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Jerk Cookout Event Programme

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  • JERK2008


    17th August, 2008


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  • 2008

    T he Jerk Cookout inspiration came from a simple conversation over who cooked the best jerk in the South London, after a very long and fun debate I thought it would be a great idea to bring some of the best jerk cooks together in an event.

    The Jerk Cookout was born in 2006 when the very first event took place in the Horniman Museum & Gardens. The Hornimans Museum was chosen for its location and beautiful gardens.

    In the first year organisers expected an attendance of approximately 2,000 people but were surprised by a turnout of 5,000. In 2007 organisers were again expecting an attendance of 6-7,000 but exceeded 10,000.

    The jerk cookout has now become the largest attended jerk cookout festival in the UK and to mark the occasion Fairweather Production in association with Grace Foods Product Limited are presenting a jerk cookout sauce with part of the proceeds going to the Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund.

    This prestigious jerk cookout festival is the largest attended outdoor JERK food event in the UK; over 10.000 people turn out

    for this yearly eventAfter receiving a huge

    demand to go national in 2009 we are expecting to expand the jerk cookout, which will take place in Manchester, Birmingham and London. The winner of the 2009 Jerk cookout will be flown to Portland, Jamaica to participate in the biggest Jerk Festival in the World.

    This years event is being hosted by Donna Spence, Tony Attell and Mr C. The following artists are also performing in the day:

    Peter Hunningale, Mike Master Band, Rosemay Bay, Chynna, Jenny Bae, Pan Ultimate, The Salsa Band and Yolanda Brown.

    This years Jerk Cookout winner 2008 will be announced at approximately 5pm.

    There is a wealth of entertainment and sights to see at the Horniman Museum and Gardens which consist of; a city farm, an aquarium world, a wonderful collection of African masks and many, many more interesting artefacts.

    Vintage family games such as egg and spoon races, three legged races and many more fun games will be played on the day.

    Tony Fairweather

    Table of Contents

    3: Organisers message4: Message from Moneygram6: Winners 06 & 07 and Competition rules

    8: Schedule of Jerk Cookout event9: Map of the grounds10-11: history of Jerk13: First Choice Caribbean 14: Jerk recipe

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    Tel: 020 7510 0353/4

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    from as little as 4.99. Available at the Post Office, Thomas Cook and anywhere

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    Organisers Message



  • 2008

    MOneyGraM is delighted to be supporting the Jerk Cookout this year, and they wish you all a wonderful day out in celebration of Caribbean Jerk cooking.

    Mark Perryman, Regional Director for MoneyGram, says Were proud to be a part of the Jerk Cookout, and many other Caribbean events this summer. We would like to thank all our customers for using MoneyGram to send money safely and quickly to the

    Caribbean. Please visit our MoneyGram tent at the Jerk Cookout to receive some free goodies* we look forward to meeting you there!

    MoneyGram can help you send money to your friends and family across the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Did you know it costs fas little as 4.99 to send money and it only takes 10 minutes** for your money to arrive at a MoneyGram agent location worldwide. Its a convenient service for you.

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    MoneyGram shows some love for Jerk!

    PORTlAnd COMes TO lOndOn One CannOT think of Jerk Cookout 2008 in London, england without thinking of the Portland Jerk Festival held in Jamaica. This connection is a very special one to me, having been at the very first Portland Jerk Festival .

    We left Kingston very early and drove towards Portland via Harbour View. From about two miles from the actual event site, signs directed us to the parking area. We were then ferried to the site by coach. As we arrived at the site, we were greeted by the tempting

    scents of the various dishes interspersed by the smell of smoke, friendly chit chat and engaging laughter. Everywhere people were busily preparing food to be served or actually serving customers. Every conceivable meat that is eaten in Jamaica was there on offer, jerked and ready to be devoured. Community groups along with seasoned entertainers provided entertainment throughout the day, making it a very special community day.

    It is my belief that the success of this event gave rise to the other food

    festivals throughout the country.

    St. Elizabeth famous for its shrimps (called prawns in the UK) which breed in the Black River morass, has the Shrimp Festival, Trelawny famous for yams (the tuber) has the Yam Festival, Westmoreland has the Curry Festival, Portland has the Swift River Bussu Festival ( bussu is a conch-like meat.)

    The Portland Jerk Festival was recently held for the ninth time and I do look forward to attending the 9 th annual Jerk Cookout in London.

    Jerk Cookout is a family fun day from 1pm 6pm at The Horniman Museum and Gardens, London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23. Sponsored by: MoneyGram and Grace Foods.



    Grace Foods are

    happy to support the

    Jerk Cookout 2008

    Foods are

    happy to support the

    Jerk Cookout 2008

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  • On signing up for their stalls, the stallholders are made aware of the Jerk Cookout

    Competition Rules. Each competing stallholder sends TWO dISheS to the Jerk COOkOuT JudGInG TenT.

    One of the dishes must be jerk chicken, cooked in their own jerk sauce

    and the second is anything of their style (commonly called freestyle);

    this may be lobster, shrimp or anything that can be jerked

    (I hear there may be ostrich on the menu this year!)

