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  1. 1. IP Address Management Best Practices Learn, Implement & Becomea Network Superstar!IP Address Management Best practices1
  2. 2. Agenda IP Address Management Challenges IPv6: What you need to know today IPv6 Benefits IP Address Management Best Practices Recommendations Common Solutions Available Choosing an IPAM Solution What to look for? Key Features & Benefits of SolarWinds IPAMIP Address Management Best practices 2
  3. 3. IP Address Management ChallengesWere Living in an IP-Dependent World One User = Phone IP, Laptop IP, Desktop One User = One IP Address IP, Wi-Fi IP, VM IPs, Switch Port IPIP Address Management Best practices 3
  4. 4. IP Address Management ChallengesMobile device proliferation has led to an explosion in the number of IPaddresses being used. This means more difficult management of IP spaceand increased likelihood of problems! You dont want to start your day like THISIP Address Management Best practices 4
  5. 5. IPv6 What You Need to Know Today IPv6 is probably already on your network You need to be securing and managing it Best way to learn get started using it Its never too early to start migration planning IPv6 not a great fit for spreadsheets IPv6 addresses are not easy to read, copy or communicate manuallywithout a lot of errors. 128 bit number expressed in eight hex blocks, each block having fourcharactersIP Address Management Best practices 5
  6. 6. IPv6 Benefits IPv6s 128 bits (versus 32 bits in IPv4) provides virtually unlimitedaddress space that enables any device to have a unique IP address Better network management and routing efficiency because of thelarger subnet space Improved encryption and authentication options Improved QoS support Extended support for mobile devices Plan your IPv6 migration now, and plan it well!!!IP Address Management Best practices 6
  7. 7. IP Address Management Best PracticesYour Overall IP Address Management Should Include:Address Space Planning & Migration Plans Range Specifications Subnet Requirements Public and Private IP PoliciesInventory Control Policies Assignment and RecordingActive MonitoringHistorical TrackingConflict DetectionAutomation!IP Address Management Best practices 7
  8. 8. IP Address Management Recommendations IP Address Scheme Recommendations Address Space Planning Per Subnet Function Reserved Ranges Network Address (allow subnet 0?) Broadcast Address VLAN Management Range (sc0) Static Reserved Dynamic Pool Management Interfaces (me1) Subnet Functions Datacenter, core, distribution, user, WAN Subnet Size Correctly size the subnet /24 for a PPP link??IP Address Management Best practices 8
  9. 9. IP Address Management SolutionsCommon IP Address Management OptionsPing for an open IP address and take it BAD! Shot in the dark good luck Asking for trouble!Spreadsheets Requires manual entries and verificationwhos got time tomaintain hundreds of static IP addresses by hand? Prone to input errorshumans make mistakes; mistakes lead tonetwork problems. Difficult to control in multi-admin environmenttoo many cooksin the kitchen. Lacks change tracking and accountabilitywho made thatunauthorized change? No alerting capabilitiesits a spreadsheet!IP Address Management Best practices 9
  10. 10. IP Address Management Solutions Automated IP Address Management SoftwareCentralized ManagementChange ControlMinimizes Manual ProcessesReduces Human ErrorsImproves Operational EfficiencyScales as Network GrowsLow Total Cost of OwnershipHigh Return on InvestmentIP Address Management Best practices10
  11. 11. Choosing an IPAM Solution What to Look for in Your IP Address Management SolutionEase of Deployment OOTB (Out of the Box) functionalityAutomatic IP Address DiscoveryFlexibility customize without having to be a programmerReliable Integration with DHCP and DNSAutomated, Scheduled ScanningCustomizable Alerting and ReportingHistorical TrackingIPv6 CapabilitiesValue! dont rip and replace; capitalize on your existing infrastructureIP Address Management Best practices11
  12. 12. SolarWinds IP Address ManagerCentralized Management, Monitoring, Alerting & ReportingCentralized & SimplifiedIP Space Management Customizable Dashboard in SolarWinds IPAM12
  13. 13. Key Features & Benefits of SolarWinds IPAMAutomated IP scanning to eliminate manual errors and avoid IP conflictsIntuitive, web interface for easy-to-use, click-of-a-button managementIntegrated management of Microsoft DHCP/DNS and Cisco DHCP servicesPreventative alerting to ensure subnets and DHCP scopes dont fill upConsolidated at-a-glance dashboard for quick troubleshootingReal-time, graphical top 10 lists to easily view IP space allocation and utilizationRole-based access control to limit permissions and coordinate team accessDetailed event recording and activity logs to track who made what changeCustomizable, out-of-the-box templates for fast and flexible reportingGlobal search feature to track down any IP address in secondsImport Wizard to seamlessly import addresses and settings from Excel or .csv fileDo-it-yourself deployment to be up and running in under an hour! 13
  14. 14. Helpful ResourcesWe invite you to learn more about SolarWinds IP Address Manager --- Click any of the links above ---IP Address Management Best practices 14
  15. 15. Thank You!IP Address Management Best practices 15