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  • 1.One Button Free Mobile-to-Mobile for Business

2. Your wish for one-touch free mobile is our business

  • IsSkypea viable option for business use? No but the desire to have skype on the mobile phone identifies a market need that the cellular gateway, the aGATE fulfills.With one touch on your mobile phone you can make calls through the aGATE cellular trunking connected to your PBX without burning mobile minutes. How?
  • A multichannel cellular gateway offers free mobile-to-mobile calls because the calls are all on-net. There are no handoffs to other networks; the entire call is carried on a single network where it starts. It offers better QoS than Skype. MOS scores approach ISDN quality.
  • Skype uses peer-to-peer hopping from the computers and devices signed onto skype.That's not very secure. Quality can be deterioriated and unpredicatble. Skype limits you to calling only other Skypers. The multi-channel cellular gateway supports business voice standards,and is in the same market space as VoIP solutions. Compared to Skype, it has lower OPEX, better QoS and is designed from the start to integrate with a PBX using SIP, h.323, T1/E1 and it delivers daily CDR's to prove the calls are free. And with the one-X mobile app loaded on the phone, calls can all be made with the push of a button.

3. The trend away from . . . 4. The trend toward . . . 5. iPhone + one-X Mobile Lite+ aGATE=$1/day Calls

  • One-X Mobile Lite runs on EC500 features enabled on the CM
  • No additional servers, licenses or backend integration needed
  • Dial-in and dial-out seamless routed through the aGATE keeps all calls on-net using At&T SIM cards
  • Companies with large deployments of iPhones: Bausch & Lomb, Kraft
  • http://www.apple.com/iphone/business/profiles/
  • Unisys, Mount Sinai Hospital,
  • Univerity of Washington, RTKL

6. iPhone with one-X Mobile Lite + aGATE = $1/day calls 7. Touch a Button for $1/day business calls

  • Avaya has two free one-X mobile apps for the the iPhone that make it possible to dial in and out of the corporate switch with the touch of a button.
  • The cellphone will connect to the PBX 100% over the wireless cellular network itself. No wireline interconnect, no minutes to pay. Just mobile to mobile, unlimited. Talk until the battery quits!

8. One-X Mobile Lite & aGate

  • One-X Mobile Lite
  • Business Dial Tone from iPhone using an app
  • ROI benefit to One-X Mobile Lite users: productivity, one cell-phone for business and personal use
  • aGate Savings
  • Cellular calls using One-X Mobile Lite routed through aGate save money
  • aGate puts One-X Mobile Lite calls "On-Net" when corporate PBX is accessed

9. Value proposition-Formula 1

  • 300 users
  • $60/month/user
  • $18,000/month cost

Let's work through Least Cost Routing Examples usingour ROI Calculators: One for Small Business or Midsize Enterprise, and one for Large Enterprise 10. Customer Profiles

  • Failover
  • Steel & Pipe Supply, Manhattan, KS350K sq. Service Center in Longview, TX. Hit by Hurricanes
  • Atlas Tube Inc.Chicago Facility is located on an island on Chicago's South side, aGate is used for dial tone redundancy
  • Least Cost Routing
  • One of the world's largest food company's has standardized on the iPhone with aGate
  • Diversified Industrial Company with 350K employees worldwideglobal buildout with aGate Cellular
  • Leading Media, Financial Institutions, field sales companies

11. Our Mobility Solutions and Services

  • Least Cost Routing-Saves cellular
  • phone minutes
  • Wireline Replacement
  • Failover to cellular networks when
  • phone and VOIP go down
  • Designing a Solution for your Customer
  • r

12. a GATE

  • $-a-day calling
  • PremiumVoice
  • Easy Install
  • Business Continuity
  • www.usnetserve.com