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The indiana indianapolis jewelers with collection of all types of jewelry. Best collection of wedding rings is the difference of distinctivediamondsinc. Customers can simply walk to buy diamonds.

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  • 1. Distinctive Diamonds is part of the DDM Arabov Group ofcompanies. The entire Group is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

2. PRONGThe setting that lets the stone be the hero. Its visible from all sides for maximum sparkle. 3. CATHEDRAL/CONTOURSimilar to prong but with rising slopes to protectthe stone on two sides. Elegant, but a little more secure. 4. BAR Harkens to the style and class of a bygone era. Features a thin metal bar that separates eachstone but leaves the sides open to bring in light. 5. BEZELTimeless. A classic setting that draws attention to the stone, and away from itself, by framing it inprecious metal. 6. TENSIONThis setting grips the stone with 65-95 pounds of pressure, creating the illusion that the stone is hovering in space. 7. CHANNELStones sit between two parallels of metal.Visible, but not prominent. Allows the metal andstone to each have their own distinction. 8. FLUSHThe stone sets inside the band, giving a smooth surface of elegance. 9. PAVESophisticated, but subtle. Tiny metal beads holdeach stone in its own discreet setting. 10. Contact Us8557 North River Road,Indianapolis, IN 46240Phone: (317) 575-8555 Fax: (317) 663-1159