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Transcript of JEEPERS CREEPERS WORKSHOP Workshop-in-a-Bag (with ... JEEPERS CREEPERS WORKSHOP Workshop-in-a-Bag...

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    (with practical implementation for various types of events)


    This workshop was designed to:

     Show use of this kit beyond Halloween, making it last all Holiday Expressions long.

     Create a display board for a Gathering or other event, showing the versatility of our products while

    attracting different interests (scrapbookers, cardmakers, party hostesses, etc.). It only requires ½ a

    paper pack, plus additional items (cardstock, embellishments, etc.) to make all the projects.

     Highlight a variety of products and techniques.

     Reproduce Layout #1 and/or Card #1 as make ‘n take projects at a Gathering or other event. They

    were designed using bulk paper.

    o Layout #1:

     Consider using Sequins or Star Enamel Gems for embellishments – items that can be

    easily separated for customer use – rather than the Assortment.

     You can also add in a stamped party hat or cake as an accent.

     Use a piece of Lagoon cardstock, in place of the striped Zip Strip included on the right


    o Card #1

     Use Sequins or Star Enamel Gems – can color them with ShinHan markers – instead of

    the Assortment.

     Teach a layout class, creating both layouts.

     Teach a card class, making two each of the four cards.

     Mass produce the sour cream party favors.

     Make handmade party invitations.

     The Celebrate mini album can be altered, not using the PML cards, for a mini album workshop.

    o Decorate the inside pages for customer appeal.

     Be flexible in serving your customers. 

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    12” x 12” Scrapbook Layouts

    Party Favors

    Party Invitation

    Birthday Cards

    Mini Album

    Gift bag & coordinating


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    Supplies used:

     X7211B Jeepers Creepers Paper Packet

     Cardstock

    o 1386 Black (1)

    o X5783 Emerald (1)

    o X5762 Lagoon (2)

    o X5782 Pansy (2)

    o X5786 Tangerine (1)

    o X5929 Whisper (2)

    o 1385 White (7)

    o X5784 Willow (1)

     X7211C Jeepers Creepers Complement

     Z4009 Jeepers Creepers Assortment

     Z3286 Adventure Ribbon Pack (“Love life” saying and Emerald)

     C1662 Wise Guy Birthday

     B1484 Jennifer’s Hand

     E1034 Marker Alphabet

     B1537 Birthday Sparkles

     Z3231 4” x 6” Flip Flaps (3 - horizontal)

     White Daisy Cards & Envelopes (4)

     Z2804 Pansy ink*

     Z2812 Raspberry ink*

     Z2895 Lagoon ink*

     Z2807 Willow ink*

     Z2872 Whisper ink

     Z2805 Black ink

     Z2506 Adventure Mini Pigment Pads Set* (can use the pigment inks instead of the pads)

     Z3261 Stars Thin Cut

     Z3256 Celebrate Thin Cut

     Z3167 Cricut Artistry Collection

     ShinHan Markers: Carmine, Cherry Pink, Marigold, Golden Yellow, Pastel Green, Colorless Blender

    Additional Basic Supplies:

     Z1979 Journaling Pen (for doodling)

     Z1204 Bone Folder

     Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape

     Z2045 Piercing & Embossing Tool Kit (for ease of placing embellishments on projects)

     Baby Powder (for removing adhesive from stickers to make 3-D)

     1/8” whole punch (for gift bag and mini album)

     Cuttlebug or other die cutting machine (for use with Thin Cuts)

    Cricut Cuts from Artistry:

     1 ½” – “eye spy”, lowercase, out of Tangerine cardstock for Page #1.

     2 ¼” – party hats (2) out of White Daisy cardstock for Card #1 and the Invitation. (Artistry, page 50 –

    Icon-1, New Years Key {key has a star on it}).

     1 ½” – cake stand (1) out of White Daisy cardstock for Card #3. (Artistry, page 18 – Icon-2, i key).

     1 ½” – layered cake (1) out of White Daisy cardstock for Card #3. (Artistry, page 18, Icon-1, l key).

     1 ½” – candles (3) out of White Daisy cardstock for Card #3. (Artistry, page 18, Shift, Icon-2, l key).

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     3” – circle (1) out of White Daisy cardstock for Card #2. (Artistry, page 30, Icon-1, Travel key {this key

    has a circle with an arrow in it}).

     2 ¼” – party hat (1) out of Pansy cardstock for Gift Bag. (Artistry, page 50 – Icon-1, New Years Key

    {key has a star on it}).

