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Transcript of INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device Operation Manual 2019-04-16آ  INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device...

  • INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device Operation Manual

    The contents, including all media material and all other documents provided with the INTIRE system are

    protected by copyright.


    1 Diagnostic Device Specification _______________________________________________________ 2

    2 Safety ___________________________________________________________________________ 5

    3 Operation ________________________________________________________________________ 8

    4 Diagnostic Device battery __________________________________________________________ 15

    5 Updating Diagnostic Device _________________________________________________________ 16

    6 Troubleshooting __________________________________________________________________ 19

  • INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device Operation Manual 2

    Document Version 1.2


    Sensor Trigger Handheld or Sensor Diagnostic Device is intended for usage of triggering sensors in order to

    check sensor ID, pressure, temperature and status.

    ATEQ Type: VT36

    Battery type: Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (nickel metal hydride)

    Battery life: About 400 sensor readings per full charge.

    Dimensions (L, W, D): 16.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 3.8 cm

    Housing: Impact-proof ABS

    Battery status display: LCD bar diagram

    Weight: approx. 910 g

    Temperature: Operation: -20° C to +55° C

    Storage: -40° C to +60° C

    Maximum operating altitude: up to 2000 m


    Result light display

    Readout light


    Battery status display &

    light display for low

    charge status


    USB connector

  • INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device Operation Manual 3

    Document Version 1.2


    ON/OFF switch

    Read sensor

    Next, continue or confirm

    Cancel, previous step

    Navigate up

    Navigate down

    Navigate left

    Navigate right


    1.2.1 Switch On

    Press the button to switch on the diagnostic device.

    1. First, the display shows the HD logo.

    2. The software version currently installed in the diagnostic device is displayed.

    3. Now you are taken to the main menu.

  • INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device Operation Manual 4

    Document Version 1.2

    1.2.2 Switch Off

    To switch off the device, press and hold until the display turns down. This process takes about 6 seconds.

    Alternatively, the device switches off automatically after few minutes without action. This time limit after which the diagnostic device switches off can be changed in the settings.


    Your diagnostic device was developed for correct use for continuous, safe and reliable operation.

    All diagnostic devices must be used by qualified and trained personnel only. Read all operating

    instructions before use. Follow all safety instructions.

    • Clean with a soft, dry or damp cloth. Do not use any harsh chemical solvents like acetone, thinners,

    brake cleaner, alcohol, etc., because they can damage the plastic surface.

    • The diagnostic device must not be used if there is a risk of contact with water or immersion in water.

    It must be ensured that liquid is not spilled on the diagnostic device.

    • The diagnostic device must not be stored in an area in which it is exposed to direct sunlight or

    excessive moisture.

    • To reduce the risk of fire, the diagnostic device must not be operated near open containers or

    flammable liquids. Do not use the diagnostic device if there is danger of explosive gases or vapours.

    Keep the diagnostic device away from heat sources. Do not operate the diagnostic device without

    the battery cover.

  • INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device Operation Manual 5

    Document Version 1.2

    2 SAFETY

    The diagnostic device corresponds to Part 15 of the FCC Regulations.

    The operation is subject to the following conditions:

    1. The diagnostic device does not cause any harmful interference.

    2. The diagnostic device accepts all received interferences, including interferences that can result in

    undesired or defective operation.


    The diagnostic device transmits electromagnetic and

    electronically generated waves that can impair the safe operation

    of pacemakers. Persons with pacemakers must not use the

    diagnostic device.

    The operating manual must be

    read before use

    Do not use with connected

    power circuits

    Risk of tangling when used on a


    Wear protective goggles (user

    and nearby persons)


    The following basic safety notices must be observed.

    1. Respect the applicable regulations in your work area. Switch off the device in any sectors in which

    use is prohibited or where malfunctions due to interference or other dangers can occur.

  • INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device Operation Manual 6

    Document Version 1.2

    2. Only use the device for the functions intended in the operating manual.

    3. The device and accessories may contain small parts. They must be kept out of the reach of children.

    2.2 CHARGING

    1. Only use the charging device supplied by the manufacturer. Use of other charging devices can cause

    malfunctions and/or danger. The charging process is finished when the red LED lamp goes out.

    2. Do not use the charging device in damp areas.

    3. Avoid contact with the device if your hands or feet are wet.

    4. The charging device should be operated in an adequately ventilated area. The charging device must

    not be covered with paper or other materials that prevent it from cooling. the charging device must

    not be used if it is in a transport housing.

    5. Connect to the device to a regular power source. The required voltage is specified on the product

    housing and/or the package.

    6. The charging device must not be used if the wires are damaged. Do not attempt to maintain the unit.

    It does not contain any parts that can be maintained. Replace the unit if it is damaged or has become


    7. This charging device is not a toy and should not be used by children or impaired persons without

    adequate training or supervision.

    8. This charging device must not be used as a power source.

    9. The charging device must be disconnected from the power supply before any care and cleaning.

    Attention: Device contains a NiMH Battery

    There is a risk of explosion and harmful chemical substances can

    be released if it is handled improperly. In order to avoid the risk

    of fire or burns: Do not disassemble, crush, drill into or throw the

    battery or device into fire or water and do not short-circuit or

    connect the contacts to a metal object.


    1. Never leave the battery unattended while charging. The device must be placed on a non-flammable

    surface (ceramic plate or metal housing) during the charging process.

    2. If the battery temperature rises above 60°C, the charging process must be discontinued immediately.

    The battery temperature must NOT exceed 60°C during the charging process.

  • INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device Operation Manual 7

    Document Version 1.2

    3. The battery must NOT be charged immediately after use or while it is still hot. It must cool down to

    environmental temperature first.

    4. Discontinue the charging process immediately if smoke or liquid emerges from the battery.

    Disconnect the charging device and move the device to an isolated area for at least 15 minutes. The

    battery must not be used again. Return the device to your dealer.

    5. Keep a fire extinguisher ready to hand when charging the battery. In the unlikely event that the NiMH

    battery ignites, use sand or a fire extinguisher (see above), NOT water, to extinguish the fire.

    6. The non-recyclable elements of the NiMH battery must be neutralized. The neutralization process

    must be carried out under strict safety precautions. We recommend sending the device back to

    manufacturer or deliver it to a special recycling company.


    For environmental protection purposes, ensure you

    dispose of all electronic and non-electronic

    components by recycling correctly.

  • INTIRE Sensor Diagnostic Device Operation Manual 8

    Document Version 1.2



    1. Select Trigger sensor in the main menu and confirm with OK.

    2. In the next submenu, you have the option of selecting between:

    Wheel selection

    (C) Back to the menu

    Read sensor

    Please select Read sensor by pressing the button and direct the diagnostic’s device

    antenna towards the approximate position of a sensor. Diagnostic device should read the sensor.

    You can select an explicit sensor number (1-20), which is then read in the case of Wheel select