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How to use John the Conqueror Root

Transcript of John the Conqueror Root

JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT and JOHN THE CONQUEROR SPIRITUAL SUPPLIES"As an amulet, JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT has no equal. It is used for Drawing Luck, gaining Mastery, and Strengthening Male Nature. We make a dressing oil from chips of the root, and incorporate it into sachet powders, incense, and crystals for bath or floor wash. All our JOHN THE CONQUEROR supplies contain pieces of real root!"

-- The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. catalogue

High John the Conqueror root is one of the staples of African-American folk magic. Its use in mojo hands is as ubiquitous as its qualities are varied, and its very name signifies power and prosperity to many. Who was John the Conqueror and what is the root named after him? Ethnographers, especially those influenced by Zora Neale Hurston, say that he was a black slave whose life -- perhaps a real life that was embellished in the telling, perhaps a fictional life entirely imagined -- was an inspiration to slaves who wanted to rebel against their masters but could not do so openly. John, said to be the son of an African king, was in captivity, but he never became subservient, and his cleverness at tricking his master supplied many a story with a pointed moral. If he was a real being, he soon acquired some of the characteristics of mythical trickster figures like the Native American Coyote, the African-American Bre'r Rabbit, and the West African deity known variously as Elegua, Legba, and Eshu. He gave -- only to take away. He bet - and never lost. He played dumb -- but he was never outsmarted. The reputation of High John is so great that, as recorded by the folklorist Harry Middleton Hyatt in the 1930s, just reciting the words "John over John" and "John the Conqueror" is a powerful spell of magical protection against being hoodooed.

THE THREE JOHN ROOTSThere are three roots named for John the Conqueror. Each is in a separate botanical family and has a different method of use. HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT High John the Conqueror is the most prized of the three John roots. When Willie Dixon sings in "Hootchie Cootchie Man" that he has "a John the Conqueroo," he

means a John the Conqueror root -- the hard, woody tuber of Ipomoea jalapa, a member of the morning glory family, and a relative of the common sweet potato. Fresh John the Conqueror root has a unique, spicy fragrance, reminiscent of a combination of cherry-scented pipe tobacco, vetivert, cedarwood, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and mace. Like many other ipomoeas, some of which are psychedelic, it is rich in alkaloids, but in magical practice, the root is not ingested, probably because it is an extremely powerful laxative. Instead it is used whole -carried on the person as a pocket piece or as an ingredient in a mojo bag, especially one designed to draw money, bring luck at games of chance, or enhance personal sexual power. The root is generally available in the form on High John the Conqueror Small Whole Root, High John the Conqueror Large Whole Root High John the Conqueror Extra Large Whole Root and High John the Conqueror Root Chips and Pieces.

JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT CHIPS AND PIECES For use in luck spells and for making your own dressing oil. (See Botanical Curios for WHOLE JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT) Read about John the Conqueror Root with Free Magic Spells and Prayers


HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT, WHOLE, SMALL Small, 1 1/2" max., whole root, for pocket piece, mojo bag. (We also sell John the Conqueror Oil for anointing roots.) Read about John the Conqueror Root with Free Magic Spells and Prayers


HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT, WHOLE, LARGE Large, 2 1/2" max., whole root, for pocket piece, mojo bag. (We also sell John the Conqueror Oil for anointing roots.) Read about John the Conqueror Root with Free Magic Spells and Prayers


HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT, WHOLE, EXTRA-LARGE Extra-Large, whole root, for pocket piece, mojo bag. (We also sell John the Conqueror Oil for anointing roots.) Read about John the Conqueror Root with Free Magic Spells and Prayers


DIXIE JOHN, SOUTHERN JOHN, LOW JOHN ROOTSouthern John or Dixie John Root (rarely called "The Conqueror") is the root of the common Wake-Robin or Trillium grandiflorum and related species. These spring-

flowering members of the lily family have long been used medicinally, and among Euro-American herbalists, Low John is sold medicinally under the name Birth-Root or Beth-Root and used as an aid in childbirth and with menstrual cramps. However, in African-American folk magic, Low JohnLow John is not ingested. It is carried on the person, usually for help in family matters and love. For instance, it is an ingredient in Dixie John Root Spiritual Supplies. and Dixie Love Spiritual Supplies.

