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2. The Guy:

  • Born in 1974 in Albany NY, Jeremy Fish has an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from the Junior College of Albany, New York followed by a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco,. His work mostly includes semi-narrative drawings, paintings and screen prints where he uses symbols, characters, animals and vehicles in different combinations to tell stories.
  • He has been heavily influenced by graffiti and skateboards throughout his life, adding his own unique elements into that genre.


  • The concepts in Fishs artwork are simple but abstract, instead of the artist explaining the narrative he leaves it up to the viewer to create their own story, hoping that their own story will draw on from memories and experiences the viewer has had that relates to the artwork.
  • Fish says that artwork is for normal people with a taste for the absurd, he creates art that everyone can enjoy, regardless of social class, he relates to the mainstream audience.

4. The Artwork 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Final Days of Feeding The Pigeons 10. Puffing Away on the Past 11. Sometime That Summer 12. The Fall of Freedom 13. The Hands of that Summertime Fog Statue 14. Trust Your Friends 15. Buck You 16. Buck Up! 17. Buck Wild 18. Bird Series A 19. Bird Series B 20. Bird Series C 21. Bird Series D 22. Bird Series E 23. Bird Series F 24. Bust That Nut 25. Cock 26. Were a Mean Gang 27. Biological Clock 28. On The Prowl 29. Bremen Musicians 30.