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My English 1101 Research Paper Presentation

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  • 1. Charities:Habitat for Humanity,Girl Effect,GlobalGreen,,Bread for the World & RemoteArea Medical

2. JonathonThose funds Ran 2,700In 2005, he were donatedmileslaunched Run 4to Habitat for raising Relief, raising Humanity to $13,000 or$13,000 during a help with its Katrina 2,700-mile run rebuilding Victims.from Los efforts after Angeles to Hurricane Atlanta Katrina. 3. Run4Relief continued with momentumas media coverage from major outletslike CNN, USA TODAY, Good MorningAmerica, BETs 106 & Park and othershelped draw greater attention to hisefforts. This time he raised $110,000 infinancial and in-kind contributions . 2,815 miles from Atlanta to NewYork City and back down to PassConcerned about Christian, Miss, the small townthe broken state ofthat was the focus of his second the hurricane cross-country run.ravaged region stillone year later, Prince started another run in 2006.2,815 miles Pass Christian was struck by two of the strongest Hurricanes to ever hit the United States, Hurricane Camille in 1969 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 4. on October 15th, 2009 in Santa Monica, CAHope or DieInternationalwas born asa HUBorganization Atlanta, GA on Saturday February that would 19, 2010 where he will be greeted by the in 2009, JPserve as the CAU Police Department and CAUs launched thenaturalCross Country track team. Mr. Prince, will international natural disaster later be honored by Clark Atlanta disaster reliefworldwide University with a brief awards ceremony organization Hope relief or Die organization International, raising of our about $5,000 during generation. a six-month, cross- country run from Santa Monica to Washington. 5. 795-mile"California Dream"run, which hebegan July 4at theCalifornia- Oregonborder But theres nofundraising aspect to theThe point of California"CaliforniaDreams to get Dream" run, which Californians toPrince characterizessimply as adreaming again!!! feel-goodsummer run. "Itshouldnt always take a crisis to precipitateaction," he said FinishSeptember 5 2011 6. Princes Mile On the Moonproject will Mile On theunfold over Moon isseveral years of dedicated to allintensive mankind as antraining, strategi inspiration to dream Bigc partnershipsDreams and and global realize that the skyoutreach, with is no longer thethe goal of limit to humancompleting the potential, first mile on the Jonathon moon in 2016,describes