     2 ¼” – party hat (1) out of Emerald cardstock for Card #2. (Artistry, page 50 – Icon-1, New Years Key

    {key has a star on it}).

     2 ½” – circle (1) out of Willow cardstock for Card #1. (Artistry, page 30, Icon-1, Travel key {this key has

    a circle with an arrow in it}).

    NOTE: The White Daisy Cricut Cuts are made from the remaining White Daisy Cardstock #3. The other

    colored cardstock Cricut Cuts will be made from the respective cardstock leftovers.

    Zip Strip Cuts:

     9” stripe on Monster’s paper for Page #2

     2 ¼” polka dot on Card #3

     3 ¾” polka dot on Card #4

    PML Card Details:

     Journaling box cut to 2 ¾” x 2 ¾” for placement on Pansy cardstock on Page #1

     “Halloween stories” banner cut for Page #3.

     “Beware” card used on front of mini album.

     Argyle card used on the cover of the mini album.

     Caterpillar card can be used in mini album.

    To prepare for assembly:

     Cut two pieces of the “word” ribbon to measure 11” each for Layout #2.

     Cut two, 16” pieces of Emerald Ribbon for gift bag handles.

     Cut a 10” piece of Emerald Ribbon for the mini album.

     Stamp [3] party hats in Pansy ink on White Daisy die cuts.

     Cut [size] piece from Polka Dot Zip Strip for Card #3.

     Cut “celebrate” out of Emerald paper, using the Celebrate Thin Cut, for the mini album.

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    Cutting Diagrams:

    Monsters B&T Pansy Circles B&T

    Tangerine Stripes B&T Whisper Polka Dot B&T

  • 6

    Black Cardstock Emerald Cardstock

    Lagoon Cardstock #1 Lagoon Cardstock #2

  • 7

    Pansy Cardstock #1 Pansy Cardstock #2

    Tangerine Cardstock #1 White Daisy Cardstock #1

  • 8

    White Daisy Cardstock #2 White Daisy Cardstock #3

    Willow Cardstock

  • 9

    Layout #1 – “Eye Spy a Party!”

    (Pages 1 & 2)

    1. Use Whisper cardstock for


    2. Glue Monsters b&t flush to

    right side of Page #1.

    3. Adhere Pansy cardstock to left

    of Monsters b&t 1 ¾” from top

    of page.

    4. Dovetail 2” x 2” square pieces

    of cardstock (Tangerine,

    Lagoon, and Pansy) and glue

    slightly under the Lagoon cardstock piece, ¼” apart and

    1” from both the sides of the b&t.

    5. Place Lagoon cardstock flush to right side and 3 ½” from

    top of page.

    6. “Eye spy a party!” sentiment directions are provided

    below. Place White Daisy cardstock piece flush to the

    right side of Page #3, ¼” from the top of the Lagoon


    7. Continue building the page, from right to left.

    8. Glue Monsters b&t flush to left side of Page #2.

    9. Add the paper pieces – Pansy cardstock, striped Zip Strip,

    Black cardstock and Tangerine cardstock – 1 ¾” from the

    top of the page, to align with Page #3.

    10. Align Lagoon cardstock on Page #4 to match the piece

    on Page #3.

    11. Add all White Daisy photo mats as shown.


    12. Doodle around edge of title piece.

    13. Add big arrow to top left area of Page #1.

    14. Stamp “party!” using alternating colors of inks and “a” in

    Black ink.

    15. Add “eye spy”, placing eyeball Complements in the

    middle of the letters as shown.

    16. 2 ¾” inch journal, PML card in center of Pansy cardstock.

    17. Adhere “trouble” oval to bottom right square.

    18. 3-D “double”, slighting overlapping “trouble”.

    19. Add arrow and stars, making the Lemon star 3-D.

    20. 3-D the “fun” circle image on top right corner.

    21. 3-D the Willow and Tangerine star and place the White Daisy star directly on the cardstock.

  • 10

    Layout #2 – “Sweeter Than Candy”

    (Pages 3 & 4)

    1. Using White Daisy for the

    bases, glue the chevron B&T 2

    ¾” from the top of Page #3

    and flush to the right side. Use

    it to guide the placement of

    other pieces as shown, building

    from right to left.

    2. Align the Pansy cardstock strip,

    on Page #4, to match Page #3.

    All white cardstock mats are

    centered in their respective areas.

    3. Build Page #4, starting with the Emerald piece of

    cardstock, from left to right as shown.

    4. Glue ribbon on Page #4 as shown.

    5. To ali