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Transcript of Irene and Ana in New York

  • 1. * Travel to New York * * Travel to New York * By: Irene Snchez Fernndez and Ana Marn Martnez

2. Flight We left fromMlaga airport on 10th July at 13:05H and we arrived in New York at 20:39H. The flight costs 632,16. 3. Hotel When we arrived in New York, we went to the hotel. Our hotel was called Crown Brownstone, and was at 958 St. Marks avenue in Brooklyn.It costs 35$ (night). 4. The first day

  • On the first day we got up early, we had a shower and we went to visit the Empire State, we also went to a restaurant to eat something.
  • In the afternoon we visited Manhattan.
  • We had dinner and we returned to
  • the hotel.

5. The second day

  • On the second day, we had breakfast in a caf near the hotel and we saw Brooklyn.
  • We went shopping the rest of the morning.
  • After having lunch, we
  • went to see Central
  • Park.We stayed there
  • all the afternoon.
  • It was really
  • big and the trees
  • were really tall.

6. The third day

  • This day, we visited the Yankees stadium.
  • The rest of
  • the day we
  • were
  • buying
  • some
  • presents.

7. The fourth day

  • On our last day we caught a sightseeing bus to see some parts of the city. We had a hot dog for lunch , it was so good. We
  • also went on a boat through the river
  • and at night we went to see the
  • Liberty Statue illuminated; it was
  • so wonderful at night.

8. The food

  • In New York fast food its so famous like hamburgers or hot dogs. Its so common to see people selling hot dogs in the street. But There are also other types of food like desserts and food from different countries like China, Japan, India, Mexico

9. Shopping

  • One of the things you can do in New York is go shopping. There are lots of shops, and you can find everything you want. Also you can go to the Flea markets.


  • We bought some souvenirs and postcards and we took hundreds of pictures.

11. Return to Spain We left New York on 15th at 13:27H, and we arrived in Spain at 20:39H.We are sure that we will go back to New York. These days were fabulous. 12.