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  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Introduction to PeStuTable of Contents:Peace

    Israel Palestine

    OthernessPeacemakerGive Me LovePeacekeeping Case Stud:The CongoInternational Peace !aPeace in ChristianitPeace in "uddhism

    Mindfulness MeditationPeace Mantra

  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Why are Peace and ConficImportant?

    Confictis oten based on the uneven allocationo naresources between dierent ethnic and cultural !rou"r!uments over water# timber# and oil ri!hts# especiacountries acin! e$treme poverty# have led to armedThis armed confict in turn leads to environmental de

    and the disruption o economic activity# which leads poverty.

    &ntil lastin! peace is achieved# the most vulnerableptheir environments will suer. 'ormer &.K. Secretary or International (evelopment (ou!las "le$ander sai

    need to see more action to tac*le and prevent conficconfict not onl ruins lives + it cho*es develo ment.,
  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    What is Peace?


    /. supreme#

    the supreme commander o the armed orces

    the Supreme Court

    1. Paci$sts !"#$

    The paci2st movement is !ainin! increasin! support ayoun! people.


  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    -ocabulary 3. harmon34"567

    racialharmony 45 !ood eelin!sbetween dierent races6 89domesticharmony 45 !ood eelin!sin the amilyor home6 :;

    Ima!ine a societyin which everyone livedto!ether in 4perect6=>6?@AB6CDEF@/G

  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    7ead 8What is Peace,? 9y 7

    7ummel /. %hat is peace& Peace is the socially constr

    4active peace6 absence o war 4passive peace6 balance o powers.

    1. %h is peace so di'cult to de$ne? Peace is internal and e$ternal

    Peace is active and passive

    Peace is ramed by dierent perspectives#perceptionso reality< ie. 7eli!ion# history#

    assumptionson violence 4passivist# ascist6#
  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Case Study Israel=Palestine

    Watch the short video Israel and Palestinian Introduction

    Play the ree online !ame Peacema*er4(ownload6

    Simulation (ivide class into Israel Palestine 7ole play

    &sin! the inormation provided in the Simulation >andouwill ima!ine themselves to be one o the characters liste

    In character# and wor*in! in !roups# students will

    simulate a conversation that would be held

    around the table# in each amily settin!.
  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    'rom September 1 to the end o/#/@A Israelis and at least @#/1

    Palestinians have been *illed.


  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    (amil One: ) Palestinian home

    Ahmed:" youn! Palestinian boy about /1 or /3. (eeply reli!ious# he i he is martyred# he will !o directly to heaven. Since he was a baby# htold that the Israelis are evil. >e has seen the riotin! and would li*e to

    Miriam:The older sister o "hmed. She was to be married# but her 2a*illed in a riot by Israeli soldiers. She considers hersel to be a widow. San!ry and bitter towards the Israelis.

    Abdullah:The oldest son o Duhammed. >e is a member o the "l 'adeeply reli!ious# and has committed terrorist acts towards Israelis. >ethe Israeli police.

    Muhammed:The ather o "bdullah# Diriam# Dustaa and "hmed. >e!rew up in the reu!ee camp. >is ather was *illed in the /@%@ war wit

    his amily home burnt down. >e does not want his children involved wdemonstrations. >e too is very reli!ious.

    Serapin:Dother o "hmed. She is troubled by the violence and does o her children hurt. She wants to move to "merica where her brother prosperin!.

  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    (amil T*o: )n Israeli home

    David Rothberg:"n /B year old Israeli citiEen. Currently servin! army# he believes all "rabs want to destroy Israel. >e is not very rehe is very proud to be an Israeli soldier. >e has never been in any

    >e has ;ust been assi!ned to riot duty in the FaEa strip.

    Ben Rothberg:(avidGs ather. 9orn in Israel# his parents were boto the >olocaust. >e is a true believer in the country o Israel as a (eeply reli!ious# he has been trained as a 7abbi. >e runs a small !and his employees are all "rabs. >e always complains about how lyet he pays only the minimum allowed by law.

    Sarah:Dother o (avid. Immi!rated rom the &nited States. She h

    violence. She is araid or her son and wishes he had a sae ;ob. Horeli!ious# she mostly !oes alon! with whatever 9en says. >er "meupbrin!in! and ideas confict with those o 9en and her nei!hbors.

    Judith:oun!er sister o (avid. She worships him but doesnGt wan*now. She is plannin! on ollowin! him into the army when she is oShe is e$tremely bri!ht and could !o to the &niversity i she wants

    Mariam:(avidGs !irlriend. She was raised on a *ibbutE and her p

    *illed in a terrorist attac*. She proesses to hate all "rabs. She say(avid has a chance to *ill "rabs. She wants all "rabs out and onl

  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)



    bein! or eelin! dierent in appearance or charom what is amiliar# e$pected or !enerally ac

    In the 2lm# he is able to depict the sense ootherness and alienation that many teena!eKAz{|}~,-Fx


  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Jtherness -ocabulary1. condemn-to criticiEe somethin! or someone stron!ly# usually or m

    The terrorist action has been condemned as an act o barbarism and coA62

    The 2lm was condemned or its se$ism. Az{@2

    2. extensive- coverin! a lar!e area< havin! a !reat ran!e a school with e$tensive !rounds o

    e$tensive repairs to the motorway

    3.perpetrator- someone who has committed a crime# or a violent or h

    ""The perpetrators o the massacre must be brou!ht to ;ustice as war crimVOPd2

    4. normalize- make normal

    5. Tolerant accepting ""

    The present !overnment is even less tolerant o dissent.

    Jn the continent people are more tolerant o children in public places.


