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Open source web platform that simplifies the development of BPM and workflow apps. Drag and drop to design processes, forms, lists and front-end UI.

Transcript of Joget Workflow v3 Overview

  • 1. Cloud-Ready Workflow Platform

2. Introduction Open sourceweb platform that simplifies the process ofdeveloping workflow apps 3. Problem Statement Business Process Issues: Manual inefficiency Paperwork Lack of control High costs Software Issues: One size does not fit all Slow development time Requirements changes inevitable Cost of maintaining code 4. Value PropositionIT / Developers: Enterprises: Web-based, drag-and-drop, Increased efficiency andwizard-style approach to productivitybuild apps Improved process control Build full-fledged apps, notjust processes Process improvement Time to market Reduced costs Easier maintenance Deploy and customizeready-made apps frommarketplace 5. Feature Overview Processes / Workflow Forms Datalists (Tabular data) Userviews (End-user UI) User management Integration Plugin architecture 6. Process Management (BPM) Design/model processes withWorkflow Designer Drag-and-drop interface No client-installation required(uses Java Web Start in theweb browser) Execute processes withhuman tasks and system tools Monitor running andcompleted processes Integrate with externalsystems using plugins 7. Forms Build web-based forms with Form Builder Drag-and-drop interface No client-installation required (fully web-based) Flexible form layout and configuration Wizard-style property dialogs Extend form element types using plugins 8. Datalists Build tabular data lists which support sorting, paging and filtering with Datalist Builder Drag-and-drop interface No client-installation required (fully web-based) Support for configurable data binders to load data from various sources Extend data binders (sources) using plugins 9. Userviews Build front-end end-user UI for apps with Userview Builder Drag-and-drop interface No client-installation required (fully web-based) Combine forms and datalists to support CRUD (create,read,update,delete) for data management Support for configurable userview design themes Extend userview functionality using menu type plugins 10. Example Userview Themes 11. User Management Manage users, groupsand organizationalcharts (organizations,departments andreporting structure) Integration to externaldirectory systems e.g.LDAP or ActiveDirectory can beachieved throughplugins 12. Integration Integrate with externalsystems using plugins Open API JSON andJavaScript APIs to enableintegration from any Webplatform 13. Plugin Architecture Enhance and extend functionalitythrough a dynamic pluginarchitecture e.g. Types of Form Elements Loading/storing of data into datalists Types of pages in a userview Integrate to external systems e.g. HTTP JSON SOAP SQL / JDBC 14. Deployment and Marketplace Processes, forms, datalists and userviews are packaged into apps for easier management and deployment Easily import and export apps Download ready-made apps from the Joget Marketplace App versioning 15. Platform Platform independent:Linux, Windows, Solaris Database independentMySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server Developed in JavaOpen JSON and JavaScript API integrates with any web- based technology e.g. PHP, .NET 16. Architecture 17. Awards Asia Pacific ICT Alliance 2011 Best of Tools and Infrastructure ApplicationMerit Award 18. Customers 19. Open Source Traction > 1,000 adopter sites > 2,000 communitymembers > 20 partners 20. Google Summer of Code Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2011: Open311 Center, Cities in USA Joget Workflow is a platform component in the implementation of Open311 Center a project accepted into GSoC 2011, led by Code for America. 21. Languages and Community 22. THANK YOUQ&A