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Iridium Security Services Brochure

Transcript of Iridium Security Brochure

  • Directors Introduction

    Iridium Security is a forward thinking company, that values its clients business with the highest regards.

    We understand that in the role of security, we are customer facing and will be the first and last impression of our clients business.

    Therefore before we build a team for a client, we ensure that we have a full detailed understanding of their business requirements, what the risks are and their customer profile. We also agree with our clients how the security team will be presented within that business.

    Understanding the pressures of a retail outlet, be it a high street bar, a live music venue or even a high end clothing store, cost of security is a paramount part of the decision process when appointing a new company. To this end, we will undertake to offer the most cost effective solutions, whilst upholding the highest standards and agreed service levels.

    Our Mission is:

    Iridium is committed to bringing the best security experience to our working partners and their clientele worldwide. This is achieved through our personalised approach to meeting their specific needs whilst enhancing their profile.

    Iridium Security also understands the importance of consistency and we have set out various ways of measuring our own standards. We achieve this by using Mystery Customer reports, regular and irregular site visits and internal auditing. In short - if we find something we are not happy with, we do something about it.

    Our Product is the service provided by our people and we strive to recruit and vet to the highest standards (BS7858). We are proud to have our own training academy, accredited as a BTEC College. We deliver amongst other programs - SIA Door Supervision, Apprenticeships in the security sector and NVQ in Spectator Safety to name but a few.

    Iridium Security is driven by a highly qualified, highly motivated and a mighty proud management team who believe in what we do and why we do it.

    We at Iridium Security firmly believe that no contract undertaken is too small or too big. Each client receives the highest level of commitment to delivering the highest standards of service levels of whatever is required of us.Iridium Securitys area of expertise covers a broad spectrum of

    John Raines Managing Director

  • the Private Security Industry, these are:

    Event Security Door Supervision Training Close Protection Security Chauffering Service Crowd Management Retail Security Corporate Security and Manned Guarding Pit Barrier supply and Pit Crew Stewarding Risk Assessment Security Surveys

    Since its formation in 2005, Iridium Security has gone from strength to strength. I am very proud of how far we have come and how much we have achieved. I believe that Iridium Security will continue to grow even further and we will continue to build new partnerships with new clients and strengthen partnerships with our existing clients. I am extremely proud that Iridium Security has achieved ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management and ISO14001:2004 - Environmental Management. These 2 standards are a true reflection of the quality that has become synonymous of Iridium Security.

    We are currently working on achieving our Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor status. An accreditation that I believe is not beyond us, and will place Iridium Security amongst the elite in the industry.

    I will like to take this opportunity to thank all our existing clients for their business and to welcome new and prospective clients.

    Iridium Security is writing an amazing history, and will look forward to doing it with you beside us.

    John Raines Managing Director

    Iridium Security

  • Events Portfolio

    Iridium Security has accomplished a lot since it was formed in 2005. Successfully delivering a wide range of events, Iridium Security has been instrumental to the planning and execution of some of the most prestigious shows and events to be held in the UK.

    Admired by our venues, their clients and also promoters in the industry worldwide, Iridium Security has built a solid reputation based on outstanding service, professionalism, great customer service and customer care.

    These standards have been the driving force behind Iridium Security, and we will continue to work hard to be better each time.

    From live music concerts to award shows to their exclusive and glitzy after show parties. From red carpets to green rooms and from public areas to backstage areas, Iridium Security has been delivering a service that is unrivalled in the industry

  • Events Portfolio

    Some of our concerts:

    The WhoBilly Ocean The EaglesBlack Street PrinceKool & The Gang Natalie ColeChaka Khan Black Eyed PeasMacy Gray

    BeyonceJames Blunt RihannaThe Feeling Jimmy CliffScouting for girls Ben E. KingKeane Lauren HillHard-Fi

    UsherJustin Timberlake Tom JonesMissy Elliott Errol BrownMadness U2 - Vertigo

  • Whatever the event, you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that your safety, security and well being are in the safest possible hands.


    Brit Awards Nominations Channel 4 Comedy Awards NME Awards BIFA Awards Kerrang Awards Asian Music Awards BBC Jazz Awards Music Vision Awards Miss Commonwealth England Rugby Victory Parade

    MOBO Awards Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards BBC Broadcast Talent Awards Student Radio Awards House Music Awards International Advertisement Awards Natural Product Awards Digital Music Awards Corporate Association Awards

  • Services

    Iridium Security offers the following services to our clients, each of which can be tailored to your specific requirements. We strive not only to meet, but exceed client needs by deploying staff that have the right expertise and experience to meet the specific needs of each operation.

