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Jagriti Yatra 2012

Jagriti Yatra 2012

Building nation buildersSponsorship program1Table of ContentsExecutive SummaryVision and MissionThe eventImpactEndorsementsPartnership opportunityNext steps2Executive SummaryJagriti Yatra (JY) aims at Building India through Enterprise in youth particularly women and youth from smaller towns and villages of India

The event involves year long activities culminating in a train journey of 7500 kms across 12 cities over 15 days in December-Jan every year; other activities throughout the year includes business planning, Jagriti Conclave, Yatri meets, etc;

450 youth are selected from over 17,000 registrants based on their applications to a predetermined question-set that seeks to gauge their passion for social transformation through socio-economic enterprises;

40% participants are women and over 60% are from smaller towns and villages of India;

Over 120 enterprises ranging from Agro-businesses to IT have been created by our 1600 strong alumni;

JY enjoys strong credentials among members of the corporate sector, social sector, government bodies and student community;

Past Partners/Donors/Candidate Sponsors include Tata group, Bajaj Foundation, Google, Cairn India, India Future for change, MEA, PepsiCo, TCS, British Council, HSBC, Kaivalya Foundation, Capgemini etc.

3Vision and MissionVISIONBuilding India Through Enterprise and causing Enterprise-Led Development (ELD) by challenging youth to find purpose in nation building particularly in smaller towns and villages

MISSION In the next 10 years1 Lakh entrepreneurs100 Lakh jobs in Middle IndiaShift in mindset from Job seeker to Job creator

4Focus AreaMiddle India: Indias growth engine

Influencing 50% of Indias population 600 Million

Tier III, Tier IV cities and villages

Empower and provide purpose to the youth of Middle IndiaPopulation: 1.2B

RichPoorMiddleIndia5National Train Journey200819972009201020112012A culmination of year long ELD promotion effortsINTENT: To awaken youth in smaller towns and villages

EVENT: The largest train event of its kind in the world

AUDIENCE: The entire country through Media campaign

PARTICIPANTS: 450 of Indias brightest young citizens from 17,000 registrants

MESSAGE: Building India through Enterprise

6Other Anchor Events in the year BIZGYAN TREE JAGRITI CONCLAVE7

5 Red Threads of Yatra 4 Axes of Learning at YatraTransformative learning as a group8The Yatris are stretched through a well-crafted program of experiential learning which leaves a deep impactA 15 day Semester on Wheels

9Widening HorizonsUnderstanding the reality of India through physical, cultural, economic layersExperiencing grass-roots innovation through leading change-makersDebating and appreciating multiple view points among diverse Yatris Self Realisation A review of ones world view and oneself, connecting with ones purposeCoping with uncertainty and complexityBecoming an active part of an exciting enterprise ecosystem in the nation

Building Knowledge - Developing Skills

Understanding Enterprise-Led-DevelopmentAssimilating key themes of enterprise - health, education, energy etc. Developing concepts of sustainable and inclusive developmentLiving with minimal resources for 15 daysAnalysis of Role Models, mentoring and facilitation9Yatri profile

Yatris are potential leaders from all across India and abroad. Representation from :

26 states including Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, Orissa

Union Territories like Andaman, Pondicherry

208 cities spread all over the country

International participants from 23 countries across the globeImpact: Community Yatris1600 alumni and growing; 120 enterprises; Agro-tech to IT; Propagating ELD

Vivek KhandelwalCo-founded Expert Voice Tap Technologies, a mobile platform for connecting people with experts

Archana RangnathanFounded Divyam Foundation, an International organization for the schooling and development of kids

Ramana KilliFounded Green Basics, a social Enterprise, working on agricultural and energy needs of rural areaNazir Ahmad DarPassionate about flowers, Nazir founded Royal Treasure Flowers in Srinagar, Kashmir which delivers flowers across the countryAshmeet KapoorFounded Jagriti Agrotech to grow and supply organic vegetables to urban markets, helping connect farmers with the markets and new technologies

The Yatra was like a beacon of light in this world sometimes engulfed by darkness. It showed us through examples, that hope conquers all. The Yatra gave us a new perspective and direction and the bonding we developed on the trip is something to cherish forever!Gaurav Bajaj, 2009 Yatri

Kalyani KhodkeFounded Prithvi Industries to be the first Indian studio to make a completely indigenous electric toy car.

