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at. John W. Coffey Department of Computer Science The University of West Florida Pensacola, FL. 32514 474-3183 What is AITP?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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John W. CoffeyDepartment of Computer ScienceThe University of West FloridaPensacola, FL.

at1What is AITP?A worldwide organization focused on creating a community of knowledge, education and resources that will empower its members to reach their true potential.UWF has had a student chapter in continuous operation since the 1970sUWF Student Chapter Activities:Speaker meetings we bring in speakers from the IT community to talk on topics of interest.Field Trips we visit IT installations in the communityIntramural Programming Competition we hold these as a prelude to the Regional and National Competitions.National Programming Competitions the national organizations yearly student conference and competition

2The UWF Chapter of AITPOur UWF AITP chapter has won (in the past 20 years):Seven Student Chapter Outstanding Performance (SCOPA) awardsThree Region 7 Outstanding Student Chapter of the Year awardsNumerous Regional and National programming competitionsMore than $40,000.00 in support from the SGA Our chapter competed in the 2013 AITP National Collegiate Conference held in St. Louis, MO April 4-7.

3Madison Fortenberry and Duncan Calvert

First Place:Java Programming(31 teams)HonorableMention:MobileApplicationDesign(18 teams)4Derek Merchant and Everett Lucas

HonorableMention:DatabaseDesign(83 teams)HonorableMention:MicrosoftOffice Solutions(80 teams)5Chris Terry

First Place:IBM EnterpriseSystems Challenge(29 teams)Second Place:Security Scenarios(49 teams)6The 2013 National Collegiate Conference