    Close Protection Services

    Choosing and using the right Close Protection operative is not a decision to be taken lightly. The right operative or team is critical. We at Iridium Security understand this and whilst our operatives are of the highest expertise and experience, we hand-pick the right operative for the task. We understand that various clients will have preferences to the type of operative they want or feel comfortable with. Our operatives are familiar with all types of clients (from stars of stage and screen, to royalty, politicians, athletes, their families and their living and working environments).

    Our operatives are there to establish and maintain a safe environment in which the principal can continue to live and work with minimal disruption.

    All Iridium Security CPOs hold the Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence and with the ongoing additional training from our training academy, our operatives exceed the industrys national standards. Whether it is a short or long term assignment, Iridium Security will meet and exceed all your expectations by delivering the highest standards of service while giving you total peace of mind in a professional environment.

    Door Supervisors

    All Door Supervisors supplied by Iridium Security meet the SIA obligatory licencing requirements. In order to exceed national standards, we offer continuous training programs via our training academy which enables Iridium Security to offer the best Door Supervisors in the industry to our clients needs. In our ever changing world where there is a need for a very fine balance of customer service and conflict management, our staff possess excellent interpersonal skills and are highly motivated, yet can stay calm under pressure.

    Iridium Security understands the importance of customer service and how we are front facing for our clients. It is our aim to leave a lasting positive impression on all our clients guest and visitors. We guarantee that we will raise your profile, exceed your expectations with the highest standards and attention to detail.

  • Event Security

    With a wealth of experience in the events industry, Iridium Securitys Door Supervisors and Events Stewards have covered an extensive range of events. These include: Live music concerts and after parties Sporting Events Trade shows Fashion shows Festivals Corporate events Conferences and seminars Product launches Award ceremonies Media productions Charity events Auctions Private events, functions and weddings Celebrity signings and appearances

    Iridium Security picks a bespoke team for each event/function that meets and exceeds the clients needs. Where appropriate, the Iridium Security Event Management team will attend and contribute to planning, production and emergency planning meetings during the lead up to an event, and will also be at the event to ensure that the event runs seamlessly as per the agreed operational requirements and protocol.

    Crowd Management

    With a wealth of experience in the events industry, Iridium Securitys Door Supervisors and Events Stewards have covered an extensive range of events. Iridium Security understands the importance of crowd management and more importantly, communicating effectively with a crowd to ensure safety at all times. We undertake to ensure that all crowd management duties are executed to the highest standards.

    We will pass on any information to your guest and customers, ensure the right people are in the right queues, check for the right passes and accreditation, tickets and wristbands. Iridium Security will communicate effectively and direct VIPs, guest and customers to their right areas.

    Iridium Security will ensure that as the first point of contact, all your guest and customers will have an extremely positive impression of your operation right from the start. When it comes to crowd management, Iridium Security aims to enhance the visitor experience.

  • Retail Security

    Iridium Security understands the challenges facing retail stores. With high levels of loss by thieves and employees coupled with cost cutting measures and under performing security have left most stores in a very vulnerable position. The need for high quality security operatives has never been greater.

    Iridium Security is equipped with an in-depth knowledge of systems and has the right operatives to safeguard our clients retail units. The Iridium Security Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs) operate above the SIA national standard and will be able offer you cost effective solutions to combat loss in the retail unit whilst offering the highest standards of customer service. Our LPOs are trained to detect theft threats while ensuring that honest customers feel safe and welcome. Highly trained and highly motivated, the Iridium Security LPO can be utilised in a number of ways to protect your business interests. These include:

    CCTV Public Space Monitoring Appointed Fire Safety Persons Tag Checking Police Liaison Entrance Greeting and Information Loss Prevention Lost Persons or Items Procedures Store Detectives Appointed First Aid Persons Staff Searches Incident Management Maintaining Store Search Policies

    Iridium Securitys LPOs are thought of as an integral part of our clients stores, regardless of whether it is a short term (peak sales season) or long term assignment.

  • Corporate Security and Manned Guarding

    Iridium Security understands the ever growing need for security in the workplace. With the safety and security of staff in the workplace becoming a growing concern for employers, we provide a cost effective security solution for the workplace. With many interpersonal skills and high levels of training, the Iridium Security Guard is not only just a guard, but also offers value for money by bringing added value to our clients contracts. These include and are not limited to:

    Knowing that the Iridium Security Guard is the first and last point of contact with our clients guest and visitors, Iridium Security Guards are extremely competent in customer service and have a positive can do attitude to work at all times. With a keen eye for detail and a professional approach, clients will be confident that the service Iridium Security provides is second to none. Within Iridium Securitys service for Corporate and Manned Guarding, we also bring added value of:

    Contract Evaluation Risk Assessment Management Structure and Processes Penetration Testing Incident Reporting Procedures Training Key Performance Indicators

    Iridium Security is confident and guarantee that our service is of the highest standards and will leave our clients with total peace of mind.

