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JEAN ROBINETTE Assistant Editor

Heading the staff of the Les Bois for this year was Jan Obenauer.

The book was divided up into sections, each headed by a section editor.

The group worked diligently from September to April to produce a

worthy book.

Jan was assisted by Jean Robinette, assistant editor; Bill Palmer, busi­

ness manager; and Kathleen Schirk, art editor. Mr. Gottenberg was advisor.

Sitting: Allyn Malone, Warren Wilde, Betty Jo Passey, Beverly Flick, Sally Jones, Maureen Mun-

dorff. Standing: Marilyn Falkner, Ray Crooks, Jean Robinette, Pat Schmelzsr, Jan Obenauer,

Nicki Dilliner, Jan McGowan and Sonja Benson.


Art Editor

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Ron Judd, first semester editor, and Claudia Shell, second semester

editor, headed the Roundup staff. They were assisted by page editors

and reporters.

The Roundup contained the latest in sports, club activities, campus

life, and dormitory happenings. Also included in the student paper were

some of the various happenings around the city of Boise.

All of this work can be accounted to Dr. Gardner and his journalism


Don Lloyd, Dr. Gardner, Claudia Shell, Warren Wilde, and Charlene Gardner.



First Semester Editor


Business Manager

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Student Sxecutive SWW


Under the student leadership of Ted Landers, and the faculty advisor-

ship of Mr. W. L. Gottenberg, our Student Council made and carried out

their many plans and activities.

The second annual Christmas party was again sponsored by the

Student Council. Among their responsibilities they were in charge of the

election of yell leaders, student body elections and of course the annual

school budget were the main problems with which they had to cope.

Seated: Pat Nordling and Ted Landers. Standing: Nancy Gibbon, Morgan Masner, Kip Mc-Cormick, JoAnn Powell, Larry Carstens, Bob Hall, Nicki Balch, and Nancy Grange.

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Under the direction of Mr. Karp, the 1957-58

debaters participated in many tournaments. Dorthea

Hendry and Ray Thompson debated on the national

college debate question, "The Right To Work Law ,

in Los Angeles, California, placing in the top third.

The team also met in Moscow and debated at the

County Bar tournament. Miss Hansen assisted the

group on their long trips.

The debaters do research work for their next debate.

Dorthea Hendry argues con on the "Right To Work .

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SaccaC &amwtittee

Every Thursday during the break this group

plans and sponsors several of the social func­

tions for the student body. The group was

headed by Gena Bautch and Mrs. Turnipseed,


Sitting: Ray Martinez and Ellamae Brown. Standing: Warren Wilde,

Dama Wildig, Betty Jo Passey, Marge Sargent, Diane Lechot, Gena

Bautch and Vicky Wardie.

*7tite @ammCttee

Union Nite and the organization of after

game dances were the main functions of this

commitee. They worked in conjunction with

the Social Committee, providing fun and frolic

for the students.

Vicky Wardie, Dama Wildig, Warren Wilde, Diane Lechot.

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October Homecoming Ray Martinez

November....Twelfth of Never..Betty Jo Passey

December....Christmas Bea Dorman

April Graduation Gena Bautch

May Spring Formal Warren Wilde

Time out between dances.

Couples keep in step with a jitterbug.

Students enjoy a slow one at a Union nite dance.

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SUE LEWIS Vice President



Morrison Hall was the site of many activities:

informal dances, teas, a little sister week, and many

club meetings. Something new was also added—a

snack bar in the basement operated by a campus

club. In cooperation with Driscoll Hall the annual

spring Dormitory Formal was held. As in the past,

students from Boise were guests at some of these


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DICK WOODS Vice President

BILL MALMBERG Social Chairman

With the modern conveniences of a washer, a

dryer, and, yes, a television set, life at Driscoll Hall

went on as if the occupants were at home. Many

entertaining and social functions were held in the

Hall. The Annual Dormitory dance was the highlight

of the social season for both of the Dormitories.


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The co-dorm dance

was held in March

The fellows spend a

typical lazy afternoon

Girls from Morrison and

their escorts from

Driscoll sit one out

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MR. SHAPIRO, Advisor

Radio Club claims the right of being the infant club on

campus, having been organized in the fall of '57. The members

are responsible for the construction and installation of most of

the equipment.

They had a potential audience of 1500 as the broadcasting

was made directly to places where the students congregate, such

as the Saudent Union and the Dorms. These programs were de­

signed to spread campus news "Straight from the Bronco's


The first officers included Bob Pyle, president; Ron Geertson,

vice president; Stan Coombs, secretary-treasurer,- Paul Mumford,

program director; and Tom Lee, chief engineer. The advisor was

Mr. Shapiro.

