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BITMAP 2011 stands for BINUS INTERNATIONAL Computer Championship 2011. It is the first of an annual event organized by BINUS INTERNATIONAL School of Computer Science Club. With the spirit of computer graphic, BITMAP's philosophy is compact, simple, but sufficient.The BITMAP 2011 comprises of 7 Competitions, designed by Computer Scientist Students to create the competitive enjoyable computer competition atmosphere for high school student. The competitions are available for Programming and Web Design, Animation Design, Poster Design, and an exciting IT Quiz.Chance to Advance is BITMAP tagline for 2011, as it will give a Chance for the committee to apply their skills that they learned in class, and provoke the participants to advance to the next level in computer skills.

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2. BITMAP 2011INVITATION 1 3. Jakarta, 10 August 2011Subject : BITMAP 2011 CHANCE TO ADVANCEDear Sir/Madam,The committee of BITMAP 2011 from BINUS INTERNATIONAL would like to invite yourinstitution to participate in our computer competition, BITMAP 2011: CHANCE TO ADVANCE.BITMAP 2011 is the first computer competition in BINUS INTERNATIONAL which will helpstudents form all high schools to express their ideas, creativity and even programming skills. Inthis year, over 150 high school students across Java Island, Sumatra and possibly Kalimantanand Sulawesi will join the 1st annual BITMAP BITMAP 2011.The BITMAP 2011 supports the theme: CHANCE TO ADVANCE. The theme encourages theparticipants of BITMAP 2011 to be more eager to express their skills, knowledge and creativityby developing a useful application program, building a unique website, designing attractiveposters, creating an eye-catching animation movie clip and challenging themselves in generalknowledge quiz. Participants will enjoy this competition while on the other hand they will alsogain their knowledge and skills which will help in developing their future career. With supportfrom dedicated committees, interesting prizes, cool performances, and ultimate quality of thecompetition, this event will definitely attract more high school to participate and improve theirskills in computer fields in an exciting way.Targeted participants (14-19 years old): High school students Olevel & Alevel studentsThe anticipated time and date for: BITMAP 2011 OFF-SITE Competition Technical Meeting will be held on: Day : Saturday Date : 8th October 2011 Time : 10.00 AM 12.00 PM BITMAP 2011 OFF-SITE Competition Submission deadline: Day : Wednesday Date : 12th October 2011 Time : 12.00 PM 2 4. BITMAP 2011 ON-SITE Competition Technical Meeting will be held on: Day : Saturday Date : 15th October 2011 Time : 10.00 AM 12.00 PM BITMAP 2011 ON-SITE Competition Simulation will be held on: Day : Saturday Date : 15th October 2011 Time : 01.00 PM 04.00 PM BITMAP 2011 ON-SITE Competition will be held on: Day : Saturday & Sunday Date : 22nd 23rd October 2011 Time : 8.00 AM End Venue : The Joseph Wibowo Center for Advanced Learning BINUS INTERNATIONAL Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6 Senayan Jakarta Selatan 10270Thank you for your kind attention and we are hoping for your institutions participation inBITMAP 2011: CHANCE TO ADVANCE.Best regards,Kevin FeryantoProject Leader of BITMAP 2011 3 5. BITMAP 2011 Competitions Description1. Programming CompetitionNature of the competition: Team based competition, each team consisting of maximum 2people.The programming competition is divided into 2 sub competition explain in the following: a. Programming (Application Project)Registration fee: Rp 100.000,- per team.Application Project requires high schools students to create a useful application withinnovative ideas to solve any specific problems with a new technique. In this contest,participants are urged to create their own application according to their interest.Thus, we accept any types of application made by participants as long as it is able tosolve a specific problem in the most effective and efficient way. Everyone holds thechance to win the prize. The project should be submitted latest by 12th October 2011.The winner will then be contacted by the committee and asked to do a presentationabout their project. b. Programming ACM Based Competition (ABC)Registration fee: Rp 125.000,- per team.Contest is held on-site. The competition is to solve some problems (around 4 to 12problems) in a given time of 4 hours. Participants are only allowed to join after theyhave paid the registration fee before the re-registration closed. Participants are freeto make the program using any languages using any compiler that are provided in thecomputers that the committee provides. Participants are also allowed to use thecalculator that is provided within the operating system of the computer. Winner ofthe competition will be announced during the events second day. Prizes arereceivable by the closing ceremony. Participants are allowed to create a groupconsisting of 2 persons. 4 6. 