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The invitation for the Danish SCALEit workshops Spring 2012.

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2. WHAT?Through a tour around Denmark,the team behind SCALEit will bringSilicon Valley to your doorstep!We will enlighten you on how youcan take advantage of some ofthe many possibilities in the centreof the technology industry!Wednesday, March 28, 12 3. OK! WHAT IS THE PROGRAM? INTRODUCTIONFROM IDEA TO IPO! By Sren Therkelsen and Lene Sjorslev Schulze Funding in the Valley - what does it take? By Sunil Maulik WHAT IS SILICON VALLEY? The facts, the story and the myths! SURPRISE SLOT! By Lene Sjorslev Schulze(depending on availability) TRENDING TOPICS!BRIDGING DK AND SV! What is and isnt moving in the ValleySCALEit By Sunil Maulik by Sren Therkelsen BREAK Have a coke and switch businesscardsWednesday, March 28, 12 4. WHO SHOUL ATTEND?If you have the desire tobecome a tech entrepreneuror if you are running a techcompany, you should join one ofthe events.Wednesday, March 28, 12 5. WHERE?*OdenseApr 30, 2012 Aalborg May 2, 2012SnderborgApr 30, 2012 RingstedMay 3, 2012Herning May 1, 2012Kbenhavn May 3, 2012AarhusMay 1, 2012* Precise timing and venues to be announced.Wednesday, March 28, 12 6. PRICEFOR PARTICIPATION? FREE!Wednesday, March 28, 12 7. SIGNUP NOW! We have limited seatsavailable. Sign up now to get your ticket.http://scaleitinspiration.eventbrite.comWednesday, March 28, 12 8. About SCALEit is a Danish growth initiative. We have one simple vision: Help technology companies scale! This is followed by a simple mission: Bridge scalable technology companies between Denmark and Silicon Valley. Our strategy? Move people around! Even though the world is more connected than ever, some places are just better global access points. What Paris is for fashion Silicon Valley is for entrepreneurship, especially in technology. This is where Google, Facebook and Twitter were raised and where Danish companies such as Podio, Zendesk and Unity have come to scale. With one third of the Worlds venture capital and an exceptional interconnected ecosystem, this place is ideal for scaling companies. SCALEit was born to find and bring the new kids to the block! We bridge Denmark with Silicon Valley and provide a unique opportunity for tech companies to scale. Over the next three years we will, through our 3-step program, involve more than 1,000 entrepreneurs in Denmark and provide more than 100 Danish technology companies with the opportunity of going to Silicon Valley for 1 or 3x2 weeks to scale.Wednesday, March 28, 12 9. SCALEit is organized a world treeWednesday, March 28, 12