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  1. 1. How to encourage our learners to speak using apps in the classroom?
  2. 2. Using word cloudsWord clouds are pictures made up of words.You can create a word cloud from any text,although they work less well with very short texts.In word clouds,the size of each word is determined by the number of times that a word is used in a text.The more frequently a word is used,the larger it is in the word cloud. Because word clouds break up the structure of a text,learners have to use the words (and their sizes) as clues to reconstruct meaning.They work very well with presentational technologies and use similar principles to masking. Creating word clouds is easy and free.You copy your text and paste it into a text entry eld in a word cloud generator. The following websites provide tools forcreating word clouds: htt: //worditout. corn/www. wordle.netwww. taxedo. com
  3. 3. Create mind maps to aid revision or plan projectsUse Idea Sketch or Educreations (free,simple and pleasing to use) tocreate mind maps.Ideal for revision of subjects,but can also be used to plan out projects. You can save each "| dea Sketch" as an image once you've finished.iTunes link: How can it be used to encourage learners to speak?
  4. 4. Poppletl Popplet FreePopplet allows you to mindmap and create pinboardsto organise and share your ideas. You start with a blank board which you can add poppies too by double clicking on the board.inside each popple you can type,add images and draw to share your ideas.Then you can link poppies or change their colors to keep ideas together as well. Great in a range of curriculum areas and very easy for young students to work with as they can draw or write into the poppies. Available as a free version and paid.You can also sign up online to be able to add other people to work on your popplet (this only works online at themoment).
  5. 5. Collaborative Whiteboard:BaiBoardJoin meet 8992394407r .websharing:I _/ http: ll10.100.54.170:26290 BaiBoard is a cloud based collaboration app that enables users to create and collaborate on educational content,through the use of collaborative whiteboard,voice conferencing,document annotation etc. BaiBoard is integrated with cloud services including Dropbox,Googie Drive,iCioud Drive and Evernote. Presentationlscreen sharing from iPad to browser for boardrooms and classrooms.
  6. 6. Making recordings on iPads3 different apps for 3 different goals
  7. 7. easyto usemake longer recordingsCansharethe recorwngs
  8. 8. Sock PuppetsSock Puppets lets you create your own puppet shows in seconds,then share them on Facebook and YouTube with just a few taps.Just add puppets,props,scenery,and backgrounds to start creating.Hit the record button and the puppets will automatically lip-synch to your voice. Students can work together and create hilarious conversations with multiple puppets.You might think there is an age limit for this app but surprisingly,your teenagers will nd this hilarious and enjoy creating their own conversations!
  9. 9. Use Skype to make the iPad a phone V @Skvpe5:22 PTG(5DRAGONDictation
  10. 10. Pa: erSIdeVideosOne TdteStudents should create their plan (storyboard) and practice They only getONE SHOT at recording. :iPadsNon Stop Video if.Scrap paperOnce the camera starts,it doesn't stopl This just means the students need.0 be an rehearsedcoloured pencilsW demo video planning sheetPart of this quick process is due to the no editing" rule.No trimming,no adding fancy titles or transitionsE33$crooncasl-O- M Iti . coinfo at:http: //papersiide. wikispaces. corri/ Guideiines
  11. 11. SPLICE - Free Video EditorThis free app is an easy way to put photos,videos,transitions,and music together to make a mini-movie. Using the ipad2, students can take their own pictures,use music from their itunes library and create a movie about any topic they choose.They can even record their own voice narrating the pictures.it is very simple to use and creates a quality product.
  12. 12. Create Digital Stories Toontastic is fantastic tool for students to create digital stories that they can share with their peers.http: //goo. g|/ a7dmbThe App provides users step by step the parts of the story from setup to resolution.Students can choose to use the available settings and characters or create their own drawings.With each scene the students record their narration,create actions and add background music.Once the story is complete the students can save to the iPad to edit later or publish online at ToonTu be and see stories created by other creative children. The free version is however limited! Q-5Start Aniiimatiioni: ?7LL? t/
  13. 13. Bonus website and app:Beautiful QR CodesChange a text or url into an image that you can print and scan later using a QR code reader app.it makes using websites easier and is great for breaking a text down into sections and colourcoding it. !jcicijl g._| TlF| _lL IIJF: I3IIIDEEil"I. tScan E Cllllilh
  14. 14. Ct:BRITISH I I COUNCIL .iPads have been formatted in order to give you the best learning experience. Please DO NOT: ' Change any Settings~ Move any apps~ Delete any content~ Add any content other than your classworkDoing any of these will affect other teachers and students.Please be respectful of others.