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  • 1. MAXIMIZING YOUR BUSINESS ASSETS FEBRUARY/MARCH 2007 A n E xe c u t i ve U p d a te f o r C u s to m e r s o f A z e r t y, A D i v i s i o n o f U n i te d S t a t i o n e r s S u p p l y C o. Its Your Call Using telemarketing to connect with the marketplace Capital Ideas To find money for your business, you need to look in the right places The Perfect Match Selling compatibles fits perfectly into one dealers business model
  • 2. Utilize the Best-in-Class Training Tools To Develop a Best-in-Class Sales Team Introducing Do you find it difficult to train your employees due to cost and downtime associated with on-site trainings? Do you find it challenging to keep up with the changing technology marketplace? Would you like product, marketplace, and selling skills training for yourself and others in your company without having to leave the comfort of your own office? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then UDT On Demand, a new e-learning solution, is for you. Coming soon, through Technology University and United Dealer Training, you will be able to log-on to this new e-learning portal for all of your training needs. Look for details as we unveil the new best in class training program from United Stationers and Azerty. Coming Soon from United Stationers and Azerty Learn more about UDT On Demand at Vision 2007. See inside back page for details!
  • 3. WELCOME TO THE FEBRUARY/MARCH ISSUE OF TEN THIS YEAR CAN BE BETTER Welcome to 2007. Maybe were a little late, but we certainly wont be the last to oer up some suggestions on how to make this a better year for your dealership. Find your greatness and run with it. Every dealership needs to gure out what it does best possibly what it does better than any of its competitors and then concentrate on that ability. You cant get there without a roadmap. You need to have a plan and work it. It needs some detail, but more important is exibility. Youll want to make changes along the way, maybe even scrap some ideas and start over. e best plans help you stay focused and make the rest of your work easier. Hire and retain the best possible employees. Some rules never change. You always want to hire smart, passionate people to help drive your business. Keeping stellar employees is even rougher. You have to win business from your customers every day; the same goes for the loyalty of your employees. Be decisive if you hesitate you may never get another chance. Uncertainty always exists, but opportunities pass quickly. If youre decisive you may not always be right but you wont regret chances not taken. Learning from mistakes is its own reward. Nothing takes the place of ethics and integrity. A culture of trust centers on authenticity. Dont pretend to know all the answers and dont make promises you cant keep. ere is no amount of money worth jeopardizing your reputation over; if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is. Give customers what they really want. Dont assume you know this already. Just because you think your products and services are great doesnt mean customers agree. Do some market research; ask some tough questions, then modify your actions and oerings. ese actions wont guarantee growth but theyll certainly have you moving in the right direction. COVER STORY ............... 6 Its hardly leading edge technology, but the telephone is one of the fastest, THE NEWS, INFORMATION AND PERSPECTIVES most eective and economical tools dealers have to connect with prospects. YOULL FIND IN THIS ISSUE OF TEN MARKETING NEWS.................................... 4 MONEY TALKS.......................................... 12 O ce Place Solutions can be free to those who act quickly. Capital planning is about making the most of the money you Plus, learn more about PaperRap! do have and nding sources for the money you dont have. HOT PROGRAMS ........................................ 5 SUPPLIER FOCUS .................................... 14 A New Jersey dealer nds providing compatibles is benecial e money-saving promotions and the hot products that to customers . . . and its bottom line. are generating consumer interest and incremental sales for independent dealers. BRAND MATTERS .................................... 10 What your brands and your customers can tell you about your business opportunities. 2007, Azerty, A Divsion of United Stationers Supply Co.
  • 4. MARKETING NEWS offICE plACE SoluTIoNS foR fREE! Office Place Solutions is a powerful customer retention initiative introduced by United Stationers late last year and it could be free to dealers who act quickly. At publication time, there were still opportunities available to take advantage of Uniteds introductory offer the first three months of participation is free for the first 50 dealers to enroll. At maximum participation levels . . . that's a $20,000 value for free! Using a series of monthly themed, seasonal product offers, this integrated campaign includes printed flyers, e-mails, and a new Web site. All of these tools are branded with a dealers logo and contact information, and the Web site is customizable for each participating dealer. For more information about this exciting new program, visit to download a program brochure. Dealers can also visit to see a sample of the customizable Web site built for each participating dealer. ARE You fAmIlIAR wITH pApERRAp? PaperRap is an umbrella term for Uniteds collection of cut sheet paper marketing initiatives and dealer support tools. Created in 2004, PaperRap provides dealers with help and information about the ever-changing office paper industry. One component of the program is the Web site an invaluable resource filled with useful tools for independent dealers. The site is your source for consumer price tracking and industry news, as well as a free sample library, monthly features, an educational Paper University, sales aids and a handy Paper Guide search engine. For 2007, weve made the site even better by posting a revised order form with prices on everything from pallets to full truckloads. This form is updated monthly . . . and includes some special promotional prices. For live help with paper sourcing, procurement and training, dealers can contact Uniteds dedicated Paper Specialists by calling 888-PAPER60 (888-727-3760) or by e-mail at 4
  • 5. HOT PROGRAMS IT TAkES A vIllAgE To INCREASE mARgINS ANd REduCE CoSTS To CuSTomERS Rob Mallin and Jim Entwistle, owners of Village Office Supply, know an opportunity when they see one. So its no wonder the New Jersey-based company is one of the fastest growing dealers in the country. Or that they seized the opportunity to promote Innovera OEM-compatible ink and toner cartridges to their customers. The benefits of promoting compatibles were immediately apparent to both Mallin and Entwistle. We make more money and can lower costs to our customer, said Mallin recently. Its a no-brainer. Village called on the expertise of United to help create a program to convert their customers to Innovera-brand imaging products. United sales representatives Bob Ceta and Al Magid assisted Village, enabling a sub-menu prompt on their ordering system, developing an internal promotion, and presenting information and strategies to the companys sales and customer service personnel. It simply couldnt be easier, said Susie LeVan, customer service manager for Village. When customers call to order imaging supplies, the auto-sub option provides a prompt to the customer service reps. We just have to ask for the order, said LeVan. We tell customers that well sell them an OEM toner, but then we explain we offer an equiva- lent-quality, guaranteed toner called Innovera that is a lower priced