1112Yatris transformed.A network of 1200 Yatra alumni excited and determined to bring about a change in society Yatra taught me to be tolerant, accept other opinions. It also pushed me to move from being a thinker to a doer doer, Parag Awasthi

The financial model of Aravind Eye Care was impressive but what really touched me was its powerful simplicity- its soul, Kalyani Khodke

Outside the window, a different landscape unfolds everyday. Inside, the train carries a choice selection of India - as one walks along the length of the train, the variety of languages and ideas is mind boggling , Lekha Naidu

It is a luxury train- not materially but in the amazing wealth of dreams, ideas and plans that it inspires, Raghu Tenkayala

I dont feel alone anymore- I am no longer the odd one out. I am connected to a sea of young India that is positive, enterprising and ethical, Soonrita Sahasrabuddhe

13Measurable Impact on its Yatri Alumni............................................................................................................................................... Over 120 enterprises launched to date, over 600 new jobs created!

About 45% Alumni now actively support social initiatives

About 30% Alumni have joined a social enterprise as a career

About 20% Alumni come back to volunteer to organise the next Yatra

100% Alumni felt the Yatra succeeded in its goal of awakening the spirit of enterprise

100% Alumni strongly recommend Yatra to others

100% of our Role Models feel that the Yatra is becoming a significant national movement for Young India

The Yatra has a slightly different impact on each Yatri, however the popular refrain that we hear over and over again is that The Yatra has been a journey of a lifetime1314 Jagriti Yatra

Measurable Impact on its Yatri Alumni...............................................................................................................................................Jagriti Agrotechs

I say Organic

An enterprise set up by Yatris and catalysed by the Yatra


14Joe Madiath, Founder, Gram VikasJagriti Yatra is once in a life time experience for those young people, chosen to undertake this train journey across India. During this journey they go through a wealth of experiences, meeting different social entrepreneurs.The experience gained on this journey is something that slowly transforms the lives of the participants.

Endorsements: Role ModelsA network of achievers: role model entrepreneurs helping youth, furthering growthPaul and Sabriye, Founders, Braille without Borders & IISEWe are convinced that the Jagriti Yatra initiative will positively shape the future of India. It offers a wonderful platform that will nourish the entrepreneurial spirit in the Indian youth of today leading to a better tomorrow.

Dr. S. Aravind, Aravind Eye CareThe energy levels that the team has when they visit our institution are so palpable and it kindles the same spirit in our organization. The inquisitiveness to learn and also explore the possibility of them being change agents is a significant character of this Yatra. We at Aravind look forward to this event eagerly every year. Visiting the train and meeting the young minds is a special experience.

Anshu Gupta, Founder, GoonjBringing about behavioral and thought level changes in people is quite a challenging job. In Jagriti Yatra the impact is massive and deep. We at GOONJ have seen this first hand with the Yatris. There is a vast change in their vision, thoughts and behavior after the Yatra. The Jagriti Yatra, to me is a source of energy and inspiration, from the brightest 400 youth from all over the country

15Endorsements: Role ModelsA network of achievers: role model entrepreneurs helping youth, furthering growthNandini Vaidyanathan, Founder, StartupsEverybody has a 'wow' moment and if one is lucky, several of them during a lifetime. I am possibly one of the few really privileged ones who meets amazing people literally most days of the year, which means I have a treasure chest of wow moments. But I can tell you this,- if I were asked to pick this one heirloom which I will want to pass on to the future generations, it will easily and uncontestably be 2nd Jan 2010 at TCS campus in Hyderabad at the Jagriti Yatra. nothing had prepared me for what I was going to experienceG Vijayraghavan, Founder, Technopark, TrivandrumI enjoyed the time that I spent with the Yatris and happy that some of them found my interaction useful.

Usha S., Founder, ThanalWe enjoyed seeing you al