2. Web Design CompetitionNature of the competition: Team based competition, each team consisting of maximum 3people. Allowed language: HTML, CSS, PHP, JSP, AJAX, JQuery, JavaScript, VBScript, ActionScript,XML, and MySQL. The programming competition is divided into 2 sub competition explain in the following:a. Project (off-site) Registration fee: Rp 100.000,- per team. The participants will be given a task to create their school website. The requirements will be given by BITMAP. Participants can add contents and images as long as it is appropriate for the project. Project is submitted online to BITMAP official website the latest by 12th October 2011. The usage of 3rd party scripts is allowed, as long as it is not a copyrighted materials and the attribution to the author is given.b. Competition (on-site) Registration fee: Rp 125.000,- per team. Participants will be given a task to create a static website based on a given theme: Preserving Our Mother Nature. The competition will be held for 3 hours in BINUS INTERNATIONAL. Participants are allowed to bring their own materials (content and multimedia files) in a single flash drive with maximum size of 10MB. The materials will be given to committee only on technical meeting. During the competition, participants are not allowed to use the Internet. Participants are allowed to bring hardcopy books to support the development of their website, but not allowed to bring any handwritten/printed notes. Participants can only use software that is provided by BITMAP to develop the website.5 7. 3. Animation CompetitionNature of the competition: Team based competition, each team consisting of maximum 2people.Registration fee: Rp 125.000,- per team.The Animation Design Competition is a competition of creating a short movie clip usingAdobe Flash. This will be an on-the-spot competition, which will be held in JWC Campus.The competition consists of one round, and the participants will be given a specific themefor the short movie. Participants are also allowed to bring raw material, such as pictures andmusic of their own besides source code. Participants are allowed to bring written notes.BITMAP will provide the computers, while other tools such as tablet/digitizer will not beprovided.4. Poster CompetitionNature of the competition: Team based competition, each team consisting of maximum 2people.Registration fee: Rp 125.000,- per team.A competition to create a poster based on a theme, in which it is: World Peace. Thiscompetition will be an on-site competition. There will be only a single round (sudden deathcompetition). All materials used in the poster design must be participants original designswhich have never been published before. The participants cannot also use any digitizer orpen tablet for making the poster. In other words, the participants must only utilize thetechnology or features provided in the software like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, AdobeIllustrator, and PaintTool SAI.5. IT General Knowledge QuizNature of the competition: Team based competition, each team consisting of maximum 3people.Registration fee: Rp 150.000,- per team.This competition will be a quiz about IT (Information Technology). The questions of the quizwill be taken from common knowledge and popular information on the IT world. Thecompetition will not just test the participants knowledge but also the practical skill ofcomputer to solve problems. The topics range from Software, Hardware, Internet andGadget.6 8. BITMAP 2011 Participant RequirementsEach of the Participants is required to: Be an active high school (or same level) students in Indonesia when the BITMAP 2011occurs (2011/2012 Academic Year) Submit 3 (three) photos (2x3 cm), color or black/white Submit a photocopy of Student ID Submit a letter from the institution which the participant represents, declaring that theparticipant is still part of that institution as a student, and therefore represents them Fill in the Online Registration Form for all Competition in 15th August 2011 5th October 2011 or come to BINUS INTERNATIONAL, JWCCampus to register during 7th 15th October 2011 with appointment. Payment need to be made latest by 15th October 2011 (the on-site technical meeting day),otherwise the participants will not be recognized as the participants of BITMAP 2011 All participants MUST come on the Technical Meeting Day: 8th October 2011 (for OFF-SITEcompetition only) and 15th October 2011 (for ON-SITE competition only) ON-SITE competition participants MUST also join the Competition Simulation on 15thOctober 2011 Each participant in a group must come from same high school (or same level organization) 7 9. BITMAP 2011 Registration Procedures Each school is only allowed to enroll for maximum of three (3) teams for each competition. The registration can be done by: 1. Online registration on the website registration will only be open from 15th August 2011 5th October 2011) 2. Offline registration can be done by directly come to BINUS INTERNATIONAL JWCCampus from 7th 15th October 2011 (Monday to Friday from 09.30 AM 03.00 PM &Saturday from 09.00 AM 01.00 PM). If you choose this second way of registration,please bring the registration requirements (registration form, registration fee, photo,copy of ID card, and the letter from institution) along. For offline registration, pleasemake an appointment with the registration division before coming to BINUSINTERNATIONAL. PAYMENT of the registration fee can be done by 2 ways, which are: Transfer, The account number: o 500 507 3755 (BCA Cabang Senayan City) o Account Owner: Raisa Anjani o Please email the transfer receipt to with the subject BITMAP 2011 [Competition Name][Group Name] Payment or d