John Dorman In Kitzingen

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Transcript of John Dorman In Kitzingen

  • My European photo albumPart 1


    Please, let the show run on its own.Music will start on next slide

  • Day 1 in Amsterdam

  • At table is Ernie his wife and john dorman

  • We are heading for the October fest in Munich Germany

  • We are in Fussen in the back drop in King Ludwigs Castle

  • what a wonderful world

  • I see skies of blue

  • and clouds of white

  • The bright blessed day,

  • the dark sacred night

  • Ida Miller a unique person a great friend

  • 1 2 3 4 5#1 is the DJ 2 is the tourist director 3 is our dear friend and number 5 is the mayor of Kitzingen

  • At the wine fest in germany

  • Rediscovering Monaco

  • Angel , in kitzingen

  • Munich with friends

  • At the town house

  • Bertha, hans and Uwe in Germany

  • Munich Germany

  • The Germans know how to party

  • Spending quality time with our German friends in Garmish

  • Day 1 in Zurich Switzerland

  • Contemplating in Nice

  • The Schneebergers the next Generation

  • A magical moment

  • Our friends from Kitzingen

  • This album should suffice to depict some of our exotic European adventures