Je parle anglais et francais! Je m’appelle _______________ Francais 1 avec Madame...

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Transcript of Je parle anglais et francais! Je m’appelle _______________ Francais 1 avec Madame...

  • Je parle anglais et francais!

    Je mappelle _______________Francais 1 avec Madame Laing

  • You may already know some French and not even realize it

    How many of the following words/expressions have you seen before?

  • au contraire"on the contraryUsed to be playfully argumentative in English.

    bon apptit"good appetite"In English we say, "Enjoy your meal."

  • crme brle"burnt cream" A delicious dessert ofbaked custard with caramelized crust

  • cuisine"kitchen, food style" In English, cuisine can refer to aparticular type/styleof food/cooking, such as French cuisine, Italian cuisine, etc.

  • dj vu"already seen

    In English, dj vu is a feeling that you are almost certain youhave already seen or done something, when you have not.

  • du jour"of the day" "Soup du jour" is simply French for an elegant-sounding version of "soup of the day."

  • eau de Cologne& eau de toilettecologne, toilet water"

  • encore"again"

    Encore, encore, accompanied by applause is oftenused in English by an audience torequest an additional performance.

  • fianc, fiance"engaged person" (Understand that fianc refers to a man and fiance to a woman)

    petite"small, short"

  • hors d'uvre hors doeuvre An appetizer-something other than the main course of a meal.


    This abbreviation stands for Rpondez, s'il vous plat, (respond, please)which means that "Please RSVP" isactually repetitive. Get it?

  • touch"touched" A term that dates back to fencing, now it is used to say "you got me."

  • souvenir memoryIn English, is used to refer to an object purchased, perhaps during a trip to help one remember an important memory.

  • bon voyage have a good trip/safe travels

    Used commonly in English to wish someone a safe journey to somewhere far away.

  • oh l loh dear/0h goodness

    Used in English to express surprise or excitement.

  • Mardi Gras Fat TuesdayCelebration before Lent

  • cest la vie thats lifeUsed in the same context in French and English, often in response to, thats not fair or when reminding someone of reality. Oh well, too bad.

  • voil there you go, there you are, there is

    Many different uses in French; used in English as Yes, thats it!, or Youve got it!.

  • chic stylishRefers to a persons outfit or hair style, home dcor, or anything decorative that is currently considered in style.

  • Did you knowBallet terms: barre (bar), chan (chained), chass (chased), dvelopp (developed), effac (shaded), pas de deux (two step), pirouette (turn), pli (bent), relev (lifted).... are French!!

  • Did you also knowCooking terms: blanch (from blanchir-to bleach), saut (pan fried),fondue (melted), pure (blended), flambe (burned)...

    originated from the French language?!? Why? What are the French famous for?

  • And finally, did you knowThere are over 2,000 words in English that are the same in French?

    Can you think of any?