SOUTHERN JOHN (DIXIE JOHN, LOW JOHN) ROOT WHOLE Carried in a bag or brewed into tea for luck in love, sex, and family matters. Read about Southern John Root with Free Magic Spells and Prayers


CHEWING JOHN, LITTLE JOHN, COURT CASE ROOT The third John root is Chewing John, sometimes called Little John to Chew or Court Case Root. This is Alpina galanga, otherwise called Galangal. It is a member of the ginger family and is medicinally used as a stomachic and carminative. In AfricanAmerican hoodoo practice, its pleasant gingery taste is part of its charm and, unlike High John Root or Low John Root, Chewing John Root is actually chewed and the juice swallowed. A typical spell prescribes its use in court case magic: Chew the root, swallow the juice and discretely spit the "cud" onto the courtroom floor before the judge walks in; he will decide the case in your favour. Court Case Root is also available ground up, in the form of Little John to Chew Powder, for those who wish to use it as a sprinkle on offertory candles or in honey jars forcourt case magic.





WORKING WITH WHOLE JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOTSJohn the Conqueror roots are primarily "male" roots because they resemble the testicles of brown-skinned men. When carried as a lucky amulet, a man's root is always whole. No African American man i know with a family background in hoodoo practice would walk into my shop and buy a broken High John root, even if it was as big as a baby's head and cost two dollars! The whole roots that we carry at our Lucky Mojo occult shop are available for examination by walk-in customers so that they may select the one that "speaks" to them. I had a man in here once who drove about an hour and a half to see us, just to select the right root for his mojo bag. He spent almost fifteen minutes going through the hundreds of roots we had, and in my opinion, he picked out the absolutely most perfect root in the shop, without a doubt. It was so good that if i had seen it first, i'd probably have kept it for display. He got a bargain at $5.00 -- for that was a really good root. John the Conqueror chips and pieces are only used in making spiritual supplies. That's why you may get more weight in a bag of chips -- even as much as many times the weight of a small, symmetrical whole root. To obtain the maximum results from a whole John the Conqueror root, it is customary to "fix" it, either as a pocket piece or in a mojo. Here are a few of the many ways a John the Conqueror can be fixed:

To draw money to you: Wrap your folding bills around the root and keep it as a pocket piece. (Some people use a buckeye nut or nutmeg in the same manner.) Anoint the root regularly with John the Conqueror Oil, rubbing it in as you do so. Another way to draw money : Wrap a John the Conqueror root, nine small pieces of Devil's Shoestring root and a silver "Mercury" dime in a $2.00 bill, folding the bill toward you, not away from you. If the dime and the bill bear leap-year dates, so much the better. Fix in a red (some say green) flannel mojo bag and anoint with Van Van Oil, John the Conqueror Oil, Hoyt's Cologne, or Money Drawing Oil. Wear it when playing the lottery or betting on horses, or place it near the door of your place of business to draw money to you through personal power.

For luck in games of chance where deft finger-work is required: Combine a John the Conqueror root and a silver "Mercury" dime with a Lucky Hand root and wrap them as above in a $2.00 bill. Dress the mojo with Lucky Hand Oilor red Fast Luck Oil or with the urine of your lover, and wear concealed on your person while at the card table. For luck in gambling: Fix a mojo bag (either red flannel for success or green flannel for money) with a Lucky Hand root , a pinch of five-finger grass, a miniature pair of dice, and a John the Conqueror root. Add a dried bat heart or an alligator tooth or badger tooth or an alligator foot or rabbit foot. Anoint with red Fast Luck Oil, John the Conqueror Oil, or with the urine of your lover. To exercise sexual attraction over women: Fix a John the Conqueror root in a red flannel mojo bag with a lodestone that has been dressed with magnetic sand. Anoint with Lodestone Oil, Kiss Me Now! Oil,Come to Me Oil, Love Me Oil, or other love-drawing oil and wear the mojo concealed below your waist. (A woman wishing to make a similar charm to attract men might add a Queen Elizabeth root to the John the Conqueror root and anoint the mojo with Follow Me Boy Oil.) To win the love of a specific woman: Wrap a John the Conqueror root in a piece of parchment paper on which you have written her name nine times in Dragon's Blood ink and -- if possible - include with it a lock of her hair or an article of some kind that has touched her person. Anoint with Come to Me Oil, Love Me Oil or Stay With M