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IT3128 – SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING & ANALYTICS ASSIGNMENT 1 Team Members: Sara Chan-093860F Leong Wan Tian-094609T Pearlyn Liu-090977X Ng Xue Ling-093463M

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Transcript of It3128 – assignment 01 starhub 093860-f

  • 1. Team Members:
    • Sara Chan-093860F
  • 2. Leong Wan Tian-094609T

3. Pearlyn Liu-090977X 4. Ng Xue Ling-093463MIT3128 Social media marketing & analyticsAssignment 1
5. Chosen Company
6. 7. 8. Starhub Weakness
Customer complaints :
Bad Services
No initiative of contacting customers
Call on hold time
Bad reception
9. 10. Starhub Weakness
Focusing only at local market
No global company
Established later than others
No community and social activities
No wireless services
11. Campaign
Attract more potential customer to buy Starhub mobile plan
Promote mobile plan to existing customer
Create brand recognition
Slogan of the Campaign:
Find star, rewards heads above the rest
12. Event
Advertise event 3 days before actual event
Using what to advertise?
What will is advertise?
Event details
Pictures of the jacket/cardigan
13. Event Details
Starhub staffs walking around Singapore wearing a jacket that have Starhub logo
Post where their current location
Once people found the staff,
Take picture with the staff and upload on Facebook
Say the slogan
Ask for the jacket or cardigan
14. Event Details (cont)
After completing the requirements,
Receive a letter from staff
What is indicate in the letter?
Who is the winner?
What to bring in order to collect the rewards ?
Deadline of the collection.
15. Rewards
Rewards (with Terms and Conditions apply)
1 free ipad and free 1 year ipad plan (special prize)
1 free ipad
3 free Samsung galaxy Tab
3 free sets of iphone 4
5 free sets of Samsung galaxy S
5 free sets of HTC phones
5 free sets of Sony Ericsson phones
Free 2 pairs of concert tickets
Free movie tickets
16. Vouchers/Benefits
20% off for Starhub subscription fee
50% discount off for Topshop/ Topman voucher
$5 off at Old Chang Kee
1 free Ben & Jerry mini tub
Free Ben & Jerry cones (entitled to 1 each)
$50 Takashimaya voucher
$10 off at Fish & Co.
5% discount for every month bill till the contract ends
Free subscription fee
Enjoy all the channels free for 3 months
Free Caller ID for 3 months
Free 100 minutes outgoing call for 3 months
17. Design of the Jacket/Cardigan
18. Design of the Jacket/Cardigan
19. Prize giving and lucky draw
Posting a question or video on social platforms
Facebook or Twitter
Allow fans and followers to answer a simple question
20. Prize giving and lucky draw (cont)
For example:
Number of logos appearing in a picture or a video,
Allowing fans and followers to post a picture themselves related to Starhub as a way of advertising
Opportunity to win a prize.
Allows the friends and family from the user that post to follow Starhub and join the event too
21. Prize giving and lucky draw (cont)
Answering a polling/voting on social platforms
Facebook and Twitter
For example:
How Starhub came about?
In which year did Starhub begin?
Users that follow and a fan of Starhub can learn and understand better.
22. Starhub collaboration with Influential People
Rain is a South Korean pop star
TIME Magazines 2011 top 100 most influential people
Invite him to attend our proposed campaign
Starhub official page to share Rains experience and promote Starhub