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Jeepers Peepers!. Making sense of eye color. Transition-heavy slideshow. Please download :). Q: How Many Eye Colors Are There?. A: Three. How does that work?. Eye color is a “polygenic” trait. poly: prefix meaning many, genic meaning genes. Many- gened . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding Eye Color

Jeepers Peepers!Making sense of eye colorPlease download :)Transition-heavy slideshow

Q: How Many Eye Colors Are There?

A: Three.

How does that work?Eye color is a polygenic trait.poly: prefix meaning many, genic meaning genes.Many-gened.

Up to fifteen different genes can have an effect on what color your eyes are!

And thats not counting the pigments and melanin (think skin color) levels that affect the final shade of their color.Lets keep it simple.Dark eyes first.

Lets keep it simple.Now Medium Eyes.

Lets keep it simple.Now LIGHT Eyes.

The oldest eye color.High levels of melanin.Tend not to be light-sensitive because of how much pigment they have.Browns can be so dark they look black.DO NOT CONFUSE WITH HAZEL, AMBER, GREENS.Dark Eyes

Lower levels of melanin make their final shade highly influenced by pigment. Greens, amber, hazel, freckled eyes, and mixed eye colors all fall in this category.DO NOT CONFUSE WITH LIGHT BROWNS, YELLOW BLUES, HETEROCHROMIA.

Medium Eyes

Low levels of melanin and low/ single pigment levels. Blues, grays, and violets all fall within this category.DO NOT CONFUSE WITH ALBINISM, GREENS.

LIGHT EyesQ: What color are your eyes?Advanced class: rare eye colors and conditions!UP NEXT: