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1. Introduce iSMS

Vision"The leading company providing

solutions to connect School - Parents – Pupils in VN"

Mission"Digitalize schools' management

system "

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2. Procedure

1st step: Update realtime studying result via SMS

Schools can easily connect to parents and pupils

Via SMS Via email, website

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Cooperate with 06

Provinces(Ha Nam, Ha Giang, Hoa

Binh, Ninh Binh, Hung Yen, Bac Giang)

Over 150 schools

using service

Revenue 40,000 USD

In last 4 months of 2011

3. Result

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4. Product

1st step: Update realtime studying result via SMS

2nd step: Update studying result to Cloud Platforms, provide more services

3rd step: Full solution to manage schools' result

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5. Market Size

40,000 schools(100% connect to Internet)

20 million pupils, students

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6. Target Market

People who pay:Parents are always willing to pay for updating their children's studying result and information from schools.

Pupil in High schools and Students are willing to pay to update their own studying result.

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People who connect:- Principals want to manage, monitor

and retrieve all the information in schools

- Teachers want to improve the quality of teaching, monitoring student information

- Other officials want to easily manage all information in theirs field

6. Target Market

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7. Competition

Viettel eSchool





The disadvantage of other solutions compared with iSMS

- The school must invest money when using service (with iSMS, this investment is not necessary)

- High price (iSMS has competitive price)

- Teachers must use hands to input mark into system (iSMS using ICR technology)

- Unlikely to update new features (iSMS is SaaS platform, scale up is ultimate)

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8. Technical Advantage

Using ICR technology (Intelligent character recognition)

using SaaS Platform (Software as a Service)

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9. Market AdvantageThe market advantage which will help iSMS take-off to the


- Become the partner with 06 local’s education institutions in 2011 (will cooperate more in 2012)

- Ha Nam committed to developing iSMS across the province

- Hung Yen set iSMS is the top priority service

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10. Cooperation

We’re welcome all of cooperation chances:

- We need partners have the financial resources, have relations in education that can help accelerate the process.

- Shared vision of building the leading products for education

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Thank you