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2. 8th February 2008Dear SirsINVITATION TO TENDER TITLE OF TENDER: MARKETING SERVICES BLNW REF: BLNW002MSYou are hereby invited by Business Link Northwest (BLNW) to submit a tender for the above goods / services.Any contract awarded following your tender will commence on the date of acceptance and is subject to the conditions of contract.Tender TimetableTenderers clarification questions to be submitted by 24/3/2008 The return date for this tender is 10.00 oclock31/3/2008 The anticipated contract award date isw/c 12/5/2008DocumentationYou are required to return three original hardcopy proposals of the response to the Invitation to Tender Document, clearly marked as such.Tenders must be returned to the address below in accordance with the Instructions to Tenderers in particular point 6, to:TENDER BOARD BLNW002MS Business Link Northwest Building 2 City Office Park Bluebell Way Preston PR2 5PZWhilst Tenderers are preparing their responses, questions will inevitably arise. It is requested that all queries be referred in writing to Alastair Marsden, Procurement Officer (telephone 01772 790495, email: at the above address.In order to allow BLNW time to offer appropriate answers, Tenderers must submit any queries in writing to Alastair Marsden by the date specified in the table above.If BLNW considers any question or request for clarification to be of material significance, both the query and the response will be posted on the BLNW website atInvitation to Tender Page 2 of 49 Version 1 Issue date 3. in an anonymous form. It is the responsibility of the Tenderers party to check this website periodically before the tender return date to check for any updates and to incorporate these updates into its tender submission.We look forward to receiving your tender response.Yours faithfully Alastair Marsden Procurement Officer Invitation to TenderPage 3 of 49 Version 1 Issue date 4. CONTENTS 1.Instructions to Tenderers2.Invitation to Tender2.1Background Information 2.2Specification and Scope 2.3Evaluation Criteria3.Tender Documents3.1Structure of Proposal 3.2Response 3.3General Supplier Details 3.4Subcontractor Arrangements 3.5Form of Tender (this form must be signed and returned) 3.6Pricing Preambles 3.7Pricing Schedule 3.8References 3.9Disputes 3.10 Financial Information 3.11 Conflict of Interest4.Description of Lots 1 to 14 Invitation to TenderPage 4 of 49 Version 1 Issue date 5. 1.INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS1.Tenders must be submitted in accordance with these instructions and any further instructions contained in other documentation issued by BLNW.2.Alterations: The Tenderer may not alter this document. Any proposed alteration is to be given in a separate letter accompanying the tender.3.Non-compliant or incomplete tenders: Tenders may not be considered if any of the requested information is not supplied with the tender.4.Tenderers must submit a compliant bid based on the structure as outlined in this document. However, if Tenderers wish to submit a variant proposal, they should do so separately and this must be in addition to a compliant bid.5.Envelopes/packages should be plain and must not show any reference to the Tenderers identity. Tenderers should note that this also applies to any tenders sent via courier. Tenders in envelopes, which in any way identify the Tenderer, may be rejected.6.The date and time for return of tenders is 10.00am on Monday 31st March 2008. Tenders will be received up to this time and date. It is the Tenderers responsibility to ensure that their tender is received on time. BLNW does not undertake to consider tenders received after that time unless clear evidence of posting via the Post Office is available (ie a clear black postmark and/or certificate of posting). Late tenders franked with the Tenderers own franking machine will automatically be rejected, as will late tenders dispatched by methods other than via the Post Office.7.Facsimile, e-mail, and telephone: Tenders will not be considered if sent by these methods. Hand delivery of envelopes will be accepted.8.BLNW does not issue acknowledgement of receipt of tender documents and accepts no responsibility for loss or non-receipt of applications.9.The tender should be completed legibly in black ink, black ballpoint or clearly typed.10. BLNW expressly reserves the right not to award any contract as a result of this procurement process and it shall not be liable for any costs incurred by Tenderers. BLNW also reserves the right to accept all or any part of a tender.11. Prices shown should be exclusive of VAT.12. Confidentiality of tenders: The Tenderer must not inform anyone else of their tendered price. The only exception is if the Tenderer is required to obtain an insurance quotation to calculate the tender price then the Tenderer may give details of their bid to the insurance company or brokers, if requested.Invitation to TenderPage 5 of 49 Version 1 Issue date 6. 