ITIL Certification - Is it Valuable for a Small IT Company? (Slides)

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description SUMMARY SLIDES: Considering investing in ITIL certification for your small IT business? Learn the pros and cons of ITIL certification for small VARs, SPs, and MSPs. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

Transcript of ITIL Certification - Is it Valuable for a Small IT Company? (Slides)

  • 1. SPHomeRun.comITIL CertificationIs it Valuable for a Small IT Company?Courtesy of theSmall Business Computer Consulting Blog

2. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comITIL Certification isSeen as DesirableAcross theIT Industry 3. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comBut is it Relevant orValuable to a SmallIT Company? 4. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comThe ITIL(IT InfrastructureLibrary) Frameworkis a Detailed Set ofMethodologies 5. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comRecommended forEfficient Running ofIT Departments 6. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comLays Out ClearlyDefined Processes& Job Functions toIncrease Efficiencyand Accountability 7. Sponsored by The ITILCertification Path 8. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comBegins with theITIL FoundationAccreditation andProgresses via 9. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comIntermediateModules to FullITIL Expert & MasterQualifications 10. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comMore AdvancedAccreditationsInvolve aLarge Amount ofSelf-study & Exams 11. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comITIL and SmallIT Businesses 12. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comThese Principlesare FundamentallyDesigned for useBy Large IT Teams 13. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comIf You Are anIT ConsultantManaging EveryFacet of IT for aSmall Business 14. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comYou Will bePerforming EveryITIL FunctionYourself 15. Sponsored by ITIL Certification Recommendation 16. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comConsider Trainingand Certificationin the ITILFoundation 17. Sponsored by This Will Serve You Well When Trying to Win Contracts with Larger, IT-intensive Companies 18. Sponsored by And Teach You Best Practice Principles That You Can Apply in all of Your Work 19. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comHowever, Unless Allof Your Work is WithLarge Companies 20. Sponsored by Investing in Alternative IT Certifications is Probably More Valuable to You 21. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comDo You HaveITIL Certification?It is Valuable toYou? 22. Sponsored by ITCertsGuide.comSPHomeRun.comShare YourExperiences in theCOMMENTS BoxBelow 23. SPHomeRun.comRecommended Reading: Top 21 IT Certifications for Small Business VARs, SPs, andComputer Consulting BusinessesDownload thisFree Special Report Now atITCertsGuide.comCopyright SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.