Members and officers pictured

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The club goes over their new script

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One of the many active groups on campus providing pep and color

for school functions is BJC's band. Directed by Mr. Best, they were seen

practicing marches during the fall for the audience entertainment at foot­

ball halftimes.

They were rewarded for their efforts by accompanying the football

team to Bakersfield, California, for the Potato Bowl game. Several high

school audiences were given concerts by the band during the tour in late


Leading the band through its paces were Bill Bunce, drum major, and

Nancy Grange, drum majorette.

First Row: Wylie Beaux, Lon White, Martha Demaree, Gayle Watson, Liz Rupert, JoAnn James, Shirley Olson, Jim Anderson. Second Row: Betty Fulcher, Polly Gibbon, Sandra Merrill, Dick James, Larry Judd, King Dalton, Thomas Dooley, Rollo Bacon. Third Row:

Ralph Aldrich, Allyn Malone, Gloria Bills, Eldon Trapp, Jack Clark, Mr. Best, Leon Vostrez, John Dawson, Bill Gillam, John Roberts,

Ruth Potter.

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Oickeatxa Boise Junior College Community Symphony Orchestra directed by Mr.

John Best, is one of the fine musical groups on campus. It is here that

students and community musicians work together for the purpose of pro­

ducing music enjoyable to everyone. Consisting of sixty-five members they

entered their twenty-third season the fall of 1957.

December fourth was the date of their first concert. Heard by the

audience was Mozart's Two Piano Concerto. March eleventh the Double

Concerto by Brahms featured Kathryn Eckhardt Mitchell, violinist, and

Catherine Beiler, cellist. Lloyd Carlton Troupe and Ballet were featured

May fourteenth with a presentation of Frank D Minor Symphony.

Concertmistress was Kathryn Eckhardt Mitchell who assisted Mar-

gurette Harper.


6%cAe&tia 'Pet&avmeC. . . FIRST VIOLIN

Kathryn Eckhardt Mitchell Stella Margarette Hopper Leona Underkofler Joyce Raasch Halcyon Weiser Lewjean Hower Carol Schnell James DeCoursey

SECOND VIOLINS Karen Best Shawna Robison Stephen Weiser Linda King Don Thomas James Reed Martha Frischle Ralph McFarlane Rosemary Hammer

VIOLAS Robert Muzatko Mrs. Ralph Boal E!zora Greer

CELLOS Catherine Bieler Marilyn Muzatko Wallis Bratt Suanne Hower Jone Wallich Carmen Turner

BASES Anna Lawwili Marcia Olsen Elden Tcrpp

FLUTES Margery Kalienberger Kay Hosac

OBOES Feme Coonrod John Mercer Elaine Everett

CLARINET James Hopper Ian Carlston


BASOONS Carol Miller Toni Holverson Verlena Orr

HORNS Janes Henry Larry Judd Steve Tennyson Judy Ann Bushnell Terry Carver

TRUMPETS Dan Ford Dick Buhler

TROMBONES Irwin Sawer Ruth Ann Potter


TIMPANI Stan Rhees, Jr.

PERCUSSION Gloria Bills Ralph Aldrich

PIANO Lurlene Fisher

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College students heard BJC's A Cappella Choir under the direction

of C. Griffith Bratt perform during the special Christmas and Easter de­

votional assemblies.

Rehearsals filled many hours in preparing for their presentation of

the oratorio "St. Paul". Student soloists were Ralph McFarlane, Jim Ander­

son, Barbara Bratt, Gary Keyser, and Nancy Loughrey. Community soloists

invited were Helen Schloffman and Dr. Charles Fisher. During their winter

tour, among other numbers the choir presented Bach's Cantata No. 140,

better known as "Speepers Wake."

Leading the thirty members of the Choir were Gary Keyser, president;

Louis Thorne, vice president; Kathleen Helvey, secretary.

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A harmony class studies their lesson of the day

Gloria Bills practices on the organ

Mr Bratt conducts

a singing class

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*Diama *iP%oductiatt& With William Shankweiler acting at drama coach and Leonard Shapiro

in charge of the radio and television activities, the students as well as the Boise

citizens were entertained by their several productions.

Starting the year of entertainment off was "The Ramshackle Inn". This

play was a suspenseful murder mystery.

Mr. Shapiro continued his video series on KIDO-TV. The students were re­

sponsible for all detail as well as the acting. To end the season of drama Mr.

Shankweiler stepped in along with the students and presented the play "The

Bad Seed". All of the dramatic productions and vinettes are attributed to the

numerous students who worked behind the scenes.


Rehearsal begins for "The Bad Seed"

The cast runs through the play

Marge Sargent and "Pick" Crooks audition for Mr. Shankweiler

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The cast and Delta Psi

members discuss :he Variety Show

One of the Variety

The three main objectives of the Life Lines are: to educate, to correct

misinformation, and to

aid all humanity

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