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  • 1. Hello! Mary. Lets have lunch together this afternoon. Lets meet at Bufalos restaurant at 2:00 Oclock. Bye. What a great idea!Great! See you attwo Oclock. Bye Hello ! Sure. Where do Clark we meet? . Ok. Why dont we go to dance afterwards.
  • 2. Sure, see you in my Oh! Hi, Lili. How are Well, theat 9:00 am. very hot house weather is you doing? and I would like to go to aYes Im Jane Who is seaside resort. it? Hello! Is Jane Im doing fine, Im OK, thanks but tell Great! Sea you there there? thank you. And me how is the weather at nine oclock. Bye you? like there? Mmm! Im Lili. A seaside resort! What a great idea. OK! Goodbye. Why dont we go to El Rollo?
  • 3. There are some other ways to invite people to doto go to the park? Jungla Magica Plaza Cuernavaca? to go shopping? something with you. to Rollo? El swim? to see a movie? Cinepolis? to go tocatedral? ? La the church
  • 4. Choose three places to visit in Cuernavaca and ask three different classmates to go with you. Would you like to go to? Why dont we go to? Lets go to NAME PLACE PLACE PLACE Cinepolis La Plazuela Jardin BordaRoxana Sorry, I cant because Yes, I like to Sure, at go seven oclock is OK.Marlene Great idea, let Sorry, I cant because Sorry, I cant because s goJoel OK see you at Sorry, I cant because OK, lets go the movies