ISSUE APRIL Foo Fighters monitor engineer Ian Beveridge. Foo Fighters Front of House engineer Bryan

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  • Many areas of the automotive industry face sweeping change. Society’s demands for new approaches are growing in a steady way. Entire groups of companies must take their employees and customers on this new journey. Communication stands at the beginning and the end of this transformation. For this reason, Nissan Mexicana is now using 110 beyerdynamic PHONUM units, a mobile speakerphone for just-in- time company communication, at its business location in Toluca. Further locations will follow soon to expand the communication network. Sharing information has never been so easy and fast as it is with PHONUM. Technical perfection for clear understanding The mobile speakerphone of beyerdynamic connects teams at different places at any time. A smartphone and a PHONUM on both ends of the line is everything needed. The participants of the meeting call can now focus entirely on the topic instead of concentrating on a good connection, like they used to before. The integrated Echo Cancellation function effectively prevents

    beyerdynamic PHONUM distinguishes itself in the fast -paced everyday business. It is equipped with a unique 360° downfire speaker for outstanding sound and a battery that runs 12 hours. It can easily be connected to smartphones, computers and other telephone units via Bluetooth® or USB. No matter which platform is used – PHONUM is amongst others audio compatible with Skype® for Business, Google Hangouts and Zoom. As a result, it is perfectly suited for a range of communication channels in modern companies. For this reason, it is not surprising that Nissan Mexicana tested the speakerphones of leading manufacturers and selected PHONUM in the end. The Nissan plants in Aguascalientes and Cuernavaca also plan to introduce the new communication device PHONUM in their daily business. /phonum.html

    any feedback, echo or background noise. The in- house developed GECKO technology made by beyerdynamic adapts to any spatial situation. In GECKO FIX mode, the PHONUM’s three built-in microphones focus on the speaking person. The smart speakerphone actively suppresses background noise or other voices in the room. In GECKO FOLLOW mode, the microphones orientate themselves on the position of the particular person who is speaking in the room, ensuring the best possible audibility during group discussions. GECKO 360° mode is perfect for those situations in which several people talk to one another in a meeting as PHONUM captures the sound holistically in the entire room. A rounded solution in everyday business Exceptional range of functions and compact size: With the help of its innovative technology,

    LIVE & INSTALL NEWS The change of modern communication: Nissan Mexicana opts for beyerdynamic

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  • Rock In Rio attracts the cream of the world’s international rock acts, performing alongside artists from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The 2019 event saw the festival held over seven days at Rio de Janeiro’s Barra Olympic Park, attracting an audience of 100,000 each day. Yamaha digital mixing systems were used on five stages, with RIVAGE PM systems used for the first time. Rental company Gabisom Audio Equipment provides the sound equipment for all the festival’s stages and this year specified Yamaha RIVAGE PM systems. RIVAGE PM10 systems were deployed at Front of House and monitors at the Mundo stage, two RIVAGE PM7 systems for monitors on the

    festival base rider, thanks to the innovation and revolutionary flexibility in design and operation,” says Yamaha Brasil pro audio technical support and consultant Matheus Madeira. “The mix engineers could use 96 channels of Rupert Neve Designs SILK processing to enhance their sound, while

    Sunset stage and a third RIVAGE PM10 system at FoH on the New Dance Order stage. Gabisom also provided a Yamaha CL5 for monitors on the Espaço Favela stage. The systems were set up by Gabisom staff, with the Yamaha Musical do Brasil team on hand to offer technical support and any necessary training for engineers unfamiliar with Yamaha systems. "Gabisom chose RIVAGE PM systems as a significant part of the

    LIVE & INSTALL NEWS Yamaha RIVAGE PM digital mixing systems

    chosen by Gabisom for Rock In Rio

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    Joe Keiser, the FOH engineer for Nickelback on RIVAGE PM10

  • “The mix engineers could use 96 channels of Rupert Neve Designs SILK processing to enhance their sound, while the system engineers had extremely flexible patching possibilities, to respond to any situation during the festival." RIVAGE PM10 is the mixing system of choice for Foo Fighters monitor engineer Ian Beveridge. Foo Fighters Front of House engineer Bryan Worthen also praised the system, walking into one of the training sessions for local engineers and saying “This is the system you need for life!” “As well as being the first time that RIVAGE PM systems were used at Rock

    pro audio manager. In partnership with Brazilian television company Rede Globo and Dolby, Yamaha Brasil also provided a Yamaha audio system for an immersive 4.1.4 Dolby Atmos installation at the festival’s Globoplay VIP experience. Located close to the Mundo stage, a 5.1.4 live feed was pre-mixed by Globosat engineers and routed to a Yamaha QL5 mixer, then to the Atmos system based on Yamaha’s flagship DZR10-D powered loudspeakers, DXS15 XLF-D subwoofers and VXC8 ceiling speakers.

    in Rio, for many engineers of South American artists it was also the first time they had used them,” says Matheus. “All of the engineers who used RIVAGE PM were surprised at the high quality sound and operational simplicity. They also appreciated our support during soundcheck and the show.” “Rock in Rio is renowned for taking the lead in market trends for the Latin American live entertainment industry. It provided a great platform to showcase RIVAGE PM systems to a wide range of mixing engineers,” says Caio Lenzi, Yamaha Brasil


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    Renato Venom, the Monitor engineer for

    Emicida on RIVAGE PM7 Macarrão, the FOH engineer

    for Raimundos on RIVAGE PM10

  • Snow Patrol recently embarked on a UK tour for their album, Reworked, relying on an SSL L550 console supplied by Adlib UK for their live shows, which Matt West joined last year as FOH engineer, including two special performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall. What West admires about the SSL desk is that he doesn’t need to add any plugins to make it sound better. “I see lots of people using plugins and bringing all these external things to add to supplement digital desks, but I don't do anything with the L550 other than what's on board, and that's what I love about it,” he declares. “It does everything that I need, and the recent SSL software updates have made it even faster to navigate through internally. It just sounds fantastic.” In analogue world, West was always a fan of subgroups, so the SSL Stem functionality has been a no-brainer for him: “Being an analogue person, I still refer to them as groups,

    sounds particularly clean on acoustic instruments. West is using the L550 alongside the SSL ML 32.32 analogue stagebox. “That's a great piece of kit; we're using two for the existing setup of the band. I said ‘Well, I'll just have another 32 SSL preamps please!’ It’s a splitter as well, which is great; we u