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A quick introduction to the most popular ballroom dances – waltz, cha cha, salsa, foxtrot, tango, jive, samba, rumba, and swing.

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  • 1.Hello and welcome to Dancing For Beginners podcast, episode 1.

2. In today's podcast we'll introduce the most popular ballroom dances. 3. At Dancing For Beginners we want to make dancing as easy and enjoyable as possible. 4. Learning how to dance is like learning how to drive 5. at first you proceed slowly and cautiously, but with practice, youll be doing it automatically. 6. Ballroom dancing lessons can be fun, enjoyable, and inexpensive. 7. Not to mention good exercise. 8. Introducing the most popular ballroom dances. 9. Waltz 10. Waltz is not as hard as most people think. 11. It's an elegant, beautiful dance with long, flowing movements. 12. It should probably be one of the first ballroom dances you learn. 13. Great for weddings and other social occasions. 14. Cha Cha 15. Cha Cha is the youngest of the latin dances. 16. It's classy, sexy, fun, and danceable to a variety of music styles and tempos. 17. Easy to learn and fun to dance. 18. Salsa 19. Salsa is definitely a dance that can heat up the dance floor. 20. Vibrant, stylish, sexy and exciting. 21. Learning how to Salsa can also be extremely fun. 22. Foxtrot 23. Foxtrot is one of the most popular ballroom dances and a great dance for beginners. 24. It's a classic dance for wedding receptions and social events. 25. Basic foxtrot steps are easy. 26. Tango 27. Called the Dance of Love, tango is a beautiful dance known for its sensuality and passion. 28. Although most people believe it's very difficult to grasp, 29. it's actually quite easy to break down. 30. Jive 31. Jive is a saucy blend of Salsa and a two-step jive 32. that is becoming the fastest growing dance phenomenon in the country. 33. It's easy to learn, sociable, fun, and can be danced to any music with a regular beat. 34. It's also an excellent form of exercise. 35. Samba 36. Samba is certainly one of the most unique and fun dances you can learn. 37. Originating from Brazil, it is characterized by a rhythmic, sensual hip movements. 38. Samba is not as hard as it looks. 39. The simple steps make it very easy to learn. 40. Rumba 41. Rumba is a slow, sensual dance with wonderful rhythms and bodily expressions 42. that make it one of the most popular Latin American dances today. 43. Swing 44. Swing has become one of the most popular and exciting form of dancing. 45. It's fun, cool, improvisational, and very convenient on a jam-packed floor. 46. Swing dancers are easy to spot. 47. Just look for the couples having the most fun.