  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Jtherness vocabulary

    6.Progressive developing "

    7. Diverse- diferent 8"tu


    9. random act o violence

    10. Dehumanize-to remove rom a person the special humanindependent thou!ht# eelin! or other people# etc. /

    ItGs a totalitarian re!ime that reduces and dehumaniEes its po6C/2

    11. Portra"- repreent

    12.perceive-to come to an opinion about somethin!# or haveabout somethin! ""

    >ow do the 'rench perceive the 9ritish? //

    WomenGs ma!aEines are oten perceived to be super2cial. /N2

  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    7ead#,Time to Lliminate Jtherness, 4abrid!ed

    9"CKF7J&H( It is about a recent shootin! o 3 Duslstudents at an "merican &niversity. The shootin! wasby newspapers all over the world# but their late covercondemned+Would the incident have received astemore e,tensivemedia covera!e i the victims had bDuslims and the perpetratorhad been Duslim? Thehashta! MChapel>illShootin! appeared over @#

    and trended in the &nited States# the &nited Kin!domSaudi "rabia and several other countries. The hashtaMDuslimivesDatter was used over /# times.

    Watch# 8 Chapel Shootin! Interview CHH,
  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    7eadin! Nuestions /. What is 8Jtherness?, 1. >ow does the author say Jtherness is constructe

    3. I 8Jtherness, in "merica is anyone who is not thmale portrayed heavily in media and mass entertaithan who alls into the cate!ory o Jther in "merica

    3. Why are minority students araid in this article?

    %. What does 8Jtherness, in Taiwan loo* li*e?

    A. >ow does Jtherness infuence confict and social

  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Interview with a Peacema*er 7ead# "n!el o Peace In

    /. "ccordin! to ouise# what do peace builders do?

    1. >ow did she prepare hersel to be a peacema*er?

    3. >ow do people ater a war relate to each other in the be!innin! o the hprocess?

    %. >ow does standin! or peace reuire more bravery and coura!e than 2!


    A. >ow can the culture o violence be chan!ed?

    O. Is the Peace Company an HFJ? Why or why not?
  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Dusic# 8Five me ove,

    I mi!ht understand you

    Learn the song and singalong:

    Give me loveGive me loveGive me peace on earthGive me lightGive me life-eep me free from birth

    Give me hope.elp me cope/ *ith thisheav loadTring to/ touch and reachou *ith/.eart and soul

    Please take hold of mhand/ that

    Cope0 to deal successfull

    *ith a di'cult situation


    It must be di'cult to cope*ith three small children and

    a 1ob+C



    The tires on m car don2t copver *ell on *et roads+ M



    .e had so much pressure onhim in his 1ob that eventuall

    he 1ust couldn2t cope+ }


  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Peace*eepin! Case Study The C

    Watch the 1 videos Can the 34 -eep Peace&)ndTo solve mass violence/ look to locals

    /.What are the dierent perspectives on peace *eep1.What are some o the problems o the &Hs eectiv

    3.>ow can the &H be more aective?%.L$plain the dierence between top down and bottoapproach to peace buildin!.
  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    .app International !a of Peace# Peace "egins

    What does my personal aith# reli!ion

    or spiritual bac*!round teach about cultivatin! inne

    >ow can a peaceul individual# lead to a peaceul w

    What must I do personally to mana!e stress and mainner peace?

    What does 9uddhism# Taoism# Christianity teach ab

    4see blo!6
  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Christian -iews on Peace

    In Christianity peace is personi2ed in the person o :e

    called )The Prince o Peace.) The believer has access peace thru their aith o Christ livin! within them.

    The 2rst selection is oten read at Christmas or sun!

    /. 'or unto us a child is born# unto us a son is !iven< a!overnment shall be upon his shoulder< and his nameWonderul# Counselor# Di!hty Fod# 'ather o Lternity# Peace. 4Isaiah @O6 @6CMNIMN" OK}"}O!"&'()!*+2
  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    The Personi2cation o Peace in Christi

    (ont ret or worry. Instead o worryin!# pray. et petitions and pyour worries into prayers# lettin! Fod *now your concerns. 9eo

    it# a sense o Fods wholeness# everythin! comin! to!ether or !come and settle you down. Its wonderul what happens when Cdisplaces worry at the center o your lie. 4Philippians ,-. %O /0123456789:6;NF8Q AB&F@A/~B!COKDEFGHRI>NN/uK2

    Im leavin! you well and whole. Thats my partin! !it to you. Peleave you the way youre used to bein! leteelin! abandoneddont be upset. (ont be distrau!ht. 4:ohn WXYZ /%1Q6 M[?NM=T\!C>N"M>Nt]^_F2>N

  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Peace in 9uddhism

  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Taoism and Conucianism

    "s or Taoism# 4my limited understandin!6 is that inner maniests rom the harmonious balance o yin and yan!ound in everythin!# the ood we eat# weather# emotionplacement o urniture# the season# the or!ans in our bo

    In Conucianism# bein! virtuous and *nowin! our place and the amily# leads to a harmonious amily lie and co

  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Interaith Dindulness Dedita

    %hat Christianit and "uddhism do share is tha

    present moment is *here the peace of God is/ *orring about the past or future+ The biggestdi5erence is "uddhists believe peace comes fromastering oneself and Christians believe Christthem is their master+

    Let6s all give 7 minutes of our time 8uieting ou*ith this short meditation+
  • 7/23/2019 Introduction to Peace Studies (ESL)


    Peace Dantra

    isten to Tina Turner chant a peace mantrain Sans*rimantra in Sans*rit means# )8Day well=bein!# peace# wand tranuility# happiness and prosperity be achieved

    Mantra:Jm Jm Jm#Sarvesham Svastir 9havatu#

    Sarvesham Shantir 9havatu#Sarvesham Poornam 9havatu#Sarvesham Dan!alam 9havatu#Jm# Shanti# Shanti# Shanti.