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    The Good NewsPage 2 January 2012

    You are called with a holy callingThe light of the world to be;

    To lift up the lamp of the Savior

    That others His light may see.- Anon.

    By Kathlyn TalapianMany of our Filipino mem-

    bers miss the vibrant cultural

    Christmas in the Philippines.

    Thus, it was a joy to have a taste

    of the culture as the Filipino-

    American United Methodist Min-

    istry of the Northern Illinois

    Conference hosted the first joint

    Simbang Gabi (Night Mass) of the Methodist Fili-

    pino churches in IL.The originally nine consecutive services were

    condensed to three Simbang Gabis scheduled on

    the three Sundays before Christmas. Every Sun-

    day, St. Johns worshipped with the other mem-

    bers of the Filipino churches, singing Christmas

    carols and enjoying the tasty Filipino food.

    The first two Simbang Gabis were held at

    Prince of Peace UMC (Elk Grove) and Glenview

    UMC (Glenview) respectively. The last service

    was hosted by St. Johns.

    Fil-Am UM Ministry Celebrates Christmas andFilipino Culture through Simbang Gabi

    Pennies from Heaven

    Continued from front page

    become big because of the small

    things that started it.

    A similar campaign was started

    by Pastor Nancy Hunter a month

    earlier, with a big coin bank, whichsadly disappeared. This did not dis-

    courage the Outreach Ministry,

    and they launched Pennies from

    Heaven with 500 ml bottles which

    the members took home to fill up


    More than 50 bottles were dis-

    tributed by Ms. Talapian in Novem-

    ber. Many members returned their

    bottles as a White Christmas Offer-

    ing during the Christmas Sundayworship. The Outreach Ministry

    expects more bottles to be re-

    turned this year. So far, over $_

    was received from the donations.

    Pennies from Heaven is one of

    the many fundraising initiatives of

    the Outreach Ministry for a pro-

    gram for the needy in 2012. Ms.

    Talapian is expressed her gratitude

    to all the mem-

    bers for support-ing the initiative.

    She said, St.

    Johns is a church

    of generous and

    loving people. I

    am thankful that

    we, as a church,

    are always eager

    to help others.

    The Gift of Christmas

    Continued from front page

    Farrales as Joseph. Another song

    to note was The Best Gift of All

    performed by a male trio includ-

    ing Leo Mon-Alon, Noel Junio,

    and Ronald Romualdo. Perhaps

    the most lauded performance

    included liturgical dancing pro-

    vided by The Sisters with music by

    Gigi Mencias performing Gift of a

    Lifetime. Within the inspiring and

    festive songs, Bob and Nancy

    Hunter provided transitional nar-

    ration that enhanced the meaning

    of each song.

    The performance received posi-tive response from the

    congregation. The kids

    were wonderful, said

    Lea Reniva. The whole

    choir was great and the

    message of Jesus as the

    gift at Christmas really

    resonated with every-


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    Page 3 January 2012

    The Good NewsBy Linette Romualdo

    The young people of St. Johns spent their last

    week of the year with church friends and mentors

    as they attended the North Central Jurisdiction

    Christmas Institute at Wesley Woods Conference

    Center in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.

    Bearing the theme, Call of Duty, the camp was held

    from Dec. 26 to Dec. 29. The theme was inspired by 2

    Timothy 2:3, which says, "Endure hardships with us like

    a good soldier of Christ Jesus."Over 70 youths and adults from 10 churches attended

    the annual camp, and 23 delegates came from St. Johns.

    Youth Percy Villaflor experienced a great retreat. "CI

    was so much fun. We learned about the armor of God.

    My favorite is the shield of faith because I like to protect

    in what I believe in, which is Jesus Christ."

    The camp delegates embarked on a journey with

    Christ learning about answering their call to duty

    through the leadership seminars, bible studies and in-

    teractive lectures about each armor piece. Nine young

    people stepped up to commit their lives to the ministry of

    the church.

    The delegates also participated in various creative

    ministries such as hand mime, praise dancing, choir, jug-

    gling and visual arts. All ministries showcased their tal-

    ents during the Talent Fest, which also featured enter-

    taining performances, including the memorable dance by

    the pastors and adult chaperones.

    New this year is the Hawaiian themed Mr. & Ms. CI

    Pageant and each bible study group was represented.

    Among the candidates were Sylvia Brown as well as Kai

    Talapian and Pamela Villaflor, who were crowned as

    the first Mr. & Ms. CI.The young people held their election and plenary on

    the last day. They elected the 2013 officers who will be

    trained next year by the current officers. The newly

    elected officers are Joash Mencias, Adrian Farrales, and

    Mark Bibat. Kathlyn Talapian was also elected as the CI


    After elections, the young people approved resolu-

    tions, written and presented by the first Resolution Com-mittee. Consisting the committee are St. Johns delegates,

    Joash Mencias and Linette Romualdo, as well as two

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    youthanswerstheCALL of DUTY

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    Page 4 January 2012

    The Good NewsSNA: Glorifying the Reason

    Behind the Season

    By Linette Romualdo

    Pastor Cecilia Granadosin em-

    phasized the reminder that the

    birth of Jesus changed everyone's

    lives" during her reflection in the

    recently concluded Saturday

    Night Alive. In celebration of the

    birth of our Savior, open micro-

    phone worship was held for eve-

    ryone to sing their praises to God.