    These dishes are judged by FOOd CrITICS and CeLebrITIeS who look for

    presentation, taste and originality.

    COMe TaSTe, exPerIenCe and CeLebraTe WITh uS!

    Who will win Jerk Cookout 2008?

    The Jerk Competition Rules

    JERK COOKOUT WINNERS 2006 & 2007

    Carol Schersmith from Caribbean

    Hut, 2006 winners, stands with Carl Charles of DD

    Family Jerk, the 2007 winners.

    Meet the




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    Come seeus at theJerk CookoutAug. 17

    The Caribbean on your plate for pennies per serving



    The Jerk Competition Rules



    sTAGe 1

    1.00 .....MIke MOrrIS band1.45 .....rOSeMary baIn2.10 .....Chynna2.30 .....Jenny bae3.00 .....Pan uLTIMaTe3.40 .....yOLanda brOWn5.00 .....annOunCeMenT OF Jerk COOkOuT WInner5.30 .....PeTer hunnInGaLe SaLSa band

    sTAGe 2

    1.00 .....FOxey2.00 .....PLay Vybe FM2.30 .....rOSeMary baIn3.00 .....OPen MIke4.00 .....Pan uLTIMaTe5.00 .....Myke MaSTerS band5.30 .....keisha bailey

    Gregory Fabulous



    yOLanda brOWn

    PeTer hunnInGaLe

    Jenny bae

    Special appearance by

    The Harder They Come

    FOLLOWInG SeLL out seasons at Theatre royal Stratford east and the barbican The harder They Come is now playing at the West ends Playhouse Theatre.

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    When the harsh reality of the music scene drives him into a fast and furious life as an outlaw, he would rather die than kill his dream!




  • Jerk IS a style of cooking native to Jamaica in which meats (traditionally pork, but now including chicken, fish, beef, sausage and even tofu) are dry-rubbed with a fiery spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice.

    When the British invaded Jamaica in 1655 the Spanish colonists fled leaving a large number of Africans who they had enslaved. Rather than be re-enslaved by the British, they fled into the hilly, mountainous regions of the island, joining those who had previously escaped from the Spanish to live with the Tanos. Over time, the escaped slaves came to be known as Maroons, and eventually controlled large areas of the Jamaican interior. They often moved down from the hills to raid the plantations.

    They were highly organised and knew the country well. Because of this,

    additional run-away slaves joined them. The two main Maroon groups were the Trelawny Townor Leeward Maroons at one time led by Cudjoe, and the Windward Maroons led by Queen Nanny and later by Quao. The Maroons were skilled hunters and warriors and, hard as they tried, the British Army could not control or defeat them.

    The Maroons, are believed to have developed and perfected the Jerk method of preserving and cooking meat during their years living in the Blue Mountains fighting the British troops. They hunted and cooked wild pigs, by seasoning and smoking underground, in order to avoid the smoke being seen by the British. The recipe was kept secret for many years, until the mid 20th century, when a version of the jerk recipe came out of the hills from the Maroon community, and started to be prepared openly. This first happened in Portland. Boston Bay Jerk pits is still the most famous for the original jerk.

    The seasoning itself contains a base of pimento (allspice), scotch bonnet peppers and salt, plus additional herbs and spices (sometimes up to 30 or more) usually including thyme, garlic, cinnamon, scallions, clove and nutmeg. Sometimes the dry seasoning mix is rubbed into the meat, and left to soak overnight in a wet marinade. The meat is basted with the seasonings as it grills slowly over a smokey wood fire, preferably of pimento (allspice) wood. Commercial jerk mixtures are now available, both dry and wet (marinades),

    Jerk chicken, pork, or fish has an exquisite taste when barbecued over aromatic wood charcoal or briquettes. Pimento (allspice) wood or


    The history of Jerk

    Give a portion to

    your english friends, or other

    nationalities, and they will

    be raving about it for


    More on Page 1210

  • Fairweather Productions in association

    2008Festival & Competition

    Sunday 17th August1pm - 6pm

    Horniman Museum & Gardens100 London Rd, Forest Hill, London, SE23 3PQ

    Info: 07957 441101

    Free10,000 Att..2007

    This is a Family Fun Day with world music, childrens play area, city farm, the best of Jerk Foods and the Jerk Cookout Competition.

    Hosted by Donna SpenceSpecial apperanceTHE HARDER THEY COMELive music:Peter Hunningale, Yolanda Brown, Gregory Fabulous, Pan Ultimate, Myke Masters Band, Kersha Bailey Rosemary Bain

    Youve tried the rest now come Downand try the best

    Please use public transport / no dogs Main Sponsor







    ia 0

    20 7



    Peter Hunningale

    Donna Spence

    Gregory Fabulous

    Yolanda Brown

  • berries placed over coals give Jerk its authentic flavor. Give a portion to your English friends, or other nationalities, and they will be raving about it for months.

    The Spanish word charqui (dried meat) gave the name to both jerk and jerky. Jamaican jerk ties well into its Spanish/Caribbean roots.

