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Javids guide to P.P.

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  • 1. a hands on practical application will soon follow by anOPU

2. Glossary of terms Organic Parental Unit Forgetful Adolescent Requiring Training Proper Placement Im-Proper Placement Parental Observation Of PracticesO.P.U. F.A.R.T. P.P. I.P.P. P.O.O.P. 3. This guide will cover proper orientation of the toilet seat upon post use by all males dwelling in this household. This guide complies with all federal regulations , OSHA, DHEC standards and Home Land Security acts set forth in 101.3.BR549 ok I just made that crap up. Um no pun intended 4. Thats ok buddy. OPUs will ALWAYS be here to remind you in ways that will be hard to forget. 5. Though this instruction will not cover proper empty toilet paper roll replacement. Hint hint 6. nor will it cover what NOT to do with the toilet seat. 7. FOCUS ATTENTION HEREI.P.P. exampleThe next few photographs are a representation of I.P.P. 8. FOCUS ATTENTION HERE IMPROPER PLACEMENTAnother example of I.P.P. 9. Please note: the TOILET SEAT IS DOWN in a 90 angle OR parallel to floor from the MALE INUSE STATUSHere is an example of P.P. 10. Removal of TOILET SEAT is not necessary or recommended for P.P. 11. F.A.R.T. will be a deterrent implemented if PROPER PLACEMNET is not strictly observed 12. Though the above statement soundsGREEN it is 13. As O.P.Us we hope this guide has helped you to remember the differences in P.P. and I.P.P.