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Written for @SybaSigns in Australia - this is the full article that is also available for download on their site: or

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  • 1. ARTICLE BY GWYNETH JONES - THE DARING LIBRARIANIts a cartoon! Its an avatar!Its 20 super sites to a new animated you!Want to jump-start your web presence and connect with yourConsider creating avatars for students who areschool community in a hip happening animated way? Channel blogging or contributing to wiki discussions.your inner super hero with easy and fun character creators! Having an icon to speak from sometimes freesHeres a list of more than 20 websites that you can use to create students, especially the more shy or reticent, tofun avatars.really express themselves without restraint.Creating a signature avatar is also a fun way to create a brand This concept can work for shy grown-ups, too!image. Though this article is aimed at teacher librarians Either way, having a fun signature avatar is great tocreating avatars for themselves and not with classrooms ofuse with Twitter, blogging, commenting, Slideshare,students, there are several sites here that kids would dig andbusiness cards, and a whole host all of social mediawould also be appropriate to use with them. communications. Super hero cape optional!1. Ultimate Flash Face v0.42b 5. WeeMee your inner CSI detective with this site, which is quite Use this site to create a weelike a police photofit very sketchy!mini version of yourself plusyou can add all kinds of fun(and geeky!) accessories.2. Make yourself in LegoTheres plenty of scope for of your avatar.Hint: Use the dropdown to select categories and browseProduce a Lego character that looks like you. through your options and screenshot when youre happy.3. Mr. Picassohead6. Mii Avatar Generator WeeMee (mentioned above) this is an easy way to create aBecome an abstract work ofMii style characters as found on the Wii computer in the style of Picasso withMr. Picassohead. Put your eyes,nose, and ears wherever you 7. South Park studiowant! if youre a soullessginger like me, you too can4. Simpsons Movie have your own South Parkhttp://www.simpsonsmovie. avatar! You can choosecom/main.html your clothes, jewellery, hair,expression, and background.Ever want to be a SimpsonsHint: Make sure to savecharacter? Now you can create one cartoon without ayour own Simpsons-style background for photo fundoppelganger in the style ofinserting yourself into other pictures. With Photoshop go tothe Simpsons. Its pretty easyMagic Eraser and take out background and save as a .PNG. Nowand fun to choose the clothes,you can insert your cartoon into any background!hair, etc, but do note that thesaving feature didnt work forme the two times I tried it sowhen you get your characterthe way you want it take ascreenshot!

2. 8. WimpYourself15. ToonDoohttp://www.wimpyourself. Very easy to do and superCartoon yourself in thefun site to create your ownpopular style of Diary of acomic strips! From the helpfulWimpy Kid book series! ToonDoo wiki some of the outstanding features: drag n drop assets, 1, 2 or 3-panel comic strips, can be used with multiple languages, and the9. HeroMachine 2.5 ability to choose from a vast variety of characters, props and categorized into specific galleries.heromachine-2-5Turn yourself into a super hero character. This would also be16. Toonletgreat as a part of a digital storytelling resource or story starter. Allows students to create their own comic strips populated by10. Marvels Superhero Avatar Makertheir own characters. They can choose how many frames they for their cartoon, and the simple editor makes it easy to drop their characters into a story.11. Design a Marvel Superhero Comic Strip 17. Clay Yourselfsquad_show Sponsored by Hotels.com12. Design Superhero Speech bubbles and Text Clay Yourself lets you create version of yourself in modeling clay. You can start with the given facial frames and then customize other13. Hero Factory features. These features include hairstyle, eyes, eyebrows, glasses, eyeballs, nose, and mouth. When you are done with your customization you canUse this as an alternative toshare your character on Facebook or Twitter. You can alsoHero your character in JPG format or take a screenshot. Its Claytastic! 18. ArtisanCam14. BuiLD YouR WiLDhttp://www.artisancam.SeLF A quick way of producing aFrom the Wildlifesketch version of yourself.Conservation Society: Create Limited choices, for examplean avatar out of bits andI couldnt get my red hair pieces of humans and other had to settle for pink!animals head, arms, legs, clothes, eyes, mouth, tail,wings, shells just pick the parts you like and assemble themtogether, choose a background, and at the end youll getanimorphtastic name and description! 3. 19. Mad Men Yourself 20. Go!Animate for the students.Finally, my favourite, andFans of the TV show Madthe site that has the comicMen can create a sharp chops to make the mostdressed 60s-style avatar ofcustomized avatars is thethemselves.Go!Animate Comic World Character Creator. Though this takes the most time to master it has the most potential for avatar greatness! And it makes those avatars characters in your own animated cartoons! GoAnimate also has a very helpful forum for questions and a friendly and responsive community manager. Check out my wikipage for an animation example, all the directions, and to get the Comic Tutorial.Whatever site or style you choose, have fun and let yourimagination go when it comes to creating your super heroanimated avatar!Some sites allow you to save the finished creation as a jpg. Ifnot, then take a screenshot, paste into a paint program, cropand save as a JPG. One of my favourite new free digital imagemanipulation sites is If one of these avatarcreation sites is blocked by your district filter or firewall, go onto the next one ... OR ... do this at home! Be an Avatar Ninja!Active links and more information to all these sites can befound on my Daring Tech Character Creator wikipage(,and several postings with even more examples,how-tos and tech tips can be found on my blog go forth and be animated!Gwyneth Jones, along with colleague Dr Joyce Valenza, will be joining Syba Signs for a seriesof seminars in July/August, 2012, in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. See our website for moreinformation