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Transcript of Jamestown Settlement

  • 1. The New World

2. 3. Some Reasons for Exploration

  • Build Empires
  • Sea Route
  • Gold

4. We found new land.Now what?

  • What could the countries from Europe do to keep the land that was claimed for them?

5. Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

  • Her majesty, Elizabeth I, Queen of England, has appointed you to establish acolonyin the New World.Decide what you need to do to make your mission successful.

6. Roanoke Island

  • Englands first attempt at a settlement
  • Sir Walter Raleigh

7. Roanoke Island

  • John White
  • Read page 156 to find out more

8. Meanwhile, back in Europe 9. Spain vs. England 10. and the winner is Sir Francis Drake 11. Back to the colony

  • King James I of England
  • Virginia Company of London
  • Chartera document that permitted colonists to settle on land claimed by their ruler.
  • Colony called Virginia
  • Jamestown the firstpermanentEnglish settlement

12. Jamestown Settlement 13. A very fit place for erecting a city.

  • John Smith


  • Land was low and swampy
  • Air filled with mosquitoes carrying diseases
  • River water was not healthy to drink

15. Gold, Gold, Gold

  • Many settlers were so focused on finding gold that they didnt plan for harsh winters.

16. He that will not work, shall not eat.

  • John Smith

17. Chief Powhatan

  • John Smith began trading with Chief Powhatan of the Powhatan People.
  • Corn helped keep the people alive.
  • John Smith had people dig wells for fresh water and build homes for shelter.
  • Chief Powhatans daughter was Pocahontas.

18. John Rolfe

  • Married Pocahontas and found a way for the colonies to make money!
  • Marrying Pocahontas helped keep peace between the English and Native Americans.

19. Cash Crop Tobacco 20. We need more people!

  • Since there was now a large demand for tobacco and other crops, the colonists needed more people to work on the farms.
  • Indentured Servantswere used to do the work.They agreed to work for someone for a certain period of time and then they would be able to buy their own land when they were finished being servants.

21. The House of Burgesses

  • The Virginia Company wanted more people from England to come live in the colony.
  • They established the House of Burgesses, which would allow the people of the colony to make their own laws.
  • This is how the tradition of self-government in the English colonies began!

22. Jamestown was on its way to become a great settlement!