    The evening started off with a

    special music by Edilson John

    Fernandez, who dedicated a songin thanksgiving to his successful

    passing of the nursing licensure

    exam. Afterward, Gaspar Marcelo

    shared a testimony of his life. He

    said that his mission was to have

    his testimony an eye opener and

    inspiration to his brothers and

    sisters in Christ.

    Mr. Marcelo faced many trou-

    bles in life as he fulfilled his re-

    sponsibilities as the head of hisfamily. In pain and hardship, he

    turned to God and found peace

    with him. He then began to

    listen to Christian music and

    wrote plenty of quotations,

    songs, and poems dedicated to

    the Lord. He reflected, "I have

    to be righteous to have peace.

    When I have peace, I can share


    The reflection of the Word

    was given by Pastor Cecila

    Granadosin, who underlined

    why Jesus is the reason for the

    season. Pointing out that manypeople prioritize material

    things in life, she said, "It is not

    the wealth or power, but love.

    Love is the spirit that guides


    The Open-mic Worship began

    with Mrs. July Cyrwus song,

    "Its Christmas Time, followed

    by Frank and Darlene Rodri-

    guez, who energized the audi-

    ence with "Feliz Navidad." Manymore St. John's members shared

    songs like "We Are" from the Tala-

    pian kids and "Grown Up Christmas

    List" from Gigi Mencias. Lastly, the

    night closed with Ronald Romualdo

    singing with 15:2 Exodus and Re-

    joice! Dancers a Christmas favorite,

    "Angels We Have Heard On High."

    Christmas InstituteContinued from p.3

    other young people. They were

    guided by Pastor Cecilia Grana-

    dosin. Among the significant reso-

    lutions approved was the resolu-

    tion for the establishment of the

    Northern Illinois Christmas Insti-

    tute, effective immediately.

    This years Christmas Institute

    was led by youth leaders from dif-

    ferent churches. The camp dean

    was Pastor Reuel Talapian.

    The over-all experience for St.

    John's UMYF delegates was posi-

    tive and memorable. "I met a lot of

    new people this year and as we

    learned the armor of God and

    about the breastplate of righteous-

    ness and that it protects the heart,"

    Angelo Mon-Alon shared.

    By Linette Romualdo

    St. Johns Women gathered again for the last Women to Women to

    fellowship with one another and listen to life lessons shared by fellow

    women. With the theme, Jesus is the Reason for the season, the event

    was held by Darlene Rodriguez and the Outreach Ministry of St.Johns.

    The women enjoyed delicious food while Eleah Reniva and Corazon

    Managuelod talk about their journey with God and their families. After-

    ward, Pastor Nancy Hunter facilitated a discussion about the Bible

    verses referring to the theme. The women had time to reflect and write

    about what they were thankful for and how they can help others.

    The second part of the program was craft making. The women along

    with other present kids created decorative ornaments and crosses

    which they hanged on Christmas trees in the fellowship hall. Later on,

    they brought some of the decorations to the veterans at Hines Veterans


    Women to Women is an activity to encourage women to get to knoweach other and build their relationship with God.

    A Time for all Women, A Time For God

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    "It is a place of silence, not be-

    cause it is untouched by all the

    activity of our lives, but because

    it is capable of wonder. Every

    prayer begins with silent wonder

    before it turns to words. Our first

    response to God is dumbstruck

    awe at who he is and what he

    has done for us."

    - William Frebuger

    Page 5 January 2012

    Fruits of the VineMEMBER SPOTLIGHT

    By Linette Romualdo

    Camille Agpaoa

    Youth Coordinator

    The Grape Vine (TGV): When and how

    did you find St. Johns?

    Camille Agpaoa (CA): Two years ago

    through Ptr. Vic Melad when Ptr. Vic

    Melad was invited to be guest preacher

    at St. John's. We attended the service

    and we felt at home already.

    TGV: How would you describe your


    CA: It was the year I was given another

    chance to live, surviving the car acci-

    dent. It was also the year that God had

    sustained me and Mark with His unfailing love and bountiful bless-


    TGV: What is your ultimate goal this year?

    CA: To be a better servant of God and of people

    TGV: What are you excited for as 2012 starts? Why?

    CA: My wedding and the life with my hubby. If God permits, 2012

    will be the start of my life as a loving wife.

    3 Emma Lofranco

    6 Mike GulaBen Vidad

    Princess Lofranco

    Gus Marcelo

    9 Nina Junio

    11 Daniel Romualdo

    17 Rowena Yalung

    20 JJ Ramos

    23 Cristy Villaflor

    28 Irene Verdegan

    29 Kazelyn Talapian

    30 Jobert Reniva31 Danny Eftimoff

    Brandon Arnold


    6 Noel & Nina Junio

    24 Albert & Rowena


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    Have you always wanted to know how

    many books there are in the entire Bible, as

    well as how many are in the Old Testa-

    ment and the New Testament?

    You can by remembering just two num-

    bers! The numbers are 3 and 9.

    - There are 39 books in the Old Testament.

    - Multiply 3 X 9 and the answer is 27

    - There are 27 Books in the New Testament.

    - If you add 39 and 27 and the answer is 66

    - There are 66 books in the entire Bible.

    The sentence Do not be

    afraid was used 365

    times in the Bible, which

    happens to be the num-

    ber of days in a year. This

    only means that God

    wants us to have the

    strength to face every-

    thing, EVERY DAY.

    By April Cyrwus


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