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Planning for Renewable Energy in NSW Jonathon Carle Specialist Planner (Policy, Planning Systems & Reform) LANDHOLDERS & WIND FARMS WORKSHOP 27 August 2010
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Transcript of Jonathon Carle Planning

Planning for Renewable Energy in NSWJonathon Carle Specialist Planner (Policy, Planning Systems & Reform)LANDHOLDERS & WIND FARMS WORKSHOP27 August 2010

Summary1. Commercial-scale wind farms Typically 10 to 1,000 megawatts Major development if over $30 million Minister for Planning determines Typically 1 to 10 megawatts Council determines if under $5 million Joint Regional Planning Panel determines if $5-30 million Typically less than 30 kilowatts (0.03 megawatts) Exempt no approvals required Complying 10-day approval by council / accredited certifier

2. Community-scale wind farms

3. Small wind

1. Commercial-scale wind farmsPart 3A Major Projects >$30 million for electricity generating works ($5 million in an environmentally sensitive area) Deals with complexity of major projects Integrates approvals under 9 Acts Department of Planning assesses Planning Minister approves


State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 Applies state-wide + prevails over local council controls Electricity generating works permissible with consent in various Rural, Industrial, Special Purpose zones

Electricity transmission or distribution network permissible without consent by a public authority on any land

Part 3A key stepsProject Application + Environmental Assessment Exhibition, Consultation + Review1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Planning focus meeting Director Generals Requirements Environmental Assessment Statement of Commitments Adequacy test Exhibition Proponent considers submissions Preferred Project Report

Assessment + Determination Implementation

9. DoP Assessment report 10. Minister makes a decision 11. Implement conditions of approval 12. Monitoring + reporting 13. Community consultation

Key assessment issues Noise Visual Economic Aircraft Ecological Heritage Telecommunications Consultation

Projects underwayro ed Black ullerin an e roys ap oodlawn len Innes roo well II Kyoto a ital Boco ock Taralga Gullen ange ilverton tage 1) Silverton Stage 2) Under ssess ent lly Flyers reek arrols e rookwell III rudine idge ofala) aling Yards Birrema apphire Table Top) Yass

1 0 30 4 81 9 12 4 1 186 2 1 846 948 ,9 8

39 100 10 11 1 0 180 2 525 547 ,0 9

Project locations

Part 3A - streamlining initiatives Increased certainty wind farms over 30MW critical infrastructure Financial incentives critical infrastructure fees waived Timely assessments 4 month performance target Industry partnerships green go to person End 2 1 NSW Wind Farm Planning Guidelines

Community wind power Typically 0-10MW Permissibility certain rural, industrial and special use zones Development standards council DCP State agency approvals eg heritage, threatened species, mining subsidence Lodge a Development Application, incl. SEE Consent / determining authority: Council determines application if under $5 million Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) determines application if $5-30 million

Commonwealth approvals threatened species NSW Community Wind Power Guidelines end 2010

Council DCP controls wind farmsCouncil Precinct Setback from house Setback from road Public notification Visual Viewing Area Noise Flora & Fauna Shadow Flicker Blade Glint EMR Turbine Arrangement Road impacts Heritage Bushfire Aviation Community Consultation Community Enhancement Glenn Innes Severn Northern 2 km T. height x 2 km Oberon Western 1. km T. height + 2 % 2 km pper Lachlan Southern 2 km T. height x 2 km Goulburn Mulwaree Southern .3 km

Small wind 0-30kW 15-40m high10kW, Goulburn 12m tower

5kW, Newcastle, 18m tower 2.5kW 10kW, South Coast, 12m tower

Small wind planning provisionsExisting Exempt self assess, no planning approval Development standards rural land use zone, ground mounted, free standing, off grid

Very soon (next 2- months) Exempt as above but allow on grid, limit one per property, possible height and generating limits Complying 10-day approvals, 5-10 times faster / cheaper than DA process Ground mounted range of land use zones, height limits, generating limits, setbacks based on noise level Building mounted

Thank youJonathon Carle [email protected] (02) 9228 6416