    Reception Duties Appointed First Aider Appointed Fire Safety Officer Incident Management

    CCTV Monitoring Foot Patrols Car Park Management Access Control

  • Front of Stage Pit Teams

    Iridium Security offer as a service to our clients, comprehensive Front of Stage Pit Teams with a knowledge, understanding, skills and safety awareness of working within a pit barrier.

    All the Iridium Security Pit Barrier Personnel have been highly trained to work at live music events with particular emphasis to working within the pit barrier.

    Iridium Security understands the need for such highly trained staff to improve crowd safety to ensure the enjoyment of the crowd and provide peace of mind to our clients, promoters, artists and venues. To this end, we ensure that the Front of Stage Pit Team receives a high standard of training and deliver a service that meets and exceeds our clients expectations.

    The Front of Stage Pit Team constantly monitor and observe the crowd for:

    Risk Assessments and Security Surveys

    At Iridium Security, we understand the importance of Risk Assessments and how much that reflects on peace of mind of our clients.

    Prior to any contract or assignment being commenced, an in depth Risk Assessment is undertaken to determine the threats and vulnerabilities. This allows a more bespoke team to be selected to provide the service.

    We are also able to advise our clients after a Risk Assessment on best practice and offer the most cost effective solution.

    The Iridium Security Risk Assessment is second to none, and covers a broad aspect of public safety and Health & Safety aspects with an attention to detail that is rarely found. The Risk Assessment covers all aspects of or services to ensure both our clients and our operatives peace of mind.

    Iridium Security also undertake Security Surveys for our clients at their homes and place of work. A full survey of defence in-depth is undertaken with the necessary Penetration Tests to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our clients existing security systems.

    All results of these surveys are treated highly confidential to safeguard our clients and their property. Iridium Security can advise on best practice and recommend security systems to be put in place to nullify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

    Signs of distress Crowd collapse Inappropriate behaviour Crowd surfing / moshing

    Density Crowd surges Injured members of the public Children and vulnerable adults

  • Stewarding

    Iridium Security recognises that the roles of Event Security and Stewards must be treated separately. The Iridium Security Stewards are deployed specifically to monitor and assist in crowd movement and management. These are particularly important for ingress, egress and in the case of an evacuation, giving peace of mind to organisers. Being highly trained with excellent customer service is not the only hallmark of an Iridium Security Steward. They are versatile individuals who can adapt to different crowds, events and environments. These traits make the Iridium Security Steward more competent and capable than most stewards in the industry.

    With many interpersonal skills like being reputedly enthusiastic, polite and professional, the Iridium Security Steward is extremely knowledgeable in Customer Care and will always act with tact, discretion and professionalism to deliver a safe and enjoyable environment always. Again as with all our services, Iridium Security Stewards also bring added value to any ofour clients contracts by:

    Checking tickets Directing customers to the right areas Showing customers to their seats Giving event information when requested Customer service Car park liaison Clearing the venue (post event) Crowd management

  • Some of our Clients

    Choice Stores - London Gaucho Restaurants

    Bar Du Musee - Greenwich BAPE - London

    Slug & Lettuce - The O2 Nike 1948 - Shoreditch

  • Clarence Hall - Greenwich Trafalgar Tavern America Bar & Grill - O2

    The O2 indigO2

    De La Warr Pavillion Union Square

  • Some of our Clients

    Thames Luxury Charters Elbow Room - Shoreditch G - Starr - London

    Admiral Hardy - Greenwich The Attic - Canary Wharf Kings College LSU

    Henry J Beans - Wimbledon Lola Lo - Edinburgh Sakura - Manchester

  • Fez Club - Putney Embargo 59 - Chelsea Ponana - Wimbledon

    Ponana - Bristol Fez - Cambridge Lola Lo - Oxford

    Lola Lo - Brighton Sakura - Reading Lola Lo - Reading

  • Management Profiles

    John RAINES Managing Director

    John has been working in the leisure and security industry for over 27 years in senior management roles and had a huge spectrum of experience to draw from.

    Johns passion, is the delivery of customer care, and has built his business to what it is today; by being hands on and in touch with what his customer needs are, whilst understanding the environment of trade.

