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An introduction to MSLGROUP India's social capabilities and credentials. For more, visit

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  • 1. Who we are

2. We are digital, public relations, advertising professionals in the business of storytelling We create We tellWe shareSTORIESSocial HiveDigital practice of MSLGROUP.Worlds 3rd largest communications andengagement network.Part of the Publicis Groupe 3. We believe that Brand stories should be driven by purpose, told with consistency over time across media, pan audiencesPeople are hungry for stories. Its part of our very being. Storytelling is a form of history, ofimmortality too. It goes from one generation to another ~ LOUIS "STUDSTERKEL, author, historian, actor, and broadcaster. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, 1985 4. How we tell the story Strategic frameworksService offerings 5. How we tell the story Strategic frameworks 6. Social Heartbeat frameworkHelps brands design powerful purpose-inspired platforms and programs toinspire, organize and energize people around a shared purpose 1 2 3 Shared purpose orLong-term online- A series of short-term Social Heartbeat tooffline platform to programs to INSPIRE people ORGANIZE people ENERGIZE peoplePaid media Purpose PurposeEarned media ConsumerJourneyBenefitOwned media Benefit 7. Storytelling frameworkThree types of stories told in sequenceWhy (PURPOSE), What (CHANGE) and How (QUEST). 123Why? The PURPOSE What? The CHANGEHow? The QUESTWho are we and what isWhat needs to change?What happens when weour purpose, our reasontry to catalyze positivefor being?What does change meanchange?forWhat is our sharedindividuals, stakeholder What if the only waypurpose, or Socials, communities?we can win is byHeartbeat, that canhelping all ourinspire all ourstakeholders win?stakeholders? 8. Content framework for storytellingThree types of content created for each story: Long form tent pole properties, Short-form content pegs, and Ongoing conversations 1 23 Tent pole properties Content pegs ConversationsCreate long-form tent Create short-form Create ongoingpole properties likecontent pegs like blogconversations aroundreports or films to posts and video clips the tent pole propertiescatalyze the Social to highlight differentand the content pegsecosystem aspects of the tentpole property 9. PurPle: Purpose + PeopleProprietary offering to help organizations rethink purpose and participation toinspire, organize and energize their stakeholders 10. How we tell the story Service offerings 11. Service offeringsSOCIAL BUSINESSRESEARCHMEDIA ANDPLANNINGINSIGHTS AND BUYING Seven broad categoriesSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING represent the areas of expertise DIGITAL PROPRIETARY DESIGN AND PLATFORMSBUILDCONTENTCREATION 12. SOCIALBUSINESS RESEARCHMEDIA Social listening and monitoringANDPLANNING through use of specialized tools INSIGHTS AND BUYING Category analysis and regularreporting SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING Social analytics InsightsDIGITAL PROPRIETARYDESIGN AND PLATFORMS BUILD CONTENT CREATION 13. SOCIALBUSINESS RESEARCHMEDIAANDPLANNING INSIGHTS AND BUYING Influencer marketing SOCIAL MEDIA Contests and activationsMARKETING Stakeholder outreach programsDIGITAL PROPRIETARYDESIGN AND PLATFORMS BUILD CONTENT CREATION 14. SOCIALBUSINESS RESEARCHMEDIAANDPLANNING INSIGHTS AND BUYING Branded content SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING Conversation calendar Community engagementDIGITAL PROPRIETARYDESIGN AND PLATFORMS BUILD CONTENT CREATION 15. SOCIALBUSINESS Facebook apps RESEARCHMEDIA Mobile appsANDPLANNING INSIGHTS AND BUYING Social APIs Websites SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING Microsites Banner AdsDIGITAL PROPRIETARYDESIGN AND PLATFORMS BUILD CONTENT CREATION 16. SOCIALBUSINESS Target orienteddigital media RESEARCHMEDIAplans for specificANDPLANNING audiences INSIGHTS AND BUYING Buying media andrelease of the ads SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING Monitoringperformance ofthe ads as perDIGITAL PROPRIETARYtargetsDESIGN AND PLATFORMS BUILD FB Ads Portal Ads CONTENT CREATION 17. SOCIALBUSINESS RESEARCHMEDIAANDPLANNING Social CRM INSIGHTS AND BUYING Social commerce SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING Social enterpriseDIGITAL PROPRIETARYDESIGN AND PLATFORMS BUILD CONTENT CREATION 18. SOCIALBUSINESS RESEARCHMEDIAANDPLANNING INSIGHTS AND BUYING Peoples Lab SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING Social Hive IndexDIGITAL PROPRIETARYDESIGN AND PLATFORMS BUILD CONTENT CREATION 19. We tell stories for 20. Brands we partner 21. Success stories Two Years Three International Awards Bronze Stevie WinnerBronze Stevie WinnerMarketing Consumer Services 2012Social Media Focused Campaign 2012 eBay IndiaeBay India Winner Best Social CRM 2012 eBay India 22. The storytellers 23. India team | +91 9892127389Parveez Modak Narendra NagPankaj DesaiCo-LeadVP | +91 99536 92269 Co-LeadDesign and Dev/Build | +91 9825020876 | +91 9930952041 | +91 