    A grill over an open fire suffices in the modern rendition. The widely available pre-made seasoning mixes give a passable jerk flavour to meat baked in a kitchen oven. Walkers Wood were the first to research and bottle a jerk seasoning, and this is now available in supermarkets across the world. Apart from the Caribbean, it can be found in countries such as US, Canada, South America, South Africa and Japan.

    Jerking has evolved over time from pit fires to old oil barrel halves as the container of choice. In about the 1960s, Jamaican entrepreneurs sought to recreate the smoked pit flavor, and relatively quickly came up with

    a solution. The solution was to cut oil barrels lengthwise and attach hinges, drilling several ventilation holes for the smoke. These barrels are often heated by layers of charcoal, which some say lends itself to making the burnt smokey taste. Jerk cooking has followed the Jamaican diaspora all over the world, and authentic Jerk can now be found at

    restaurants anywhere a significant population of Jamaicans exists.

    An ordinary home barbecue with a good jerk seasoning has a similar effect. Meats can be cooked in the oven with the seasoning, but you do miss the smokey effect.

    The first time I tasted Jerk Chicken, I was amazed at the unique and beautiful flavour. Is it the pimento the

    smoky flavour the peppery spicy taste? The combination is just great. One of the key selling points of Jerk Chicken and other Caribbean dishes is the excited expectation from the consumer. Once tasted, never forgotten. They know the taste is unique and will travel miles to get it. We are pleased to

    The first time I tasted Jerk Chicken, I was amazed at the

    unique and beautiful flavour. Is it the pimento the smoky flavour

    the peppery spicy taste? The combination is just great.

    More on Page 13


    Contd from Page 10

  • 2008


    bringing healing through authentic yard dishes

    FIrST ChOICe Caribbean hut was founded in the late 1990s. It is a family-run business, ran by husband and wife.

    We started this business because we enjoy cooking good quality and tasty food. All our food is cooked at a high standard, therefore, we produce good quality food.

    First Choice Caribbean Hut is unique because of its authentic style of cooking it brings healing to all that eat and smell it with all the

    spices originally from yard. We have represented the Caribbean at many events.

    First Choice Caribbean Hut is result-oriented, and we measure our success in our delivery of services, taste and customer satisfaction. That is the reason why First Choice Caribbean Hut was the winners of the Jerk Cookout Competition. First Choice Caribbean Hut will continue to cook and serve good quality and tasty food at a high standard.



    see Jerk chicken making its foray in the West End, with two Jerk centres just off Oxford Street. With the plethora of pizza and other fast food on offer, its great to know there is some real tasty Caribbean Food around to fill that spot.

    Caribbean Food Emporium now provides Asda Stores with frozen jerk chicken, as well as other dishes. There is an unmistakeable smoky aroma and spiciness when the dish is defrosted, and whats more its ready from your freezer in 4 minutes.

    Tesco has added Jerk Chicken to their range of dishes on their hot deli counter in many branches.

    Asda and Morrisons have added Jerk Chicken and many other Caribbean Dishes to their ready meals range.

    Selfridges are keen to have a Caribbean Section in their Food Hall featuring Jerk Chicken of course.

    Square Pie famous for British pies and with concessions in prestigious department stores, proudly offer a Jerk Chicken pie in their range.

    A Jerk cookout

    in the UK is a great development. Hosts, The Write Thing continue a tradition which started in Jamaica with a competition of Jerk chefs. The first event 2 years ago was attended by five and a half thousand people, and even the slight drizzle could not dampen down the excitement. This year promises to be bigger and better.

    daWn GranT,director,Caribbean Food emporiumwww.caribbeanfood

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    THE BURGER recipe is

    definitely a step up from

    the usual. Preparation

    and cooking time: 30

    minutes chilling + 15

    minutes cooking + 10

    minutes. Serves 6

    Ingredients:2 tbsp butter1 onion, chopped finely

    3 garlic cloves, chopped

    110g/4oz mushrooms,

    chopped into 1 cm

    pieces? tbsp dark rum or wine

    900g/2lb ground sirloin

    or the best ground beef

    you can get1 tbsp Walkerswood

    Jerk Seasoning2 tbsp chopped fresh

    parsley1 tsp salt

    To Serve:A few rocket sprigs per

    person6 tbsp Jerk Mustard

    6 rolls3 red onion slices,

    splitinto rings

    Method:Place the butter in a saucepan and

    melt slowly. Add

    the onion, garlic and mushrooms


    From Eat Caribbean By Virginia Burke

    and saut for 3 minutes (do not allow to burn). De-glaze the pan with the rum or wine and allow to cook for 2 minutes more. Transfer the mushroom mixture to a large mixing bowl and mix in the beef, jerk seasoning and

    parsley. Season with salt and pepper. Form into 6 patties, place on a baking sheet, cover with cling film and a allow to rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Grill the burgers or fry them in a skillet for 5 minutes, on each side.

    Cut the rolls in half and toast for about 2 minutes. Place a few sprigs of rocket on the bottom half of each bun, place each burger on this and to with a tablespoon of jerk mustard and a few rings of raw onion.

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