    John also believes that to deliver the highest standards of service, you must be able to measure and quantify, and uses different tools to do so, such as mystery customers, site audits, night visits, test purchases all with weighted scores, to enable a company wide standard, and identify training needs and personnel change.

    John prides himself on understanding customers businesses, as an operator, through their customers eyes, and from a security need basis. He also has built an incredible team of people, whos collective expertise of the industry is second to none, along with the passion to suceed in the constant delivery of the Iridium mission statement.

    Rowland GBEDEMAH Senior Operations Manager

    Rowland has been involved in the event security industry since 2001. He joined Iridium when it was formed in 2005 as a venue Security Manager. With a wealth of experience in the security industry, he has worked at the RFU as a senior stadium security officer and team security for the England Rugby team.

    He also worked as part of the senior event management team for the U2 Vertigo concert for about 80,000 people. Rowland has also managed various security teams at Party in the Park and the O2 Wireless Festivals.

    He is a qualified Close Protection Operative and has looked after various Royalty from all over the world. A highlight for him was working with the U.S.S.S to provide close protection for President Bill Clinton. He has also looked after and coordinated close protection for an impressive line of stars of stage and screen, as well as athletes.

    Rowland is a qualified trainer and also holds qualifications in IOSH, Security & Risk Management among many others. He has also specialised in Counter-Terrorism, Crisis Management and Business Continuity.

  • Gee CALLUM Operations Manager

    Gee has been involved in the event security industry since 1999. He joined Iridium when it was formed in 2005 as a Security Operative.

    With a wealth of experience in the security industry, he has worked at a numerous venues nationwide as a Head Security Officer and has also worked as an Operator within Iridiums retail sites. Gee has also managed security teams at various festivals and events such as Notting Hill Carnival and V Festival.

    In 2008 he was promoted to Operations Manager and qualified as a Close Protection Operative and has looked after and coordinated close protection for various high profile celebrities and clients from all over the world.

    Gee also holds qualifications in BTEC level 4, Security & Risk Management among many others and has also specialised in Counter-Terrorism and Crisis Management.

    Gee currently heads up the retail and corporate security section ofIridium Security. He was very instrumental in bringing on board corporate and retail clients like Nike 1948, BAPE, New Era, Choice among others to the Iridium Portfolio.

    Jim NICHOLLS National Accounts Manager

    Jim is a fully trained and SIA Licensed Close Protection Officer and a qualified site and security risk surveyor with over ten years experience in the security industry. Jims experience and training began whilst working for the British Government.

    He project managed a 3m building upgrade of their Operation facility, involving improved physical security and protection of the building and staff as well as managing the out-sourcing of the security contract.

    Following 9/11 Jim also managed the Governments response to the USA anthrax scare by setting up a CBRN Mail Screening facility handling all inward mail to Downing Street and the Cabinet Office.

    Since leaving HMG in 2002 Jim has overseen the transportation of priceless artworks and documents of state for private individuals and foreign Governments. He has also worked for a number of foreign Royal and prominent families as both a CP and RST team leader. He is an accomplished advanced security driver and has often driven VIPs or been part of a driving security team.

    Jim has worked across Europe and the USA protecting VIPs, children and property. He has also been a CPO for celebrities and for many years has managed teams of officers at show business Events and after parties. Jims extensive experience also includes working for a well known American Bank and International Jewellers where he was personally entrusted to travel with gems worth up to 20m.

    Jim joined Iridium in 2006 and is currently the National Accounts Manager where his goal is to bring new levels of performance and standards to existing and new contracts for the company.

  • Paul CURTIS Training Manager

    Paul has a wealth of experience working in the Uks Private Security Industry from Senior Operations Management to teaching and delivery of training. Paul has taught all over the world and was the head of English language tuition for fourteen schools in Japan where his bi-lingual skills and teaching experience helped deliver Aichi prefectures first English language course within the primary and secondary education system.

    He worked for G4S as part of a dedicated events team for The O2 Arena from its grand Bon Jovi opening in June 2007 as a security supervisor. Paul soon assumed the position of Events Operations Manager where he was responsible for supervising all operational staff and maintaining the succinct delivery of G4Ss 5 star security and customer service model.

    Paul joined Iridium Security as Training Manager in 2010 where he manages and oversees the delivery of the highest quality training and apprenticeship at Iridiums Training Academy. Paul holds PTLLS, 1886 - Conflict Management and MAYBOs Physical Inte vention Advanced Practitioners qualification. He also holds Business Continuity and Counter-Terrorism qualifications.

    Jacqueline SULLIVAN Vetting and Screening Controller

    Leanne KENNEDY Administrative Assistant