9910027241 | +91 97681323243Sohini SenguptaSuryasen Kundu Joy Das, AAD ADADMedia Plg, Buying | Mumbai Head Delhi Head Influencer Outreach40+ professionals in Mumbai and Delhi | 20+ clients | Managing 5 million + people across communities 24. Some of the storytelling we are doing 25. Australian High Commission Oz FestWith the objective of building acceptance for Australia as a peoplefriendly, culturally rich nation, an engaging storyline was developed around Oz Fest a four month festival steeped in arts, music, culture, cuisine and people. Thisresulted in an engaged community and enthusiastic evangelism for Aussie culture inIndia.Execution Integrated campiaign: Digital + PR Showcased all the nationwide events, generating highlevels of engagement and user generated content Set-up and managed all digital and social assets includingwebsite, WAP site, FB apps Promoted registrations for participative activationsthrough FB Tabs Generated high levels of engagement and participationthrough contests and media-rich content Support provided through focused digital media planningand ad buysResults Increased awareness for Oz Fest and Australian culture Over 52000 unique visits and counting.for the website Over 15 million impressions generated through OnlineMedia Buys A highly engaged 61k+ FB community and 545 followerson Twitter with steady growth 26. TAITRA - International Trade Organization, TaiwanTaitras purpose is to make technological innovative easily accessible and affordable. Thestorytelling focussed on this purpose and drove stake holder participation and engagement toevangelize this proposition. This multi-country initiative across four countries includingIndia, saw great success. Execution Multiphase campaign driving rewards at the end of each phase (each phase had a set of tasks) Phases tested knowledge (Quiz), innovativeness of participants with respect to Taiwan and Taiwanese brands Participants contended for a grand total prize of US$100,000, premium Taiwan branded products, return trips to Taiwan Integrated effort: Online quiz, offline mall activation, participant generated video content, digital media ad buys, PR, content and community management, influencer outreach, website maintenance Results Taiwan Excellence The SmarTEST! 2012 campaign awareness increased by 25% in India 10,000 plus registrations in ten days More than doubled FB fans from 14k to 67k, with good engagement levels 10 million+ impressions within the first 3 months of managing the Facebook page Added 2,000+ fans weekly with over 10,000 stories created around posts weekly The viral effect of more than 25 plus videos brought more than 187000 views 27. Volkswagen India Every drop countsVolkswagen has been narrating its story about responsible sustainability byconsistently showcasing its efforts through Think Blue. The Every DropCounts campaign was part of the story in which users could participate bysharing their pledges/ ideas to save water Execution Phase I Created a Facebook Application where users could share their pledge to save water Created a series of short films with Think Blue ambassador, Neil Nitin Mukesh to call the users to take part Used regular content to highlight the contest and to get users to participate Phase II 7 best entries selected and got users to vote for these entries. Winner was featured on ZEE Results 2600 pledges from the fan base Gained 32,000 fans (Organic) over 1.5 months Added 20% more subscribers to the VW Youtube channel 28. Infosys BPO CommunityInfosys invited global CXO-level, outsourcing professionals to participate and help co-create a point of view on the outsourcing industry. By creating relevant industry relatedstimuli (infographics, blog posts), Infosys encouraged the participants to contribute theirpoint-of-view on the subject. The engagement and co-created stories resulted instrengthening the thought-leadership perception of Infosys 29. Sony Mobile: XperiaThrough a series of apps, contests and visual-rich content, Xperia consistently tells the storyof style, its social heart beat, to its young and energetic audiences. Xperia takes a stanceof community first enabling the community to become self sustaining by creating everydaystories of style originating from the users themselves. This has resulted in an engagedcommunity of 2 million + fans on Facebook 30. Sony Mobile Case Study Video 31. eBay India The ongoing story of eBay is about the best deals on the largest variety of products in the most secure environment. A consistent narrative for eBay was created at a time when the ecommerce environment was not mature. eBay India today has created an engaged community of more than 2 million fans on Facebook, using a series of applications, contests and a water tight social CRM process. 32. ebay India Case Study Video 33. eBay India. The Raksha Bandhan storySibling fights are fun. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, eBay invited people totell stories of their sibling fights. Through the #tag siblingdishoom, storiestrended on twitter Execution Created a hashtag for the occassion of Raksha Bandhan #ta