Jaqueline - Saki monkeys

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PowerPoints by FB Howell 5th grade students

Transcript of Jaqueline - Saki monkeys

  • 1. Jacqueline

2. Interesting Factshome 3. Colombia Peru Bolivia Brazil Rainforest Streams Rivers home 4. Fruits Flowers Insects Leaves Rodents batshome 5. walk in rain called flying monkeys search for food in trees eat at day and sleep at night Monkeys care for other baby Monkeys enemies are humans Big cat hunt monkeyshome 6. Cling to mothers belly Mother search food to make milk Look at each other babies Monkey live in federations Mate for life Only the mate understand each otherhome 7. Males and females look different Monkey have one baby out time habitat is in danger People hunt monkey Mate for life home 8. REID, Mary E. howlers and other New wordMonkeys .Chicago: world book inc,2005 home