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2. jobscoutjobscout Badges 3. jobscoutGetting Familiar with Common Internet Terms 4. jobscoutIntroduction to Internet Browsing 5. jobscoutBrowsers and You 6. jobscoutUsing a Search Engine 7. jobscoutTo Google or Not to Google: Exploring Your Search Options 8. jobscoutNavigating Help Centers and FAQs 9. jobscoutSetting Up a Gmail Account 10. jobscoutFinding Your Way Around Your Gmail Inbox 11. jobscoutWriting and Sending Your Own Emails 12. jobscoutCommunicating Online: Knowing the DierenceBetween an Email and an Instant Message 13. jobscoutOnline Information Resources: Knowing the Dierence Between News Articles, Blogs and More 14. jobscoutPrivacy and Security Online 101 15. jobscoutAccounts on Social Networks 16. jobscoutFacebook 101 17. jobscoutGetting Started on LinkedIn 18. jobscoutBuilding Your LinkedIn Prole 19. jobscoutGiving Your LinkedIn Prole Depth 20. jobscoutStanding Out Online 21. jobscoutTwitter 101 22. jobscoutCreating a Resume 23. jobscoutCreating a Cover Letter 24. jobscoutUsing a Job Search Engine 25. jobscoutUsing an Online Classied Site 26. jobscoutUsing the Internet to Prepare for an Interview 27. jobscoutNetworking Online: Using the Internet to NetworkYour Way Into Your Dream Job 28.