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Job HuntingIndependent Living

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If you have ever applied for a job,

how did you find out about the opening?

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Job Hunting Resources

• Family & Friends– They know of your interests and abilities– They have contacts in the community

• Networking– Make use of personal connections when searching for job

opportunities (teachers, coaches, family friends, etc.)

• “Help Wanted” Listings– Newspaper, online

• Employers– Contact business employers to learn of available jobs– Even if there are no openings, they may contact you in the future

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Job Hunting Resources

• Employment Agencies– Help people find jobs by matching applicants’

qualifications with job openings– Public agencies are free; Private agencies charge fees

• Career Counselors & Advisors– At schools and at colleges

• Employment Websites– Post your resume so employers can search for you–,,

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Is That Job Right For You?

1. Evaluate yourself.

2. Evaluate the job.

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Evaluate Yourself

• What skills do you have to offer?– Are they transferable skills?– Are they job-specific skills?

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Evaluate Yourself

• Transferable Skills: the skills that can be used in many different situations– Also known as soft skills– Examples:

• Writing• Working well with others• Time management• Making decisions

• Job-Specific Skills: the skills necessary to do a specific job

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Evaluate The Job

• Required education or training– Do you need a college degree? Will there be on-the-

job training?

• Compensation – What is the wage/salary? Is there potential for


• Employer benefits– Fringe Benefit: Something you receive at little or no

cost (paid vacation, sick leave, child care, health insurance, etc.)

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Evaluate The Job

• Nature of the work– What is your job description? What will you be doing?

• Working conditions– The work environment. – Inside or outside? Independently or with others?– Location (commute)? Work schedule? Travel


• Job outlook– Are there jobs available? Are there future opportunities

in this occupation?

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Why Not Try Out A Career?

• Work with a mentor

• Job shadow

• Internship

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Completing A Job Application

1. Read all the way through before completing

2. Write clearly and spell correctly

3. Complete all questions or label “NA” (not applicable) if the question doesn’t pertain to you

4. Give factual and positive answers to questions about education, work history, and past experience

5. Keep an updated list of previous employers, addresses, and phone numbers

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Beyond The Application

• Create a portfolio

• Prepare a cover letter & resume