13. The Tenderer must not try to obtain any information about any other partys tender or proposed tender before the contract is awarded.14. The Tenderer must not arrange with any other party the submission of a tender, except in the circumstances where sub-contracting and/or joint ventures are applicable.15. Trading names/invoicing: Where invoices will be rendered by, or payments made to, an entity whose title differs in any respect from the title in which the tender is submitted, full details must be provided in a letter accompanying the tender. Successful Tenderers who fail to provide this may experience delays in payment or non payment of their invoices.16. Tenders must be returned to Business Link Northwest, City Office Park, Bluebell Way, Preston, Lancashire PR2 5PZ not later than 10.00am as per date stated at the front of this Invitation to Tender document. Tenders must be delivered either by post or by hand to the reception desk, ensuring that a member of staff notes the time and date of receipt, as tenders delivered otherwise may not arrive on time.17. Except where BLNW considers that questions are not material to the procurement process and the fullest understanding of its objectives, such questions and their subsequent replies will be disseminated to all Tenderers. Tenderers should note in relation to all responses to questions in connection with this Invitation to Tender that BLNW makes no guarantee that such information in response to questions will be made available and are not warranting its accuracy.18. Tenderers should note that during this tender process they should not contact any of BLNW respective Board Members, Executive Directors, employees or advisers or any third parties connected to BLNW or any advisers to this procurement, outside of the process outlined within this section and elsewhere within this document.19. All responses to this Invitation to Tender must be in English.20. BLNW reserves the right, at its discretion, to request clarification in writing, or further relevant information, from any Tenderer post submission of the tender response by such Tenderer.21. Eligibility of prospective Contractors: Any change that is considered material by BLNW as to the identity or control of a Tenderer, or in the eligibility of a Tenderer, happening before or after the Tenderer has submitted its response to the Invitation to Tender, will lead to its disqualification. Where the Tenderer is a consortium, the lead consortium member must remain the same as when originally shortlisted. The full consortium membership must be disclosed and set at the time of submission of the Invitation to Tender response and there must be no material changes in the consortium after the tender submission. BLNW must be advised of any change in the consortium membership or in the principal relationships between members of the consortium. Any change which is considered material will lead to the Tenderers disqualification.Invitation to TenderPage 6 of 49 Version 1 Issue date 7. 22. Freedom of Information Legislation1. BLNW may be obliged to disclose information provided by Tenderers inresponse to this Invitation to Tender under the Freedom of InformationAct 2000, all subordinate legislation made under this and theEnvironmental Information Regulations 2004 (the Freedom of InformationLegislation).2. Tenderers should be aware that the information they provide could bedisclosed in response to a request under the Freedom of InformationLegislation. BLNW will proceed on the basis of disclosure unless anappropriate exemption applies. Tenderers should be aware that despitethe availability of some exemptions, information may still be disclosed ifthe public interest in its disclosure outweighs the public interest inmaintaining the exemption. No response to this Tender should becovered by a general statement regarding its overall confidentiality;instead any specific areas of confidential information should behighlighted in accordance with paragraph 3 below. BLNW accepts noliability (including for negligence) for loss as a result of any informationdisclosed in response to a request under the Freedom of Informationlegislation.3. Tenderers should highlight information in their responses which theyconsider to be commercially sensitive or confidential in nature, and shouldstate the precise reasons why they consider this.4. BLNW will use reasonable endeavours to consult with Tenderers over therelease of information which is highlighted by them as commerciallysensitive or confidential.23. Tenderers are required to agree to BLNWs Terms and Conditions of Contract. Any proposed amendments regarding the Terms and Conditions must be documented in the Tenderers bid and submitted by the tender return date. BLN