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Building Resilience Workshop II: 2011

Transcript of Jean-Luc Salagnac - "SMARTeST

Smart Resilience Technology, Systems and Tools


Jean-Luc Salagnac project scientic director

project ID card SMArt Resilience Technology, Systems and Tools 7th European Framework Programme, Collabora?ve Project Work Programme: ENV.2009. Technologies for

improved safety of the built environment in rela?on to ood events Person-months input: 533 Commencing: 1 January 2010 Comple?on: 31 December 2012

Paradigm change in ood management flood defenceTraditional Flood ManagementNon-Structural Measures - Building and raising dikes and walls - Levee effect - Cost intensive solution - Conflict with spatial & urban planning - Sustainability??? Entrapment effect Silo thinking Drivers: Climate change Rapid urbanisation Citizens Integrated Respons- Flood Risk ibility Management Adaptability, flexibility of solutions

living with floods

Governmental Responsibility

Reasoning for SMARTeST Insucient transparency of the performance of the products Uncertainty of their eciency Complex technical solu?ons may not be easily integrated into

the decision making processes Uncertainty how to best u?lise and weight ood risk data within decision making Inecient informa?on dissemina?on according to the great variety of stakeholders Insucient apprecia?on of the variety of stakeholders concerns No coherent informa?on about the new technologies Insucient capacity of stakeholders Uncoordinated ac?vi?es and responsibili?es of stakeholders

Research Strategy Research and development on smart innova?ve ood resilient

technology for the protec?on of the built environment. Development of tes?ng procedures and methods for ood resilient technology. Development of draX harmonised interna?onal standards for ood resilient technology. Undertaking case studies to assess the systems under which ood resilient technology is used in the urban environment. Developing implementa?on tools for ood resilient technology in Europe. Integra?ng the aspects of technology, systems and their implementa?on. Dissemina?ng the results of research to a wide user audience (technical and non-technical), in order to achieve a signicant impact on protec?ng the built environment.

In/out of the scope Before During After

Rain forecast AlertWP5: FRe integration

Prevention (content, messages, organisation)WP2: testing/dvpt FRe technologies

Crisis Repair management

Qualification of protection measuresWP4: implementation FRe technologies

Decision tools Guidelines for the dvpt of protection systemsWP3: FRe system

Return of experience


BRW II New Orleans


Partners NetherlandsTech. Univ. of Delft

United KingdomBRE

United KingdomUniv. of Manchester

GermanyTec. Univ. Of Hamburg


GermanyLeibniz Institute (IEOR)

FranceEcole des Ponts ParisTech

GreeceUniversity of Athens,

SpainUniv. Politec. de Madrid Partners affiliation and skills

CyprusDion Toumazis Associates



BRW II New Orleans

Competences Buildings Urban infrastructures Hydraulics Geology Costal Civil engineering Materials Spa@al planning Policy assessment Popula@on behaviour


Urbanism Sociology

Environmental psychology What s in people minds?

Project management structure

Smart Resilience Technology, Systems and Tools


BRW II New Orleans


Data base on Fre products(manufacturers, suppliers) WP2:tes@ng/dvpt FRe Test protocol draXed (link with FM global) technologies Tests being planned WP3:FRe system

Project mid term: where do we stand?

Literature review Framework proposal for the descrip?on of case studies Story telling

Damage assessment tools at the building scale WP4 :implementa@on An?cipa?on of damage reduc?on by use of FRe FRe technologies technologies Glossary of terms Na?onal review : - context (laws, insurance, governance, ...) - understanding the main barriers and resistance on the road to market Implementa?on and update of the project web-site BRW II New Orleans10

WP5:FRe integra@on

WP6: diusion 17-19/03/2011

Wish to know more?


BRW II New Orleans


Points of interest for NOLA First case studies conrm: The lack of awareness/informa?on of stakeholders The lack of communica?on between stakeholders The crucial importance of insurance schemes (ir-responsability) Diculty to establish a balance between long term (what should be done) and short term issues (what will be done)

Story telling, a way: - to explore FRe system improvements - to s?mulate innova?on - to create a context for the exchange with stakeholders The event and its consequences17-19/03/2011

The same event aXer SMARTeST outcomes implementa?on (one scenario among many others) BRW II New Orleans

Added value

Condi?ons of success12

Thank you for your attentionJean-Luc SALAGNAC


BRW II New Orleans