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Continuing Series of Slide Presentations about the soft skills of interviewing. Interviewing. Free Resources are included for the job seeker.

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  • 1. INTERVIEW TIP # 5 Relax! Mary Sherwood Sevinsky, MS, CCM, CDMS

2. About me Mary Sherwood, MS, CDMS, CCM Occupational Consultant Share a review: http://tack.z/6NDp My Blog: More information about my services: www.Life-Works.Info Additional Resources JOB SEARCH FOR THE REST OF US Group on Linkedin: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Careerealism 3. Review By now you are getting the idea that there is really a lot involved when experts and others tell you to make sure to prepare for an interview! Already, we have covered Practicing Over Preparing Taking Notes Wearing Appropriate and Comfortable Clothes. Visit the location the day before the interview 4. Relax!? You might be thinking how can I relax!? Shouldnt you be practicing your answers to common interview questions? Reviewing scenarios to relate your experiences to the potential job? Studying the company? 5. NO! 6. Done After you have visited the location, there is very little more for you to do. You certainly shouldnt cram for the interview. You are well prepared! You have visited the location and have an accurate idea of how long it will take you to get there. 7. Done and Done Your interview outfit is laid out and ready to go (all tested for comfort and fit!). You have a well prepared folder and/or notebook ready with your questions and to take notes. 8. Now. Now you focus on eating, drinking plenty of water, and getting a good nights rest. Be sure to watch the news the night and morning before so you have small talk ready or are clueless about some big news story everyone is paying attention to. 9. Talk it out Talk with your friends or partner about your excitement and how prepared you are. Its ok to share with them that you are a little nervous if you are, but dont make this your focus. Do and read things that make you happy. Surround yourself with all things positive. Now is not the time to reach out to fellow unemployed job seekers who are currently in the doldrums. 10. Follow your plan Follow your time line for arrival, having plenty of time and not feeling rushed and you will be certain to appear calm, cool and collected. You will exude confidence! 11. Recap So just to recap, by relaxing the day before the interview you will: Arrive well rested and prepared Identify additional conversational items Appear calm cool and collected 12. So, you have practiced (Tip #1), prepared your notes (Tip #2), and have appropriate, comfortable clothes to wear (see Interview Tip #4 Visit the location the day before and now Tip #5. Join me next time for Tip #6. Good Luck! 13. Resources for possible interview questions and/or answers: Articles in my blog Articles on CAREEREALISM Articles on the Web Need more help? Chat, Email, Skype, Hangout Click here for email Google Hangouts Live Person Chat - 3 minutes free Skype Mary.E.Sherwood PS I also wanted to let you know about a new job search group I just started on LinkedIn, it would be great to have you and please share with your connections If you are currently employed you might want to hide this group on your Profile; click here if you need help with that! Take care, Mary