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Educon 2.2 session

Transcript of Invitation 2 Inquiry

  • 1. Image Source: Flickr- JellleS He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages; so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on. --Benjamin Franklin

2. Image Source: Flickr Jacob Botter Brainstorm Inquiry Questions @ 3. @Dewey1956: primary interests of learner = inquiry, communication, construction, expression (meaning making) #educon 4. Yeah, but that was before NCLB 5. 6. Dunkin & Biddle, 1974 Good & Brophy, 1986 Resnick, 1987 Braddock & McPartland, 1993 Garcia, 1993 Knap et al., 1995 Newmann, Marks & Gamoran, 1995 Geier, R, Blumenfeld, P.C., Marx, R.W., Krakcik, J.S., Fishman, B. Soloway, E., Clay-Clayton, J., 2008 7. Image source: Flickr - oedipusphinx Ask:Questions Communicate:New Understandings Connect:To Others Create: Make MeaningInvestigate: Multiple Sources INQUIRY 8. Inquiry Continuum High Teacher Control Low Student Control LowTeacher Control High Student Control Structured Guided Open Ask Investigate Communicate Connect Create 9. Flickr: sevensixfive Image Source: Flickr - sevensixfive Participating in Inquiry 10.

  • How do we read and comprehend information on the Internet?
  • How do we help students learn the necessary skills?

11. Different Activities 12. Different Texts 13. Different for the Reader

  • Internet vs. linear
  • Easy to access global
  • Information galore
  • Reader control with hypertext
  • students must develop learning strategies to enable them to make the most intelligent choices and decisions about information they encounter

14. Necessary Skills/Strategies

  • Compiled from IRA, Corio, Leu et al, Bitner & Bitner
  • Stay focused on question or problem
  • Know how to search effectively
  • Knowledge of the Internet
  • Critical, selective, intelligent consumers
    • 6 key areas - understanding, relevancy, accuracy, reliability, bias, and stance
  • Synthesize information
  • Communicate
  • Oldies but goodies

15. Image Source: Flickr Jacob Botter Brainstorm Inquiry Questions @ 16. Invitation to Inquiry Eric Brunsell (@brunsell) brunsele@uwosh.eduElizabeth Alderton (@aldertonuwo) [email_address] Lucky Mason (@lmasonwms) [email_address] University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh