy dialoguesConflict mediationConsensus buildingmeeting design from hellThird party mediation, complex negotiation processesIncreasing interactionOne-time events

Information exchange

Series of events

Joint decisionsAgreementsLasse Peltonen3

4Lasse Peltonen5

Policy Dialogue Example:the Public Conversations Project

6Finland : Metshallitus & Natural resource management planning regional working groupsWorking GroupOpen invitation to all stakeholder groupsStakeholder groups name their own representativesIndependent chairpersonSets the priorities for the management scenarios and for evaluation criteriaRecommends the chosen scenario to be approved by MetshallitusMetshallitus makes the final decision of the chosen scenario and is responsible to implement itThe standpoint of the local municipalities elected councilsPublic hearings, internet questionnaires

7Pauli Wallenius: Corporate Community Engagement, Experieneces from Metshallitus, presentation 17.12.2013 at SYKE7

8Regulatory negotiation (reg-neg) 9

10Environmental conflict resolution (ECR) as mediated negotiationExploring the space of Assisted/ Mediated negotiationPublic Policy Mediation, a.k.a Collaboration (collaborative natural resource management, collaborative science ), a.k.a Consensus Building

Shared ideasvoluntary processesnegotiation (not deliberation, dialogue, discussion)Facilitated / mediated by neutral third partyAddressing multi-party public problemsinvolvement of both public and private parties

12One variant: Public Policy MediationAn interactive process, designed to reach an actionable and sustainable agreement to achieve a common public goal, that is rooted in a careful exploration and weighing of interests and options, which emanate from the perspectives and knowledge bases of a diverse set of individuals and organizations.

Susan Podziba: Introduction to Environmental and Public Policy Mediation. Workshop at the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies Helsinki University of Technology, 1-2 December 2004

12The Mediated Negotiation Processconvenorassessorstakeholdersassessment reportAssess the PotentialDesign & Decide on ProcessClarify Facts& OptionsSeek Joint GainsImplement, Adapt & LearnReach Agreement

1314Elements of sustainable solutionsECONOMYProperty rightsPrivate contractsCompensationPOLITICSDecision making (democracy)LegalityVoting & electionsEXPERT SYSTEMTesting truth claimsInstrumental knowledgeEnlightenment thinkingSOCIAL SPHEREValuesLife stylesReciprocityEfficiencyFairnessEffectivenessLegitimacyRenn, Ortwin (2004). The Challenge of Integrating Deliberation and Expertise. In McDaniels, Timothy L. & Small, Mitchell J. (eds.): Risk Analysis and Society, 289-366. Cambridge University Press.15The promise of mediated negotiation"mediated negotiation is attractive because it [] allows for more direct involvement of those most affected by decisions than do most administrative and legislative processes;produces results more rapidly and at lower cost than do courts; and is flexible and therefore more adaptable to the specific needs of the parties in a given situation.

Susskind, Lawrence & Ozawa, Connie (1983). Mediated Negotiation in the Public Sector: Mediator Accountability and the Public Interest Problem. American Behavioral Scientist 27: 2, 255-279.