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  • J E N A K I M S P O R T F O L I OF L I P B O O K

  • T O O T H B R U S H D E S I G N 1The toothbrush project was focused on human

    ergonomics and the modern design. Toothbrushes in the market have thin width compare to this toothbrush.

    Looking from the front view, the width of this toothbrush is similar to ones in the market, but looking from the side view, it is thicker. The grip that ergonomically fits to human

    body is comforting while brushing a teeth. The shape of the rubber grip is designed to be simple, but at the same time ergonomic factor is also considered in order to avoid

    slipping while brushing teeth.

  • T O O T H B R U S H D E S I G N 2The second toothbrush project was to also focused on

    human ergonomics. The body of the toothbrush has complex curve lines, and at the same time it maintains

    the ergonomic factor. Because of the complicated curve lines for the body part, the rubber grip is designed with simplicity. Even though the toothbrush looks too bulky compare to ones in the market, the attemept was to

    escape from the conventional design.

  • C O M M O N C R E W C A B I N N A S A S P O N S O R S H I P S T U D I O

    Students from NASA Studio class worked as a team on designing a crew cabin that can be easily adapted to multiple types of mission spacecraft and sustain

    four astronauts for two weeks. Our goal was to design a spaceship that have function of a surface lander,

    exploration vehicle, and asteroid or space exploration vehicle. Research on different spaceship gave us idea for designing a spaceship and idea on what astronauts do in mars, moon, and asteriods. We focused on the

    functionality of the common crew cabin and the space efficiency within the area. After the exterior and interior

    design was finalized, everyone started to construct the spaceship with the foam board for the final model. Construction with the chip board was done before the

    final model was made with foam board.

  • Sleeping hammock for the spaceship is designed for giving more privacy in the common crew cabin area,

    maintain light weight in order for the spaceship to use less fuel, easy to store, and mainly minimize the space usage in terms of space effeciency. After the research, hammock style sleeping gives the best solution for the

    design criteria that we wanted to fulfill. The construction and form of the sleeping hommock got inspiration from the construction method of Ferrari World. The tension of the cloth gives sturdy form when it is hanged to the

    ceiling and the floor, also, it is flexible and foldable.

    H A M M O C K S L E E P I N G B A G F O R T H E S P A C E S H I P

  • In terms of construction method for the prototype model, the white cloth was used to make the sleeping bag and

    the blanket and the pilow is all attached to the hommock. Zippers are attached in order for astronautnts to easily

    get on and off the sleeping bag. This sleeping bag gives privacy but it also gives open space so that astronauts would not feel that they are imprisoned. The sleeping

    bag is located on the back of the spaceship and it can be rolled over when it is not in use. They are able store inside

    the storage space located under the floor.

    H A M M O C K S L E E P I N G B A G F O R T H E S P A C E S H I P

  • S T R E E T L I G H T D E S I G NThe design of this street light got inspiration from the

    pattern and the function of a leaf. The pattern of the leaf vein is applied to the street light for folding mechanism.

    The street light can be folded and unfolded itself vertically. During the daytime, the street light folds to be used as a shade. The street light collects solar energy and supply

    the oxygen during the daytime. When the sun goes down, the street light unfolds itself and serves as a street light with the solar power that is collected during the day. All

    of these functions are possible because the street light is made out of multiple layers like a leaf structure: oxygen

    layer, LED light layer, and solar energy panel layer.

  • B L A C K B E R R Y P A C K A G I N GThe project was to design a Blackberry packaging

    specifically for New York City office executives. In order to depict the architectural city like atmosphere, the shapes of this package was inspired by the modern high story

    city buildings and geometric forms. For the prototype, the packaging is made out of styrene, giving sense of sharp,

    simple, and modern feeling for the target users. The design of the packaging also considered importance on

    the safety of the phone.

  • P A P E R L A M P S H A D EFor the design of the paper lampshade, the paper

    origami method was used for contracting and expanding mechanism. Many different types of paper-folding

    methods were explored to make the lampshade without using a tape. The bottom of the lampshade is folded to

    fit tightly into the circle of the lampstand. The 3-ply paper was used so that when the light lit up the paper would

    create shadows to convey its shape.

  • L E A F L A M P S T A N DWith inspiration from leaf veins and the Christian symbol of a fish, the form of this lamp stand is made. The cross lap joint on the bottom and the top part helps the wood

    stick to stay in curved shape and stand by itself. Because of the tension, the wood glue and screws were applied

    to the cross lap joint to be more stable. The Hanji (Korean traditional paper) is used for this lamp stand in order to

    distribute the delicate lighting.

  • A L U M I N U M M O D U L A R I T Y The form of this modularity piece started out with the

    exploration of quater circle made out of cardboard. A cube serves as a nuclear of this form by holding three circular modulars together. These modulars are able to be held onto the steel cube because of the magnet embedded inside of the each modulars. In order to have smooth

    shiny surfaces, Bridgeport and metal lathe were used to mill the aluminum and the steel. The edges of the each

    pieces were filed by hand to have a high quality finishing. To have a perfect precision, the construction process was planned on Solidwork before making the actual

    piece. Also, the dimension drawing and the tolerance measurement was done before to prevent mistakes.

  • W O O D

    B O W L C A R V I N GHand carved the pine wood with chisel and hammer.

    D I S KUsed a small block plane to carve the wood and applied wood finishing at the end.

    L A T H E J O I N TUsed lathe machine to explore the cylindrical forms and used machine drill for the joint.

  • M E T A L

    T R A N S F O R M A T I O N O F 2 D T O 3 D

    Made with aluminum tin plates and copper wires. The flat shape can be turned into

    3 dimensional diamond shape.

    S T E L L A T E D I C O S A H E D R O N Connected 30 triangles with

    hand made copper wire rings.

    C O M P R E S S A N D E X P A N D60 triangles connected with copper rings.

    Can be compressed in many different forms.