Introductions: Miss Chetwood Mrs. Durst

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Miss Chetwood Mrs. Durst Welcome to Fifth Grade!!!

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Welcome to Fifth Grade!!!. Introductions: Miss Chetwood Mrs. Durst. Report Card. Standards Based: Math Science Health. Traditional: Language Social Studies Reading. Fifth Grade Curriculum. Language - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst


Miss ChetwoodMrs. Durst

Welcome to Fifth Grade!!!

Page 2: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst

Miss Chetwood's Homeroom Schedule  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

9:15-9:30 Language and  Language and  Collaboration Pe Language and 9:30-9:45 Social Studies Social Studies Pe 9:15-1:45 Social Studies9:45-10 with Miss Chetwood with Miss Chetwood 9:30-10:00   with Miss Chetwood10-10:15          10:15-10:30        10:30-10:45 Music choice Music choice Music choice Music choice  10:45-11 Art11-11:15 Reading and Reading and Language and  Language and  10:45-11:3011:15-11:30 Math with Math with Social Studies Social Studies  11:30-11:45 Mrs. Durst Mrs. Durst with Miss Chetwood with Miss Chetwood11:45-12        12-12:15        12:15-12:50 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch12:50-1:15          1:15-1:30 Library Reading and Science with 1:15-1:451:30-1:45 1:15-1:45 Math with Miss Chetwood Music1:45-2   Computer Mrs. Durst    2-2:15   1:45-2:30   Reading and Reading and2:15-2:30       Math with Math with2:30-2:45 Science with Science with  Science with  Mrs. Durst Mrs. Durst2:45-3 Durst Mrs. Durst Mrs. Durst    3-3:20          3:20-3:35          

Page 3: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst

Mrs. Durst's Homeroom Schedule  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday9:15-9:20 Reading and  Reading and Collaboration Reading and  PE9:20-9:45 Math with  Math with   Library

9:30- 10:00Math with  9:15-9:45

9:45-10 Mrs. Durst Mrs. Durst Mrs. Durst Reading and 10-10:15         Math with 10:15-10:30         Mrs. Durst10:30-10:45 Music choice Music choice Music choice Music choice  10:45-11  11-11:15 Language and  Language and  Reading    11:15-11:30 Social Studies Social Studies  and Math with  PE  11:30-11:45 with with Mrs. Durst 11:15-11:45 Art11:45-12 Miss Chetwood Miss Chetwood     11:30-12:1512-12:15        

12:15-12:50 LUNCH12:50-1:15         Science with 1:15-1:30   Computer Language and  1:15-1:45 Mrs. Durst1:30-1:45   1:00- 1:45 Social Studies Music  1:45-2     with    2-2:15     Miss Chetwood Language and  Language and 2:15-2:30       Social Studies Social Studies2:30-2:45 Science with  Science with  Science with  with with2:45-3 Miss Chetwood Mrs. Durst Miss Chetwood Miss Chetwood Miss Chetwood3-3:20          3:20-3:35          

Page 4: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst

Standards Based:

MathScienceHealth Traditional:



Report Card

Page 5: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst

Language•Talk to Write, Write to Learn: Creative writing, Personal Narratives, Expository Reports•Grammar Practice

Social Studies•North American Natives•Explorers•Colonization of America•American Revolution•American Government “We the People”•Civil War•Geography •States and Capitals

Science• Earth Science: Plate

Tectonics, Layers of the Earth, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Rocks and Minerals

• Health: Nutrition and Physical Activity; Mental, Emotional, and Social Health; Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs; Growth Development and Family Life.

Fifth Grade Curriculum

Page 6: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst

Science•Nature of Science & Scientific Processes•Physical Science: Structure of Matter

• Atoms & Elements• Compounds and mixtures• States of matter

Fifth Grade CurriculumReading

• Reader’s workshop with independent reading

• Wide reading with exposure to all literary genres

• Classroom goal: each student to read 30 books this school year

• Strategies and skills for text comprehension and analysis

• Literature elements• Classroom novels using literature


Math• Place Value• Fractions• Decimals• Use of models and different strategies• Multiplication• Division• Geometry• Algebra • Measurement

•Biology: Living Systems• Cells • Traits• Plants

Page 7: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst

Homework Assignments and Policies

We have a school wide homework policy. It states that fifth graders need to work for 50 minutes each night on

homework. Most homework is unfinished schoolwork. Most assignments are due the next day unless specified otherwise.

Students are told everyday what is due and when. It is the student’s responsibility to complete their work on time and

turn it in.

Hopefully you have been seeing your child’s planner come home each night. Since we are preparing your child for middle school, we will not be checking each individual planner. The student is to write any homework/class work that is due.

Page 8: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst

Classroom Discipline All students deserve the right to a classroom environment that is managed in such a way as to maximize learning and minimize distractions, or impediments, to studying and learning. 

 All students have the responsibility to follow class rules that make it possible to get along with each other and allow teaching and learning to proceed throughout the year. 

 The classroom rule is as follows: You May Not Interfere with the Learning of Yourself or Others

 Every student has a bad day once in awhile. For that reason, we start with a clean slate everyday. 

 If any behavior becomes a problem, we will work with you and your student to solve this conflict. 

Page 9: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst

School and Classroom Newsletter!!!

Our school and classroom newsletter are the two best ways to stay informed! The school's newsletter is posted

every two weeks on our web-site

The classroom newsletter is sent home every Monday, in print and electronically. Please read through these

newsletters as it is the primary communication between the classroom and home.

Page 10: Introductions: Miss  Chetwood Mrs. Durst