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2. As a parent we must engage in positive activities with our children.h#p:// 3. Some things as a parent we shouldnt engage in with our children.h#p:// 4. h#p:// 5. By being a positive role model you ensure that your child succeed in life. h#p:// 6. Parents should be aware that children learn whatever you teach.h#p:// 7. 3 Main PointsTaking Full ResponsibilityBe InvolvedUnderstand 8. Whats done is done, now you must chose to be a parent or a pal.h#p:// 9. As a parent you are in the lead so whatever you do your child will most likely follow. h#p:// 10. Let your child know that youre concerned about their future this gives them a reason to excel.h#p:// 11. of re awa t. re n u a nme o y o hat envir t e sur hilds e c Mak yourh#p:// 12. As a parent we must show a level of structure its potential for our children.h#p://[email protected]/3856630108/sizes/o/in/photostream 13. Dont allow television to raise your child. h#p:// 14. e e th mak . to ade em m h nt t n you wa nt ecisio o u d e d Yo samh#p:// 15. You cant look the other way while your child is causing harm to his/herself.h#p:// 16. h#p:// 17. Stand up she needs you. h#p:// 18. Make your child a priority.h#p:// 19. r you are ou . e y acher l p xam rst te e by ad hilds Le c 20. Love, support, discipline, structure and determination is the key to being a great parent.h#p://