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  • Irene DameskoshuisIrene DameskoshuisIrene DameskoshuisIrene Dameskoshuis 2012201220122012

    Irene Ladies ResidenceIrene Ladies ResidenceIrene Ladies ResidenceIrene Ladies Residence

    Dames Met StylDames Met StylDames Met StylDames Met Styl Sedert 1963Sedert 1963Sedert 1963Sedert 1963

  • History of Irene Irene opened its doors for the first time in 1963. It was the 9th ladies residence that was originally built to house 169 students. It increased the amount of students that Stellen-bosch University could accommodate to 2883 people. The opening of Irene was celebrated with a formal dinner ceremony. Guests of honour such as the rektor, Professor H.B. Thom, the resident head, Ms. De Lange, and the archi-tect, Mr. Collins, attended. Thereafter, the opening of the rec-reation room was celebrated at a function with neighbouring mens residence, Eendrag. The ceremony was rounded off with another formal dinner at which all residents of Irene were present.

    Geskiedenis van Irene Irene het haar deure vir die eerste maal in 1963 geopen. Die negende dameskoshuis van die Universiteit van Stellen-bosch is gebou om 169 studente te huisves. Dit het die totale getal student wat deur die Universiteit Stellenbosch gehuis-ves kan word, vermeerder tot 2 883. Die inlywing is gevier met n dinee waar verskeie eregaste o.a. die rector, Prof. H.B. Thom, die inwonende hoof, Mev. De Lange, en die argitek van die koshuis, Mnr. Collins, en sy vrou teenwoordig was. Hierna is die inwyding van die ontspanningsaal ook gevier deur n gesellige funksie saam met Eendrag. Die inlywing van die

  • Our Values I Integriteit (integrity) R Respek (respect) E Eenheid (unity) N Nederigheid (humility) E Entoesiasme (enthusiasm) This is what Ireners represent and what we strive to apply in our daily lives. This is what all new residents are taught during the orientation period.

    Our Vision - I will practice personal integrityand excellence of character and expect the same from others. - I will respect the dignity, value and worth of all persons while learning from the differences in people, ideas and opinions. - I will respect the rights and property of others, their feelings, and our communal need for conditions that promote personal growth and academic success. - Through my actions, I will honour and contribute to the rich heritage left by those who precede us and work

    Language Policy Irene is primarily a bilingual residence and we encourage appli-cants who speak English and/or Afrikaans. In general, most residents are Afrikaans speaking because Stellenbosch Uni-versity was originally an Afrikaans University, but the number of English speaking students in Irene is increasing yearly.

  • HK 2011 / 2012HK 2011 / 2012HK 2011 / 2012HK 2011 / 2012

    Challenge AcceptedChallenge AcceptedChallenge AcceptedChallenge Accepted

    Mission Statement 2012Mission Statement 2012Mission Statement 2012Mission Statement 2012

  • PrimariaPrimariaPrimariaPrimaria Leanne Pienaar BEng (Electrical & Electronic)

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    OnderOnderOnderOnder----PrimariaPrimariaPrimariaPrimaria Madeleine Sieberhagen BSc (Agriculture Wine & Vineyards)

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    Anti-Drinking Campaign

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    First Years


    Big Bleed


  • Dear First Year It is an absolute honour to welcome

    you to the Irene-family. Congratu-

    lations on being selected to be a resi-

    dent at the most beautiful ladies resi-

    dence on the Stellenbosch Campus!

    You are now entering one of the most

    exciting phases of your life and I am

    so happy to have the chance to meet

    you and be your Irene sister. I know

    that you may be feeling unsure or

    afraid of leaving home, but I promise

    that we will try our absolute best to

    make Irene a warm and loving home

    for you.

    We are expecting approximately 60

    first years in 2012 with a total of 175

    Ireners next year. An action-packed,

    fun-filled orientation programme

    awaits you from the very first day that

    you arrive. I want to encourage you to

    come here with an enthusiastic and

    positive attitude I assure you that if

    you do, you will make great friend-

    ships and memories that will last a


    All University residences open earlier

    for first years to move in and partici-

    pate in the welcoming programme. I

    strongly advise participation in our

    programme as it will greatly improve

    your overall residence experience.

    The House Committee, locally known

    as HK, will guide you through the pro-

    gramme and show you around cam-

    pus. The 10 HK members are respon-

    sible for managing all aspects of Irene

    and each of us has our own portfolios

    to manage. We are students just like

    you and we understand many of the

    challenges and problems that you will

    face. I want to assure you that we are

    here to help you and answer any

    questions that you may have.

    During MAD2 (period formerly known

    as JOOL), we will be interacting with

    many male residences too. Irenes

    partner for participating in all MAD2

    activities (such as Vensters, March for

    MADness and Bondelsport) is mens

    residence, Huis Marais. We are ex-

    tremely excited to be working with

    these gentlemen and I can guarantee

    that you will love skakeling (mixing)

    with them too.

    First years will also be allocated a

    Mentor in Irene and you will be

    grouped with your Mentor according

    to faculty. Your Mentor will help you

    with your academic orientation. This

    means that she will guide you through

    the registration process, teach you

    about HEMIS and take you to faculty

    orientation. You may also contact the

    SSVO if you need any help with career


    Letter from the PrimariaLetter from the PrimariaLetter from the PrimariaLetter from the Primaria

  • All first years will have a roommate in

    2012, but you will only meet your

    roommate when you move in. I ask

    that you please fill in the attached

    personality quiz to help us match you

    with your roommate. You are invited

    to move into Irene on Tuesday, 24

    January 2012 from 14:00-16:30. Dur-

    ing this time, you may bring your lug-

    gage to your room, but you are unfor-

    tunately not permitted to sleep at

    Irene on 24 January. The second op-

    portunity to move in will be on

    Wednesday, 25 January from 08:00-


    The parents lunch will commence at

    12:00, so I ask that all first years must

    be moved in by this time. Please also

    notify us as soon as possible how

    many parents will be accompanying

    you to the lunch. The orientation pro-

    gramme will kick off after the lunch

    and you will thereafter sleep in Irene.

    You will unfortunately have very little

    free time during the welcoming pro-

    gramme because we have a very full

    schedule, so I respectfully request

    that your parents do not visit Irene

    during orientation. You will be given

    free time on Sunday, 29 January from

    14:00-17:30. You may then use this

    time to interact with friends and par-

    ents. The welcoming programme

    ends on Saturday, 4 February at 15:30

    and you are thereafter free to do as

    you please.

    I want to ask you to make 2012 a

    memorable and successful year. Grab

    every opportunity that comes your

    way and live your student life to the

    fullest! Best of luck with your Matric

    results and have a fantastic holiday.

    Lots of Irene love