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  • 1. CHAPTER III In this chapter, the students are expected to able to: 1. Invite, Accept and Refuse An Invitation. 2. Congratulate and Complement Others. 3. Express Agreement and Disagreement. 4. Make An Invitation Card, A Congratulating Card and A SMS.

2. PRE TEST..! 1. Do you ever invite your friend? 2. What do you say to invite your friend? 3. What do you say if you accept an invitation? 4. What do you say if you refuse an invitation? 3. STUDY THIS DIALOG.! Tom : Hi, Cilla. Have you had a plan for the next Sunday? Cilla : Not yet. Whats up? Tom : How about visiting Prambanan Temple? Cilla : All right. 4. Jack : Are you free right now? Betty : Yes. I have just finished washing my clothes? Jack : Why dont we playing waves in the beach? I think the weather is nice today. Betty : Okay. It should be fun. 5. INVITING SOMEONE : Would you like .? Will you .? Would you mind .? (verb-ing) What about ? How about .? Lets ? 6. Accepting an invitation : Oh, thats a brilliant idea. Sure, why not? Thats a good idea. Thats a great idea. Id love to. Yes, Id love to. Okay. 7. DECLINING AN INVITATION : Im really sorry. (reason) Im afraid I cant Oh, I loved to, but I dont think I can. Thats very kind of you, but I am really sorry. I cant. I loved to, but I cant. 8. Your challenging is Please make a dialog based on this situation! The situation : You will hold birthday party tonight. You invite your friend to come to your birthday party. What will you and your friend say?