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During the last two decades John Duggan has become a prominent name in the art scene in both Salento and Italy in general, His artistic work has included watercolors, trompe l’oeil paintings, decorative panels, interior decoration and restoration, and painted ceilings and wall murals for restaurants, hotels and exclusive residences. John has also collaborated with important architecture studios and developers, producing quality architectural rendering services for presentations and competitions.

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  • 1. Painted Ceilings &Trompe lOeil Murals JOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR

2. Hand-paintedTrompe loeilceiling JOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR 3. 1700s Style Painted CeilingInspired by Franois Boucher JOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR 4. Decorative Ceilingwith Architectural Elements JOHN DUGGANARTS & DECOR 5. 1800s - 1900s Style JOHN DUGGANARTS & DECOR 6. Dining Room BedroomJOHN DUGGANARTS & DECOR 7. Painted Ceiling DetailsJOHN DUGGANARTS & DECOR 8. Painted Ceiling Detail JOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR 9. Trompe LOeil WindowRome Italy JOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR 10. Faux Wood CeilingFaux Glass SkylightSheraton Luxury Collection HotelLecce ItalyJOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR 11. Typical Mural in Room: One of 50 different wall decorations, each Room UniqueSheraton Luxury Collection Hotel JOHN DUGGANLecce ItalyARTS & DECOR 12. Four Examples of 28 unique RoomsHotel Club JOHN DUGGANBari Italy ARTS & DECOR 13. Decorative ArchesJOHN DUGGANARTS & DECOR 14. Painted Ceiling inspired byGiambattista TiepoloJOHN DUGGANCastello Flotta Italy ARTS & DECOR 15. Decorative Dining Room: Before After JOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR 16. Work in progress:Painted Dining Room JOHN DUGGANARTS & DECOR 17. Finished Dining Room JOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR 18. Decorated Vaulted CeilingJOHN DUGGANARTS & DECOR 19. Contemporary Decoration:Hilton Garden InnMatera Italy JOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR 20. Contemporary Wall DecorationHilton Golf Resort Acaya Italy JOHN DUGGAN ARTS & DECOR 21. Elementary School Mural JOHN DUGGANLecce Italy ARTS & DECOR 22. John Duggan interior DecorationOriginal Artistic CreationsPainted In Situ on Ceilings, Walls, Canvas, Woodor Other Surfaces Milano - Lecce Italywww.johnduggan.itFor more information visit: Presentation of Artist JOHN DUGGANARTS & DECOR